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What to Expect in The Mekong Delta Tour

If you’re thinking that spending a day in Mekong Delta is enough of a visit, you’ll be terribly wrong. This is the land of amazingly prosperous nature, varied yet unique cultures, and truly unforgettable food. Hopefully, in this blog of ours, you will find more information on how to escape the bustling touristy aspects and genuinely enjoy the authentic experience on your Mekong Delta Tour.

The vast land of a great variety of green on Mekong Delta Tour

Thanks to the tropical climate and the complicated river system, Mekong Delta is the leading supplier for the country’s fresh produce, such vital agricultural region that it is dubbed as “Vietnam’s rice bowl.” Embarking on a Mekong Delta tour means you’ll have ample opportunities to fully emerge yourself in the most diverse ecosystem in the country.

mekong tour 1
The fantastic scenery you’ll find on the road of the Mekong Delta Tour

Open green fields

Apart from being one of the regions that possess the most magnificent paddy fields in Vietnam, Mekong Delta also boasts a wealth of tropical fruit farms and enchanting flower villages that will be sure to captivate your interests from the first moment. Don’t forget to make full use of the photo opportunities whenever you’re passing by an immense paddy field or visiting a local fruit orchard.

mekong tour 2

Harvesting on a paddy field

Cho Lach Orchards

The district of Cho Lach belongs to Ben Tre City – the kingdom of coconut, but the orchards here offer far beyond that. This place is the fruit paradise where you can find countless must-try Vietnamese fruit, especially on your Mekong Delta tour. On top of that, there are charming flower villages where thousands of flowers are blooming all year round.

mekong tour 3

Cai Mon Orchard – one of the favorite orchards in Cho Lach

See more Famous Fruit Orchards in the Mekong Delta

Sa Dec Flower Village

Locates in Dong Thap province – a swampland you may encounter on your Mekong Travel Tour, Sa Dec is the largest flower village in the Southwest area of Vietnam. Besides the signature Vietnam’s national flowers, there are many other bonsais and ornamental plants, which you can take some home at an eminently reasonable price.

mekong tour 4

The breath-taking beauty of Sa Dec Flower Village

National Parks

Mekong Delta’s ecosystem is so amazingly diverse and unique that not only are there dense tropical forests and verdant fields but also thousands of animal species. The National Parks provide home and shelter for wild endangered animals and preserve the biodiversity’s sustainability. If you’re planning on a Mekong Delta Tour, be sure to visit the National Parks here.

Tram Chim National Park (Dong Thap Province)

mekong tour 5

Tram Chim is home to thousands of rare birds

Despite being a little-known park to international visitors, Tram Chim is a one-of-a-kind paradise with countless species of birds, including the rare Sarus Crane, which is among the endangered animal species in Vietnam. You can observe the birds continually migrating for winter and get yourself absorbed in the sound of the wilderness.

Phu Quoc National Park

mekong tour 6
Trekking trail into Phu Quoc National Park

This should be the highlighted destination in your Mekong Delta Tour’s itinerary, especially if you are a nature lover. Phu Quoc National Park is a perfect destination for trekking with impressive trekking trails, or this can be an extraordinary hideaway amidst the swamplands where you can spend some relaxing time going fishing or even visiting a crocodile farm.

If you’re interested in a nature retreat in Vietnam, check out more Spectacular National Parks in Vietnam.

Discovering a world afloat on Mekong Delta Tour

Mekong Delta is made up of a complicated system of distributaries crisscrossing just like arteries. Therefore, it is unquestionably not your average sightseeing tour but an eye-opening experience into the marvelous paradise.


A Mekong Delta tour may take you to an exploration of the many islands in the region. Each island characterizes its own personality, so there will never be a dull moment in these adventures. Islands in Mekong Delta are usually mediocre in size and may only be reachable by boat, and as a result, there will be very little to none of any urban heat and noise.

Phung Island (aka Phoenix Island – Ben Tre Province)

mekong tour 7

The Phoenix Island

Not only is it a humble island in the Tien River, but also an island that is rich in culture and history. There is a story of a man who came here in the 2oth century and established his own religion called “The Coconut Religion.” Funny as it may sound, the religion has integrated into the local’s life back in the day, and the island has eventually become a symbol of Ben Tre Province.

Monkey Island (Can Gio District)

mekong tour 8

As you can see – monkeys are the primary residents here

As the name suggests, the island is full of wild monkeys, but don’t worry, they are far too familiar with curious visitors. The cheeky and mischievous monkeys, which are incredibly food-driven, are ready to snatch your snacks at any time. If you’re paying a visit, make sure to keep an eye on your food and your belongings also.

In fact, Can Gio is not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, which means you can easily find a bus to reach there. Read more if you want to know about Day Trip to Can Gio.

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Floating markets

Since the local’s life is basically based on the rivers, the floating markets have become a symbolic representation of an authentic experience on a Mekong Delta Tour. Some of the famous floating markets you should consider are Cai Rang (Can Tho province) floating market, Cai Be (Tien Giang Province), Long Xuyen (An Giang), etc.

mekong tour 9

A corner of Cai Rang floating market

Sampan rides

Sampan is among the must-try experiences in Vietnam, especially when you have set your mind on a Mekong Delta Tour. Make your way into the mystery and wilderness of mangrove forests, slowly and leisurely on a sampan ride.

mekong tour 10

A sampan ride into the wild

Exotic local experience on Mekong Delta Tour


Besides the floating market, be sure to pay a visit to the local markets on your Mekong Delta Tour. Although they are just as bustling as any other markets, since the pace of life here is quite tardy, you’ll find it more relaxing and calming taking a walk through these places.

Markets in Mekong Delta offer a wealth of fresh fruit and vegetable, as well as other traditional Vietnamese treats that is nearly impossible to find in the glistening metropolitan. If you want to discover more about the local culture, make sure to have a taste of the local cuisine to make the trip significantly more enjoyable.

mekong tour 11

A corner of Mekong Delta’s markets

Temples and Pagodas

People in Mekong Delta have a profound spiritual belief, so the temples and pagodas here are of utmost importance in their daily life. Although these religious structures hide in modest locations, they are believed to be absolutely sacred and powerful. Consequently, during special festivals, those temples and pagodas get especially crowded with people wishing for a happy life.

mekong tour 12

One of the many famous pagodas in Mekong Delta

Conclusion on What to Expect in the Mekong Delta Tour

A Mekong Delta Tour can be as eventful as you wish, rather than just a lazy leisure vacation. Even though this is a widely advertised destination for both domestic and international visitors, but the area still retains its distinct unexploited features. One drawback worth mentioning is that you may not find the first-class service here, but it is not utterly unacceptable since you’ll spend most of the day exploring anyways.

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