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You Only Need These 3 Tips To Enjoy Vietnam

It doesn’t matter which time of the year it is; pack your bag now, because we’re having a trip to one of the most spectacular welcoming countries in the world, Vietnam. This country welcomes visitors all year long, which is why it has all the weather you can imagine in different areas. I mean, if it’s winter, it has tropical places where it’s always sunny and warm, and if it’s summer, there are cool places for you to enjoy. You should, however, know some tips about Vietnam before going there to have the utmost fun, so we’ve gathered 3 crucial tips for you to consider.

Electronics to Pack


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You fold your clothes, prepare two pairs of shoes, pack your toiletries, and put them all in your bag, but please make room for some electronic packing. Some people may think it’s unnecessary, but if you want to document this trip and all the unforgettable moments, electronics should be there. Your phone and charger are the basic electronics you’re taking with you. While you’re on a city tour, you want to capture the fantastic scenes, so you bring in your camera, memory cards, and your camera charger, as suggested by the Land of the Traveler. Don’t depend on your phone camera if you don’t want to leave any chances of a dead battery. Play it safe by keeping these items with you.

Enjoy the Street Food

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Food is such a sacred pleasure for gastronomes, so if you’re one of them, Vietnam is your heaven on earth. On the streets, especially in Hanoi, they offer amazingly tasty and cheap food for all tastes. Don’t waste time eating in the hotel you’re staying in. Visit the streets and get to know what they cook. From vegetarian plates to pork, chicken, meat, and seafood, you’re free to choose and they will make a special dish for you; use hand gestures and they’ll understand. The flavors they use in making their dishes are unique and nowhere else to be found.

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People are Lovely, but Business Isn’t!

When you’re walking down the streets in Vietnam, you immediately get recognized as a tourist, and some fobbing-off can happen there. All sellers will try to sell you everything double-priced; that’s how the market operates in Vietnam. It can take a lot of effort from you to negotiate prices with them, but you’ll get used to haggling eventually. Life in Vietnam is so cheap; a USA dollar is equivalent to 23172.50 Vietnamese Dong. However, you shouldn’t buy anything at its initial price when you know that it’s doubled. Individuals, on a separate note, are very welcoming and kind; they may wave and through friendly smiles at you to welcome you to their country.

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Traveling in itself is a whole different level of fun and amusement, yet traveling to a country where there is beautiful scenery, rich culture, appetizing cuisine, suitable weather, and generous people gives the trip its real meaning and makes it much more enjoyable. Vietnam is on most tourists’ bucket lists, and it is a destination for avid travelers who like to explore new and adventurous places. However, before traveling there, you should consider the tips mentioned here to guarantee a fun, hassle-free trip.

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