VietnamThe Most Beautiful Bridges in Ho Chi Minh

The Most Beautiful Bridges in Ho Chi Minh

Possessing an impressive collection of over 200 bridges, Ho Chi Minh City does justice for its diverse water system of wide canals and picturesque rivers. Among these bridges, apart from their role in transportation, many are also historic figures and architectural feats which will surely make your trip more worthwhile. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful bridges in Ho Chi Minh City!

Mong Bridge

beautiful bridge hcmc 1

Mong bridge boasts a striking emerald green color that looks camera-ready all year round.

Location: over Tau Hu – Ben Nghe canal, connecting District 1 and District 4.

Mong bridge was built by the French in 1894 and was rebuilt in 2005, making it one of Saigon’s oldest bridges. The majestic emerald green steel bridge is also ranked as one of the best places to take photos in Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to the curved underbelly, the bridge was named “Mong” or Rainbow. Every day, many flock here for their graduation albums and wedding pictures, others come here to enjoy a little peace with a stunning metropolitan background.

Thu Thiem Bridge

beautiful bridge hcmc 2

Thu Thiem bridge is city dwellers’ favorite spot to see fireworks shows during national celebrations.

Location: over Saigon River

Thu Thiem bridge is just 20 minutes away from the city center, between Binh Thanh district and district 2. Thanks to this strategic position, the bridge is perfect for both nighttime and day adventures in Ho Chi Minh. At night, it’s the perfect site to sit, relax and chat, while enjoying comforting breezes from the Saigon river and the glowing beauty of Ho Chi Minh City’s nightlife. In the morning, the bridge cements itself in the list of the best places to take photos of sunrise in Vietnam.

Khanh Hoi Bridge

beautiful bridge hcmc 3

Khanh Hoi bridge lies between district 1 and 4 – two main districts of Saigon.

Location: over Ben Nghe canal, connecting Ton Duc Thang Street (District 1) and Nguyen Tat Thanh Street (District 4)

Khanh Hoi bridge was built in 1904 by the French to facilitate the goods transportation from Cho Lon market to Ben Thanh market. Over the 100 years of history, the bridge has undergone various transformations, particularly in 1940 and 1945, to become one of the most beautiful bridges in Ho Chi Minh City. The bridge has a surprising soft structure and clever lighting, which will be amazing as any photo background. On both sides of Khanh Hoi bridge are well-known tourist hotspots such as Nguyen Hue pedestrian street and the Ho Chi Minh Museum, so add this in for a rewarding detour!

Phu My Bridge

beautiful bridge hcmc 4

Phu My Bridge is the first cable-stayed bridge in the city.

Location: over Saigon river, connecting District 2 and District 7

Phu My bridge is now dubbed as a new Ho Chi Minh City icon. It was initially built to accommodate Saigon’s heavy traffic, but over time, the bridge slowly became photographers’ favorite spot for profound-looking shots. Phu My bridge also attracts crowds of youngsters who come looking for a breather nightly, due to its peaceful atmosphere and rural view.

Starlight Bridge – Anh Sao Bridge

beautiful bridge hcmc 5

Starlight bridge is reserved for pedestrians only.

Location: crosses Thay Tieu canal, in Phu My Hung residence, District 7

Starlight (Anh Sao) bridge is already too famous at this point. The bridge is beloved for its spectacular light show on the crescent-shaped form – a range of lights at the bottom of the bridge which mimics shining stars, and a human-made waterfall accompanied by continually changing colorful lights. Perhaps, among the most beautiful bridges in Ho Chi Minh City, starlight bridge is the most romantic of all. If you don’t mind the distance (district 7 is at least about 30 minutes from district 1), then this bridge is an ideal place to take your evening stroll.

Pedestrian Bridges

beautiful bridge hcmc 6

Gia Dinh Park Pedestrian Bridge is praised as the most beautiful pedestrian bridge in Saigon.

Location: in Gia Dinh park (Go Vap district), connects 2 parts of the park

beautiful bridge hcmc 7

Vinhomes Central Park Pedestrian Bridge is a popular photo spot.

Location: Vinhomes Central Park (208, Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, HCMC).

Pedestrian bridges are the forgotten sisters amid the most beautiful bridges in Ho Chi Minh City. These bridges don’t have the charm given by a river or a canal, but these sure make the cut if you’re talking about architectural beauty and functionality. Some of the most notable, Instagram-worthy ones are in Gia Dinh Park and Vinhomes Central Park.

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Summary On The Most Beautiful Bridges In Ho Chi Minh City

When you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill attractions, paying a visit to some of the most beautiful bridges in Ho Chi Minh City may spice up your precious trip. It is free; it can give you a taste of the locals’ life, and it’ll get any photography enthusiasts excited. What’s there not to like? Check out other useful articles in our Ho Chi Minh Travel Guides.

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