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How to Get from Hanoi to Hue

Being the capital of Vietnam, it’s quite easy to go from Hanoi to other travel destinations within the country, especially those in the North. That includes Hue – Vietnam’s cultural hub that busts with timeless traditional values and entertainments. See in this article how you can get from Hanoi to Hue!

What You Should Know about Traveling from Hanoi to Hue

Distance from Hanoi to Hue is about 700 kilometers

Riding a motorbike from Hanoi to Hue will take a laborious trip of 14 – 17 hours, so although it is tempting to ride across Vietnam’s charming coastline, motorbiking from Hanoi to Hue is not recommended. The same goes for taxis since the fee will be too high.

Popular choices to go from Hanoi to Hue:

  • Private Bus (12 – 13 hours): VND 300,000 – VND 450,000/ticket, depending on the bus lines and time of year (whether it is tourist season)
  • Train (13 – 14 hours): VND 350,000 – VND 1,200,000/ticket, depending on the types of seat
  • Plane (1 hour and 15 minutes): VND 730,000 – VND 2,500,000, depending on the airlines and time of year

We would recommend taking a flight from Hanoi to Hue for a safe and time-saving journey, especially if you’ll be carrying lots of luggage.

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Hue is a tourist-centric city in Central Vietnam, near Da Nang and Hoi An. It’s known for important heritages like the Imperial City and the Royal Tombs, Hue’s signature cuisines such as the Vietnamese Pancake, and many fun events.

banh beo chen 1

Water fern cakes in Hue

The best time to visit Hue falls into August – September, which is autumn – the most romantic time to experience in a romantic city. You can also choose April – May to catch the Hue Festival, but remember to avoid September – December because it’s the typhoon season. Weather in Hanoi and Hue may have a difference during the time of your travel, so always make sure to check the weather first to pack and plan your itinerary accordingly.

khai dinh tomb 1

Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue

Different Ways to Get from Hanoi to Hue

Do your math and find whichever way that works best for you, then scroll down to see our detailed breakdown of each transportation.

Private Bus – Hanoi to Hue for Cheap

A private bus is the most economical option to travel from Hanoi to Hue, but this doesn’t mean that the quality is poor. In fact, a sleeper bus has enough legroom for you to stretch to your liking and even wifi for entertainment! Get on a night sleeper bus and you’ll be in Hue the next morning. A reliable bus company is Hoang Long, which is well-known for being clean, modern, and well-equipped.

Hanoi to Hue hoang long bus

Hanoi to Hue hoang long bus 1

Hoang Long Bus exterior and interior

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Train – Hanoi to Hue plus Sightseeing

Compare to the bus, the train is a much more luxurious experience with an inexpensive fare. There are two options: a seat or a berth with the berth being slightly more expensive. You can either book a night train or a day train to admire the beautiful landscape from Hanoi to Hue.

Luxury trains to the Central Vietnam city include Laman Express and Violette Express, but a standard Vietnam Railways train will do just fine.

Hanoi to Hue train view original

The train’s the best alternative to see the scenery along the way

lang co view hanoi to hue

View of Lang Co on the train ride from Hanoi to Hue

Hanoi to Hue train berth originalWe recommend opting for the berth because sitting up straight for 12 hours won’t be enjoyable

See more information on Hanoi Trains, including tips for a safe and happy trip and the Guide to Sending A Motorbike on The Train

Plane – Hanoi to Hue with Convenience

Taking a flight from Hanoi to Hue is the most time-saving option for those who hate waiting. There are about 7 direct flights each day from Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) to Phu Bai Airport (Hue), starting from cheaper airlines like VietJet up to quality ones like Vietnam Airlines. To get the best price, book over a month in advance because the fare tends to be lower then.

Hanoi to Hue Noi Bai Airport

Noi Bai Airport is always crowded so make sure to arrive at the airport early for check-in procedures

Hanoi to Hue Phu Bai Airport

Phu Bai Airport is 15 kilometers away from the city center

Read our article about Travel Time and Taxi Fares from Major Vietnam’s Airports

Important notes: Always book your travel tickets online to avoid scams and the language barrier. Full guidance on where to take the bus, train, or plane is also included in the e-ticket sent to you via email. Search below for the best price to travel from Hanoi to Hue 

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Final Words on How to Get from Hanoi to Hue

Whichever way you choose to travel from Hanoi to Hue: by plane, train, or bus, always put your safety first. We’ve listed out the most reliable vendors above for your convenience, so try to stay away from not well-known vendors to avoid scams.

Have you tried any of these ways of transportation? Share your experience with us by commenting down below!

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