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The Spectacular National Parks of Vietnam

What is the easiest way to get people standing transfixed with astonishment? The answer is to immerse in the spectacular national parks of Vietnam fully. These national parks are stunning places where once you can stand in awe of Mother Nature’s hands, you will be inspired and uplifted in every moment. A land as vast as Vietnam represents a wide variety of landscapes and treasures from nature, which attracts millions of visitors each year to explore the natural beauty.

Living in the lap of nature is an incredible experience that gives explorers a chance to sightsee the wilder side of life, the sun, the sky, and the stars over fresh air. It would be nice if you could go camping or hike these parks with your buddies. The diversity of Vietnam’s national parks is astonishing. Here are the top 10 splendid national parks in Vietnam.

1. Cat Ba National Park

vietnam national park cat ba

Cat Ba National Park is situated on Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong Province, Vietnam. It is home to 32 types of mammals including most of the world’s 65 remaining golden-headed langurs. Besides, this island-based park is a primary tropical rainforest with a vast collection of birds and reptiles. There are some 745 species of plants, especially various species of rare wood trees such as Tri Ly, Lim Set, and Kim Giao – the materials used to make chopsticks for the Kings. This wood is unique as it will show bubbles and turn itself red when it touches poisonous food. With the diversity of both plants and animals, Cat Ba National Park has contributed to the richness of Vietnam’s flora and fauna collection.

Location: Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong, Vietnam

Price: VND 30,000

Visiting hours: Daily | 8 AM – 5 PM

2. Cuc Phuong National Park

vietnam national park cuc phuong

If you are in the country’s capital of Hanoi and would prefer to stay away from the typical tourist hotspots, make a trip to Cuc Phuong National Park, one of the most crucial sites for bio-collection in Vietnam.

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Located in Vietnam’s Red River Delta, the park has warm and sunny weather and a vast diversity of inhabitants. One of the attractive things about this beautiful park is it offers some guided services to help guests explore the scenic views of stone mountains, rice paddy fields, and the forest path.

Location: Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Price: VND 40,000 for adults and VND 20,000 for children

Visiting hours: Daily | 8 AM – 6 PM

3. Tam Dao National Park

vietnam national park tam dao

Tam Dao, Three Islands in English, is a mountain range located about 75 km North of Hanoi. If you love being free and viewing an incredible diversity of fauna and flora, Tam Dao National Park is your ideal destination. Being in this nature reserve, you will have some opportunities to experience a pleasant atmosphere with almost four seasons in one day, which makes some memorable moments when immersing in nature. Tam Dao represents a different type of cooler and drier air, plants, and animals. One mind-blowing thing about this site is the park has a forest of Do Quyen trees that blossom in the spring with magical beauty. Nowadays, Tam Dao National Park is an exciting place not only for tourists but also for researchers to come and explore its magnificent beauty.

Location: Vinh Phuc, Vietnam

Price: Free

Visiting hours: 24 hours daily

4. Pu Mat National Park

vietnam national park pu mat

Pu Mat in the Thai language means “high slope,” and is a part of the Western Nghe An biosphere reserve. This green site is covered with 2,461 plant species, some of which may be new to science classification work is now underway to confirm those. Pu Mat is probably one of the most important national parks in Vietnam for mammal conservation; which reason explains why the park attracts millions of visitors. Together with many unique animals, the rainforest also has many beautiful landscapes. Coming to this area, you will have a chance to encounter ethnic minorities and learn about their arts and culture, visit villages making brocades or “tho cam,” and enjoy extraordinary food such as “com lam” (rice in bamboo tubes).

Location: Nghe An, Vietnam

Price: Free

Visiting hours: Daily | 8 AM – 8 PM

5. Bach Ma National Park

vietnam national park bach ma

In the center of Vietnam where Hue is located, the Bach Ma mountain range divides the North and South of the country. Situated in the Bach Ma mountain range, there is a national park home to one of the wettest lands in Vietnam. The spectacular national park features granite mountains, moist forests, and a tropical climate with two distinctive seasons: dry and rainy.

Bach Ma is a cannot-afford-to-miss for nature lovers and especially bird-watching enthusiasts. There are approximately 358 species of birds in the park which account for more than one-third of bird species in Vietnam. Travelers worldwide love to relax, explore the wild beauty, and enjoy panoramic views of mountains, rivers, and villages.

Location: Hue, Vietnam

Price: VND 40,000

Visiting hours: 24 hours daily

6. Phu Quoc National Park

vietnam national park phu quoc

If you do not prefer landlocked parks but desire a new place, Phu Quoc National Park is excellent for wildlife discovery. It is a paradise for sea animals due to its abundance of faunae living under the water. Phu Quoc National Park is considered the green lung of the fast-changing island. If you are planning a visit, check out our Phu Quoc Island Travel Guide.

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Location: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Price: Free

Visiting hours: 24 hours daily

7. Con Dao National Park

vietnam national park con dao

If you love the ocean, history, and nature, combining these three elements, we recommend you to make a journey to the remote island of Con Dao. The famous nature reserve here includes an assortment of ecosystems with many species of coral reefs, sea turtles, dolphins, and endangered dugongs. Con Dao island also offers historical significance as the site of several prisons used by the French colonial regime and the South Vietnamese regime, which is deliberated to be one of the most potent evidence of war crime in history.

Location: Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Price: Free

Visiting hours: 24 hours all-day

8. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

vietnam national park phong nha ke bang

Vietnam has a lot of national parks stretching across the country and a stand out among them is Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. With outstanding universal value and magical beauty, this park located in Quang Binh Province shares a boundary with Laos to the west and is considered to be one of the best scenic spots in Vietnam. Inside the green area, Phong Nha is rated by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritage sites in the world with an unsurpassed wonder of nature. At Phong Nha – Ke Bang Park is one of the world’s largest caves called Son Doong, first introduced to the world in 2009.

Location: Quang Binh, Vietnam

Price: VND 250,000 for a cave entrance ticket

Visiting hours: Daily | 7 AM – 4 PM

9. Cat Tien National Park

vietnam national park cat tien

This 72,000-hectare national park comprises a fantastic, diverse lowland tropical rainforest is one of the fabulous natural treasures throughout this country. Cat Tien National Park is excellent for mountain hiking, biking, and birdwatching. A more substantial number of faunal and floral species occur within the property with over 800 vertebrate species. This park is a part of the wet tropical forest complex and one of the spectacular natural forests remaining in Vietnam. Imagine your trip starts in the early morning, going into the jungle where you can set up on a hammock and wait for the sunrise, is going to be an unforgettable experience on your Vietnam trip.

Location: Borders of Dong Nai, Lam Dong, and Binh Phuoc Province

Price: VND 60,000 for adults and 20,000 for students

Visiting hours: 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM

10. Yok Don National Park

vietnam national park yok don

Have you ever thought that you could ride on a big elephant’s back to get through one of the oldest jungles in Vietnam? Yok Don National Park, located on the plateau in the Central of Vietnam, is home to not only numerous bird species, tigers, elephants, and rare red wolves but also ethnic minorities in the rural sites and mountainous regions.

Location: Dak Lak, Vietnam

Price: VND 40,000

Visiting hours: Daytime

Summary of the Spectacular National Parks of Vietnam

In Vietnam, you can come across these spectacular national parks in any region across the country and get closer to nature. Going to one of these parks is a great escape from all the hustle and bustle happening every single day in the big cities, so do not miss out on your nature experience in these national parks of Vietnam.

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