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Weather in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is divided into 3 different regions (North, Central, and South) blessed with distinctive weather making each part of the country charming in its own way. Located in the south with amazing heritages and mixed cultures of east and west, Ho Chi Minh City is a popular destination for tourists and backpackers because of its tropical weather.

Ho Chi Minh City has a monsoon climate, so it is humid and hot/warm all year round. There are 2 seasons in a year, which are dry season and rainy.

Dry season in Ho Chi Minh City

The dry season in Ho Chi Minh City starts from November to early April, with frequent sunshine and 40 Celsius, 16 Celsius as the highest and the lowest temperature, respectively. There is generally little rain, and the average temperature is 28 Celsius over the dry months. November and December are the most pleasant months of the year because the temperature is just from 22 to 30 Celsius, even down to 17, 18 Celsius on some new year days.

The following months, January, February, and March are the driest months with the humidity of 70%. In March, and April, the average temperature is 30 Celsius, and the highest one can rise up to 40 Celsius in the middle of some days when the sun is burning and scorching outside.

weather ho chi minh city high temperature

The temperature can reach 40 Celsius in the hottest months of the year

What to do during the Dry season in Ho Chi Minh City

The dry season is considered the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City because there are tons of interesting things that you can do on those clear and warm days. The first thing as the highlight of your trip must be enjoying the national holidays in Vietnam. The most important festival is the Tet Holiday lasting for 7 days in late January or early February, when you can see family gatherings, traditions of cleaning the house, preparing foods for holiday feasts, spring flower festivals across the city, the colorful streets decoration, and festive atmosphere days in advance. However, most shops and restaurants are closed at least the first three to five days of the Lunar New Year.

weather ho chi minh city flower festival

Spring flower festival at Tao Dan Park is a typical activity before and during Tet Holiday in Ho Chi Minh City

Besides the Tet holiday, some other big events in the dry weather in Ho Chi Minh City are Christmas and New Year. The vibrant nightlife, splendid decoration in malls, shops, and big sales will treat you well. One thing to note is that the flights for the popular holidays in Vietnam can be fully booked, and the fare is much higher than that on normal days, so you should book the tickets about 2 to 3 months in advance, choose the budget airlines and buy 2 one-way tickets as tips to get the cheap flights.

On normal days, you can visit the popular attractions, enjoy the food around the city or hit the local coffee shops. The dry days will be the easiest to have a fulfilling journey without missing out on any activities. 

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What to Pack for the Dry Season in Ho Chi Minh City

Sunscreen with SPF 50+

Sunglasses (especially if you’ll be joining a motorbike tour, which involves traveling around the city under the sun)

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

Rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City

The rest of the year, from early May to October, is the rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City. The temperature is around 26-32 Celsius, with little variation in all months of the season. Ho Chi Minh City experiences a high moisture level in these months, with humidity in September reaching the highest, 85%.

The rainy season is characterized by high rainfall and downpours due to tropical storms hitting the city from August to the end of October, which are usually forecasted some days in advance. However, in the rest of the rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City, most of the rains are quick showers from the afternoon, and it is still sunny and hot during the morning and noon.

weather ho chi minh city shower

The rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City is characterized by quick showers

What to Do during the Rainy Season in Ho Chi Minh City

The rain can be an obstacle to the traffic, and you can get soaked occasionally, but the showers definitely cool off the air. But it’s still a good time for any traveler because you can do many interesting activities. To begin with, you will get to see some important holidays of the year, including Vietnam National Day on September 2nd, Liberation Day on April 30th and Hung Kings Festival, with a large number of people staying in town to celebrate the events.

weather in ho chi minh rain poncho 1

Hanging out with friends in the evening is also a good option as the weather is cool. Visit the coffee shops, hit the clubs, pamper yourself at a spa, or watch live performances and concerts in theatres around Ho Chi Minh City. As for the day when it is sunny, you can still do things like exploring street foods or visiting famous landscapes in the city.

It is still fun (and can be quite cheap) to travel during the rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City, but you should remember to bring along an umbrella or a raincoat, especially when you are out in the late afternoon as it may rain all of a sudden.

What to Pack for the Rainy Season in Ho Chi Minh City

A portable umbrella

A rain poncho

And if you’re feeling extra, water-resistant shoes!

Summary of Weather in Ho Chi Minh City

In short, there are dry season and rainy season in the city, and the weather in Ho Chi Minh City is quite warm all year round.

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