Vietnam5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Local Markets in Vietnam

5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Local Markets in Vietnam

You may have been through the most luxurious hotels and five-star quality restaurants, but has it ever occurred to you Vietnam is nothing different from other countries you’ve visited? If so, you must not have had the chance to discover the real Vietnam. Let us suggest a way you can see Vietnam from an entirely different perspective: visit the local markets. Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely visit local markets in Vietnam.

Cultural Experiences at Local Markets in Vietnam

You’ll learn how street vendors make their ends meet every day, what Vietnamese shopping tendencies are, how to haggle and get a bargain,… Even if you just sit at a street vendor and watch your surroundings, it will also be an interesting experience for you to try.

You’ll meet people from all walks of life in the local market. There are housewives making a deal with the salesmen or people inviting you to take a look at their goods. The atmosphere is always hustle and bustle. It will be a great opportunity for you to dig deeper into Vietnamese daily lives.

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ben thanh market clothes stall
A corner of the spacious Ben Thanh market

Various Items at Local Markets in Vietnam

Local markets in Vietnam are the places that host a variety of freshly-harvested produce and even household items. It’s the place that you can find almost anything at an affordable price. Even though some local markets that are more suitable for residents, there are also markets that are “specially designed” for tourists where visitors can find fascinating handicrafts and souvenirs. Read Top 10 Things to Buy in a Vietnamese Market to add on your shopping list.

market stall
A souvenir stall at the local market

Low Prices at Local Markets in Vietnam

These local markets are the right place for you to get a bargain. As long as you know how to haggle or go with a local friend who knows the way, you’ll end up in shopping heaven. You may only spend a tiny fraction of your budget to buy loads of items such as clothes, souvenirs, and household appliances,…

However, look for a friendly local tour guide to show you the best way to shop like a real Vietnamese.

local market
Visit the market with a local guide

Vietnamese Street Cuisine at Local Markets in Vietnam

Local markets in Vietnam is not only an excellent place for having a taste of Vietnam street food but also the cheapest place to try them. Imagine enjoying a warm and heavenly Bun Bo Hue (Hue noodle with beef) with only VND 15,000 – VND 25,000 or My Quang (Quang Nam-based rice noodle) with VND 12,000 – VND 20,000.

ben thanh market food
Ben Thanh food stalls with a variety of dishes

Local markets in Vietnam is a wonderful place to discover amazing street food and luscious snacks that fancy restaurants or dining halls can’t offer. Sweet taro pudding with coconut gruel, grilled corn, Vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork, Vietnamese pizza,… is sold with unbelievably low price.

There are also Vietnamese ingredients at the local markets that you can buy to prepare for a lovely home-cooked meal. Who knows, you’ll probably find your chef skills level up with Vietnamese dishes. You can also give it a try at making your favorite street food at home.

dried food stall
An abundance of ingredients and snacks at the local market

Snap some good photos at Local Markets in Vietnam

Guarantee there will be interesting sights for you to take some good photos. It’ll be a unique shot like nowhere else in your travel destinations. Colorful and diverse fruits, vegetables, souvenirs will make a memorable photo. The busy scene at local markets in Vietnam will surely be a memory you want to save because you are less likely to see something like this anywhere else.

souvenirs stall
Colors make a vividly unique photo

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Conclusion of 5 Reasons You Must Visit Local Markets in Vietnam

A trip to local markets where you can develop a deeper understanding of the local’s culture will be something you can’t forget. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the hustle and exciting atmosphere of local markets in Vietnam. 

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