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What to do in Hue Travel Guide

Hue is one of Central Vietnam’s major cities. It’s the perfect combination of the old and the new, so you’ll never have to question what to do in Hue. If you’re into cultural travel, Hue’s a great start. Now read on your ultimate Hue travel guide to find out more about the many charms of this ancient city.

In this article, we’ll share with you:

  • About Hue
  • What to Do in Hue
  • Where to Stay in Hue
  • What to Eat and Drink in Hue
  • How to Get to Hue
  • What to Pack for Hue
  • Tips on Hue Travel

About Hue Travel Guide

  • Where Hue Is: Hue City (Thua Thien – Hue Province, Central Vietnam) is a tourist destination near Da Nang and Hoi An. Most of Hue’s terrain is flatland, though there are some picturesque low hills and mountains like Ngu Binh Mountain and Vong Canh Hill. A famous river that flows through the city is the Perfume River.

what to do in Hue travel guide imperial city original

  • Best Time to Visit: It’s best to visit Hue from August to early September when the weather’s neither too hot nor wet. Or you can be here during April – May to catch the biggest biannual festival in Hue – the Hue Festival. The dry season in Hue lasts from March till August, with an average temperature of 35 – 40 degrees Celsius (the hottest month is June). The rainy season is from August till February, and the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius (typhoon season: September – December)
  • Local Tips on Hue Travel Guide:
    • Food in Hue is generally cheap, and some good restaurants don’t allow credit card payments, so prepare small changes in Vietnam Dong to pay for meals
    • Since many of Hue’s attractions are of cultural importance, check out the dress code for each place first to dress properly
    • Map out where you want to visit first before hitting the road as the attractions are quite far from each other (especially the Royal Tombs)

What to Do in Hue Travel Guide

Hue’s an ancient city but that doesn’t mean Vietnam’s former capital lacks things to do. In fact, you may be blown away by the myriad of possibilities, so here are our top picks what to do in Hue:

Visit The Imperial City of Hue

Google Maps location

The Imperial City was where the kings of the Nguyen dynasty – Vietnam’s last royal family – ruled and worked. It’s an impressive complex full of palaces, temples, and residences that you’d expect in a feudal court, so visiting this place will give you a thorough look into Vietnam’s history.

Though much of the original buildings were destroyed during the wartime, the Vietnam government has gradually restored many of the architectures. Now there are 14 monuments that you can take a look at inside the Imperial City, and 3 more inside the Forbidden Citadel. You can take time to see every nook and cranny of the Imperial City (prepare to spend over 3 hours!), or choose to visit some memorable structures only.

Some of our favorite ones are Ngo Mon (Meridian Gate), Thai Hoa Palace, Thai To Mieu, Truong Sinh Palace, and Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theatre.

Tip: Buy a lot of water bottles outside (about 1 liter per person) if you’re visiting all the monuments. The trip’s going to be quite dehydrating, and the price of goods sold inside the Imperial City is 2 – 3 times higher than normal.

what to do in Hue travel guide imperial city 1 original
The magnificence of the Imperial City exudes from its architecture

Admire The Architecture of The Royal Tombs

You’re never going to ask what to do in Hue if you’ve seen the lists of royal tombs around the city. Because they’re the final resting places for emperors, all of them are beautifully and intricately decorated. There are 7 tombs in total, but visitors usually choose to visit only the tombs of Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, and Tu Duc. Each has a style of their own: Minh Mang Tomb has an expansive ground filled with peaceful, green sceneries, Khai Dinh Tomb is the definition of extravagance thanks to its mixed architecture of the East and the West, while Tu Duc Tomb was praised as one of the most beautiful architectures of the 19th century with soft lines and poetic features.

what to do in Hue travel guide khai dinh tomb original

Khai Dinh Tomb’s architecture has a French influence

Entrance fee for The Imperial City and The Royal Tombs:

 Entrance fee  Adult  Children 
 Imperial City VND 200,000  VND 40,000 
 Minh Mang Tomb/ Khai Dinh Tomb/ Tu duc Tomb  VND 150,000 VND 30,000
 Gia Long Tomb/ Thieu Tri Tomb/ Dong Khanh Tomb   VND 50,000 Free
 (Combo) Imperial City, Minh Mang Tomb, and Khai Dinh Tomb  VND 420,000 VND 80,000 
 (Combo) Imperial City, Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, and Tu Duc Tomb  VND 530,000  VND 100,000 
 All Relics VND 580,000 VND 110,000

*Children under 7 years old: Free

Pay Respects at Thien Mu Pagoda

Any Hue travel guide will tell you never to miss Thien Mu Pagoda. Just 4 kilometers outside the city center, this holy structure is the unofficial symbol of Hue. Visitors love its romantic surrounding, sensational backstory, and Vietnam’s national treasure – a marble turtle stele, while locals admire Thien Mu Pagoda for its holiness.

what to do in Hue travel guide thien mu original

Thien Mu means “heavenly lady”, derived from the legend of its origin

Listen to The Hue Royal Refined Music

The Hue Royal Refined Music was once Vietnam’s national music, often performed in royal events for different rituals. Although the rituals are lost now, Hue Royal Refined Music still lives on, telling us stories and beliefs of the past. You can watch the performance of this music in Duyet Thi Duong Theater in the Imperial City or on dragon boats on the Perfume River for a fantastic night view (you’ll also get to release paper lanterns!)

what to do in Hue travel guide royal refined music original

Duyet Thi Duong Theatre in the Imperial City offers Hue Royal Refined Music performances

Enjoy Hue’s Nightlife

If you’re wondering what to do in Hue at night, besides listening to Hue Royal Refined Music on the Perfume River, check out Hue’s top bars and clubs where a nice mix of young locals and travelers hang out, namely: the Brown Eyes Bar and the DMZ Bar. Alternatively, take a night Hue food tour, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many goodies this land has to offer. A unique snack that you should not miss is the savory and sweet Roasted Pork Sweet Soup sold at Che Mo Ton Dich by the Perfume River.

what to do in Hue travel guide brown eyes

Brown Eyes Bar has a lively dance floor on the inside and a laid-back atmosphere on the outside

Get Back to Nature at Bach Ma National Park

Just an hour away from Hue, Bach Ma National Park is the definition of biodiversity and a dream getaway for any bird enthusiast as it featured over ⅓ of bird species in Vietnam. Plan a two-day trip here for a complete retreat, hike the refreshing trails full of greeneries, and learn about wildlife in Vietnam!

what to do in Hue travel guide bach ma

The breath-taking view of Bach Ma National Park

Shop for Souvenirs from Hue

If you’re wondering what to do in Hue in your last hours in the city, shopping for souvenirs is a great choice. Not only will you get something to remember Hue by, but you’ll also get to have a look at specialties made in the region. Some unique souvenirs that any Hue travel guide will tell you to buy are:

what to do in Hue travel guide conical hat

Hue conical hat

what to do in Hue travel guide sesame bar

Chewy sesame bar

what to do in Hue travel guide royal tea original

Royal tea

Discover more Things to Do in Hue

Where to Stay in Hue Travel Guide

Hue has a diverse range of accommodations that cater to all budgets and preferences. You can choose to stay in the city center, near the Perfume River, for a romantic yet convenient location. Or you can opt for somewhere more secluded to admire the peacefulness of Hue.

Azerai La Residence

Situated on the banks of the Perfume River, this majestic colonial villa will make all its guests feel like royalties during their stay.

Book a stay at Azerai La Residence

what to do in Hue travel guide azerai

Azerai La Residence is one of the top 10 deluxe hotels in Vietnam

Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa

For those who love serenity, Pilgrimage Village, which sits near the Royal Tombs, will give them a complete retreat. Lush, natural forests surround all accommodation options (including huts and bungalows!).

Book a stay at Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa

what to do in Hue travel guide pilgrimage

Guests at Pilgrimage Village will feel like they’ve taken a walk back in time

Cherish Hue Hotel

Cherish Hue Hotel is located in the heart of the city so guests will have easy access to many entertainments. Other perks are spa treatments, a fitness center, and an excellent restaurant serving delectable delicacies.

Book a stay at Cherish Hue Hotel

Look for more places to stay in Hue:



What to Eat and Drink in Hue Travel Guide

Now that we’ve covered what to do in Hue, let’s dive into the best drinks and best dishes in Hue. Hue cuisine generally relies on spices, so prepare to have all your senses awakened while chowing down on the delicacies. Moreover, each serving is usually small so one can order multiple portions in one go. Below are top recommendations that both locals and international visitors can’t praise enough:

Bun Bo Hue

In Vietnam, Bun Bo Hue is just as famous as Pho. It’s made up of beef, pork, chewy noodles, onion, lemongrass, crab sausage…etc. All combine to form a bowl aromatic, hot noodle soup that’ll satisfy every taste bud. Where’s better to try this Vietnamese staple noodle soup than in its homeland?

bun bo hue hue

The deep broth of Bun Bo Hue is unforgettable

Different Types of Banh

The only Hue dishes that are as famous as Bun Bo Hue are Hue’s collection of various types of savory Banh. In general, the “Banh” is made from rice flour or tapioca flour. Then it’s topped or filled with mouth-watering fillings like shrimp, pork, and mung beans. Some noteworthy choices are Banh Beo, Banh Khoai, Banh Bot Loc…etc.

what to do in Hue travel guide banh beo original

Banh Beo Chen – Water Fern Cakes in Small Bowls – can be eaten in one bite

Sweet Soup

Sweet soup is a kind of Vietnamese dessert that usually contains various nuts, beans, fruits, jellies, and coconut milk. Thanks to its versatility in pairing different ingredients, there are countless types of sweet soup. Some must-try names in Hue are the lotus seed sweet soup, banana sweet soup, and roasted pork sweet soup!

what to do in Hue travel guide che original

Vietnamese sweet soup typically contains fruits

Salt Coffee

We all know that Vietnam is the land of fantastic coffee. Vietnamese love coffee so much that we’ve created numerous unique versions of it, including the new “salt coffee” in Hue. The strong phin-filtered coffee pairs so well with the salty layer of froth on top that it creates a lingering, soft taste on the tongue. Try it for yourself at number 10, Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Hue City.

what to do in Hue travel guide salt coffee original

Salt coffee has a salty, thick froth on top of the coffee

How to Get to Hue Travel Guide

Phu Bai International Airport

Hue City has Phu Bai International Airport (HUI), which gives us the option of flying to Hue from within the country and from abroad. It is 13 kilometers away and you can either travel to and from the airport by taxi (VND 180,000 – VND 160,000) or by bus number 2 and 11 (VND 5,000 – VND 20,000/ticket)

Phu Bai Airport is quite small, so it may take you longer to complete immigration procedures. Moreover, there’s only 1 cafe and 1 souvenir shop in the waiting area, which is not ideal to buy some last-minute souvenirs.

what to do in Hue travel guide phu bai

Phu Bai Airport

Hoi An/Da Nang to Hue

Hue City’s 121 kilometers from Hoi An and 105 kilometers from Da Nang. Because there’s no airport in Hoi An and no direct flight from Da Nang to Hue, the three viable options are:

By motorbike:

It’ll take three hours to get to Hue from Hoi An and over two hours from Da Nang. Although the distance is not very short, the route is quite easy to follow so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

Motorbike rental cost in Hoi An and Da Nang: VND 150,000 – VND 250,000/day/bike.

Before hitting the road, read these cautions on driving in Vietnam

By train (from Da Nang only):

The train is an easy and cheap option that non-riders can consider to get from Da Nang to Hue. With around VND 160,000/ticket and a 4-hour train ride, travelers will go through the beautiful train routes connecting the two cities. Most astonishing of which is the Lang Co Beach.

By private bus:

Fee: VND 200,000 – VND 300,000 (from Hoi An) and VND 120,000 – VND 170,000 (from Da Nang)

Duration: 3 – 5 hours (from Hoi An), 2 – 3 hours (from Da Nang)

If you don’t have a lot of time, private buses may be your best bet. Two recommendable companies are TheSinh Tourist and Hoang Long.

what to do in Hue travel guide lang co

Lang Co Beach is one of Vietnam’s most romantic beaches

Hanoi to Hue

There are three prevalent choices to get from Hanoi to Hue:

  • By plane: VND 730,000 – VND 2,500,000 (1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • By train: VND 350,000 – VND 1,200,000 (13 – 14 hours)
  • By private bus: VND 300,000 – VND 450,000 (12 – 13 hours)

You can choose the most suitable transportation according to your budget and time, however, we highly recommend using the plane as it offers the most convenience, yet the price isn’t so much higher than the other choices.

For more detailed information, see our Hanoi to Hue travel guide

Ho Chi Minh City to Hue

Because it’s almost 1000 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue, taking the train or riding the motorbike will be a toll on both your time and your health. Therefore, we recommend taking the plane. A few airlines to check out are: VietJet, Vietnam Airlines, and Bamboo Airways.

Fee: VND 600,000 – VND 1,500,000/ticket
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Find your bus/train/plane tickets online to plan your trip:

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What to Pack for Hue Travel Guide

  • Clothing: Hue’s summer is quite similar to Southern Vietnam in the dry season, so you can pack breathable clothing that can protect you from the sun. During the rainy season, prepare warm clothes and an umbrella. Nevertheless, due to the great number of attractions to visit on foot, a high-quality pair of shoes, hats, and sunglasses will do you good.
  • Electronics: First, check out our to-pack list for Vietnam to see all the electronics you’ll need for the trip. A few other things to keep in mind are:

Health items:

  • Sunscreen: the sunlight during Hue’s dry season can be damaging to your skin.
  • Digestive medicines: in case you’re not used to the food in Hue
  • Insurance: get a free quote for Vietnam Travel Insurance below


Our Last Words on Hue Travel Guide

Hue is an up-and-rising city with endless things to discover and enjoy. Therefore, we hope that our “What to Do in Hue Travel Guide” has helped you plan a perfect trip to feel this exciting city fully.

Where are you going next after Hue? If it’s either Da Nang or Hoi An, don’t forget to see our comprehensive articles on Da Nang Travel Guide and Hoi An Travel Guide.

Read more on First Time in Hue.

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