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Ho Chi Minh Vespa Adventure Tours with Kids

Traveling with your family is fun but planning where to go and what to do is never an easy task. You want to explore Ho Chi Minh’s streets on a motorbike, but that might be too dangerous for your kids? Then this guide to Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours with kids is for you.

Is it safe to join Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours with kids?

The motorbike madness in Ho Chi Minh City may refrain you from taking your kids on a Vespa adventure. The drivers on the streets sometimes disregard of the law, and the constant traffic jam may cause scratches between vehicles and causes you small injuries.

For safety reasons, you should only let your kids sit at the back of a bike alone with the driver in front when their legs can reach the footpegs, and always tell your kids to wear helmets properly (the strap is fastened securely and the kid’s head fits the helmet). The kids should also grab the frames at the back seats of motorbikes or put their arms around the drivers before the journey starts. You can also sit at the back, putting your child between the driver and you, with a soft pillow or something in between to protect your children if the drivers need to stop suddenly.

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Ride with your kids

Even when not on the motorbikes, there are also scams and dangers when crossing streets. It is advisable that your children should always go with their guardians and don’t talk to strangers. Read more of our tips for first-time motorbike passengers.

But the risks should be minimized when you go with a local guide. If you choose a professional travel agency that has trained tour guides and can accommodate your needs, you will feel more at ease when joining a Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours with kids.

Get a travel insurance quote for touring Ho Chi Minh:


What are the highly recommended Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours with kids?

You should choose private tours as there will be no strangers riding along, just you, your kids, the tour guides, and tour drivers. With private tours, it is also possible for you to tailor your dreamt journey where you can skip places you don’t want to visit and spend more time at places that you find interesting and can go with your children.

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i Tour Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tour with kids

At i Tour Vietnam, we have several private Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours that is suitable for kids. You can find detailed information on itinerary, inclusions, and discounts if you click on the links.

Day adventure. In the morning or afternoon, we will take you to colonial architecture in the city downtown, a pagoda, and places to try Vietnamese refreshments like coconut juice. You will not only hear stories about the city but also see with your own eyes the life of locals on the streets.

Night adventure. At night, the temperature is cooler which is really suitable for you and your kids to hang out in the city downtown, see the historical buildings in a new light. We also take you to dinner to explore the diverse Vietnamese food culture. You can opt out the red-light district if you think it is too much for your children.

Food tours. You can choose either i Love Food or i Really Love Food because both will take you to the world of Vietnamese cuisine with various options from Banh xeo, Pho to street foods like Banh trung nuong or Banh trang nuong. If you and your family have any special requests regarding the diets and allergy, we will arrange a list of foods that better accommodate you.

Saigon’s other side. If you want something off-the-beaten-path for your family on a Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure, this tour is the choice. We will take you to the exploration of less-traveled alleyways, a hidden pagoda, and a floating market. We will not take you to dangerous places, and you won’t have to get on the boats at the floating market to experience life here.

What to prepare for Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours with kids?

Comes with all tours from i Tour Vietnam are standard safety-tested helmets, insurance, refreshments or meals (depends on the tour you choose), and raincoats in case of bad weather.

Besides what we include in the tours, you should also prepare for yourself and your kids some skin protection such as sunscreen and insect repellent, clothes that are suitable for the hot weather of Ho Chi Minh City, and some medicines.

Learn more about our tours in the frequently asked questions section or leave your questions in the comment sections down below.

What to do on these Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours with kids?

In our Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours, you will get to:

  • try Vietnamese foods and drinks (Banh xeo, Pho, Bun Thit Nuong, Banh Cuon, Banh trang nuong, Banh trung nuong, coffee, sugarcane juice, and coconut juice)
  • visit famous landmarks (Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office, and War Remnant Museum), local markets (Ben Thanh Market for instance), and some less-visited destinations (the pagoda and the floating market)

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Visiting famous landmarks and local markets with our local guide

You can choose to skip some places such as:

  • the War Remnants Museum if you find the collection here too disturbing and dark for your kids
  • Ben Thanh Market as it is quite crowded and your kids might get lost in the flows of people, and
  • coffee because there is a high amount of caffeine in Vietnamese coffee.

But that is not all Ho Chi Minh City can offer you and your kids. The water puppet shows with fun music and colorful puppets dancing on water might be a wonder to both adults and kids alike. The Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens with many green spaces and performances on weekends can be really amusing.

See more options of things to do when traveling with kids in Ho Chi Minh City.


Choose i Tour Vietnam to have the best experience with your kids on Ho Chi Minh Vespa adventure tours

We not only provide the safety precautions so that your kids can join a Vespa adventure tour in Ho Chi Minh City, accommodate your needs, but also offer a 50% for children under 8 years old riding along with a parent.

There is also a private car option for your family travel if you are not really fancy the ideas of exploring the streets of Ho Chi Minh City on the back of a bike. The fun will be just the same because sharing good memories with your loved ones is what matters.

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Go on rides with i Tour Vietnam

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