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Casino Hotels in Hanoi

It’s safe to say that Hanoi is the ultimate holiday destination. The city takes care of all visitors’ needs: from cultural tourism, cuisine exploration to recreational activities such as gambling. You don’t have to travel far from your accommodation for a poker game, here is our pick for the Casino Hotels in Hanoi.

Casino Hotels in Hanoi: Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Residence

(Check price and availability)

casino hotels hanoi 1

Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Residence features a modern design

Located in one of the most newly developed parts of the city, Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Residence is a five-starred hotel with amazing services and a “killer’ view of the city center. Here, you can enjoy not just the incredible food, but also a transparent gambling atmosphere!

casino hotels hanoi 2

Crowne Plaza’s Suite

Casino Hotels in Hanoi: Baoson International Hotel

(Check price and availability)

casino hotels hanoi 3

Baoson International Hotel is a four-starred accommodation

Baoson International Hotel is the perfect choice for those who want to spend their time near the city center. The hotel marries an antiquely charming design with a modern twist in choosing the furniture.

casino hotels hanoi 4

The furniture follows a red and white scheme

Casino Hotels in Hanoi: Hanoi Hotel

(Check price and availability)

casino hotels hanoi 5

Hanoi Hotel was the first international hotel in the city

Located in the central district of Dong Da, Hanoi Hotel is an elegant accommodation with 218 deluxe rooms and suites. The hotel is known for the evening recreational arena as well as one of the finest places for Chinese cuisine in Hanoi.

casino hotels hanoi 6

The furniture is elegantly picked

Casino Hotels in Hanoi: Grand Vista Hotel

(Check price and availability)

casino hotels hanoi 7

Grand Vista Hotel Hanoi is another centrally-located accommodation

Grand Vista isn’t just a five-starred hotel with an amazing view of the city center, it’s a recreational hub filled with options such as fine dining, massage, and of course, gambling!

casino hotels hanoi 8

Grand Vista Hotel’s Suite overlooking the city skyline

Tips for Casino Hotels in Hanoi

  • Always ask for the currency used: Most hotels will gladly accept the US dollars, but a little caution can go a long way
  • Obey the gambling rules of Vietnam: Make sure that you follow the Vietnamese rules and regulations for gambling to stay out of any unwanted problems

Look for more casino hotels options below:


Our Message about Casino Hotels in Hanoi

Hanoi isn’t Vegas and all, but gambling can be a nice touch to the city’s booming tourism industry. Let us know what you think about the casino hotels mentioned above, and make sure to rate and share it with your friends! Stay tuned for more insightful blogs into Vietnam Travel.

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