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The Best Beaches Near Ho Chi Minh City

Beaches are among the most popular all-time favorite destinations of many people as they have the power to wash away people’s stresses and strains of modern life. Having immersed yourself in the hustle and bustle of the most dynamic city in Vietnam, making for the beaches may be perfect to help you escape from the traffic jam and daily uneasiness in Ho Chi Minh City. To save time and money but still grasp the full feeling of stillness, you may prioritize beaches that are in the proximity of the city. And the following list will offer you the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh City, which definitely bring you a rather marked different breath of wind.

Vung Tau Beach

Best beaches near ho chi minh city vung tau

Vung Tau is about 125 kilometers to the East of Ho Chi Minh City, and it just takes you one to two hours to be there by various ways including motorbike, car, bus, or even speedboat. With the newly constructed highway which runs along the coasts makes, heading to Vung Tau is a much faster and more exciting journey. Lying on a small peninsula, the beach at Vung Tau is known for its beautiful landscapes with endless sands and blue water. Not only does the beach bring you a refreshing feeling with gorgeous natural sights but it also offers a lot of fascinating activities like hiking, sunbathing, and surfing.

Despite the fact that the beach is rather crowded on holidays or weekends due to its value for entertainment, you can still find many spaces to observe the ranges of mountains reaching the horizontal and forget everything else. Drinking a cup of beer with some buddies, tasting delicious seafood, and listening to the wind coming from the far sea is what you can look forward to. Read more on our Vung Tau Travel Guide.

30-4 Can Gio Beach

Best beaches near ho chi minh city can gio

Not offering such scenic and breathtaking landscapes as others, Can Gio Beach, Can Gio District, stands out in the list of the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh City for its simple and natural beauty. Moreover, it takes tourists a merely one-hour drive in total which is perfect for a motorbike trip. Therefore, it is undeniable that coming there is a great option for a short getaway.

You can mingle with the daily lives of the locals, breathe in air from the sea, and be endlessly amused by the cheeky buddies on Monkey Island. Located in a quiet area, Can Gio Beach creates such a homely atmosphere that you will just let your city bustle “gone with the wind”. And the dark color of the sand and the water cannot prevent the beach from being safe for taking a few swims, playing with the shallow water, and taking a bunch of awesome pictures.

Also, it will be a big regret if you don’t try plates of seafood there because of its being out of the world and a reasonable price as well. You can have them processed on the spot then enjoy them and chill at the same time as well. To sum up for that kind of special destination, if you are passionately in love with something simple and decent, Can Gio Beach is reserved for you with the wild beach and such a fair price.

To have fun trips in Ho Chi Minh City, check out our authentic motorbike tours with professional local guides!


Mui Ne Beach

Best beaches near ho chi minh city mui ne

Mui Ne Beach is reserved for beach enthusiasts and will be an unforgettable highlight of your trip to Vietnam. You will spend from 3 to 4 hours getting to Mui Ne Beach from Ho Chi Minh City, and it is undoubtedly worth your excitement in that 3 to 4 hours of waiting. Walking along the beach with white sand and the soft wind seems like a dreamy paradise that you can totally immerse in your peace of mind.

One really interesting thing you can discover when being there is that Mui Ne seems to preserve perfectly the lives of fishermen and their daily routines, which creates a big and clear highlight attracting the eyes of tourists. The picturesque image of the fishermen’s pushing off and drawing the fishing net will be absolutely unique and memorable.

Spending an afternoon wandering around the seaside to catch the heart-stopping moments of both sunrise and sunset, and you may just want to have the power to cease the time to feel fully that kind of great beauty. Mui Ne is also regarded as the land of resorts as there are hundreds of fancy resorts offering great service, which is suitable for a family trip.

And last but not least your trip to Mui Ne beach will be perfect if you take time for the following special activities: night squid fishing, flying a kite at Cliff Resort, experiencing the Tropical Mini Golf, and especially watching Fishermen Show to understand Phan Thiet marine culture. Check out more activities in our Mui Ne Travel Guide.

Ho Tram Beach

Best beaches near ho chi minh city ho tram

As one of the most pristine beaches in Vietnam, Ho Tram Beach is an ideal destination for relaxation and quiet retreats. Only two hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Tram is a long coastline in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. Besides the serenity and tranquility, the beach offers many special services like Binh Chau Hot Spring, modern spas, and lovely hostels.

Going to the seafood markets and admiring the primitive scenes will also be favorite things locals and expats often choose to do. Also, don’t forget to sit on a big rock, have a panoramic view, breathe the fresh air to seek peace in your own mind, or just take a few swims to feel the fresh blue water there. It is often pretty quiet on the beach, which is different from others and accordingly called an off-the-beaten-track destination.

In addition, because the wind from the sea makes it cool all the time, you don’t have to worry about the heat during the dry season. The beach is also surrounded by a dark green forest. Coming to Ho Tram Beach, you will find a gorgeous and colorful combination of the sea, the woods, and the wild nature that can be found nowhere else.

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Tan Thanh Beach

Best beaches near ho chi minh city tan thanh

Tan Thanh Beach is said to be the best beach in Tien Giang Province, which is around 60 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City. You should not miss out on taking pictures on the bridge running to the sea and standing right there to have a view of the whole wild scene.

Especially if visiting the beach during the ebb tide, you can try raking clams with the locals to get a typical fishing experience in Vietnam. Tan Thanh Beach is famous for clams so you should try various food made from clams such as grilled clams, steamed ones, or clams fried with vegetables.

Fresh seafood is offered at such low prices, and the seafood dishes’ prices are also really reasonable. Tan Thanh Beach’s water has a dark color of mud affected by the geographic feature, so it is not everyone’s favorite spot for swimming and other aquatic sports. However, it is particularly suitable for adventurers and people seeking natural and blissfully undeveloped beauty.

Have a short motorbike trip and come there, take a deep breath of the ocean air, then taste a bit of something wonderful from the sea and nature. Also, the short trip you take to Tan Thanh beach is totally suitable for traveling without a plan.

Long Hai Beach

Best beaches near ho chi minh city long hai

Long Hai is another beautiful beach in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Coming to this beach you can immerse yourself in the blue and cool water, enjoy the sunny white sand beach, and eat fresh seafood. The breathtaking view and the natural beauty of this beach are perfect for your weekend getaways or retreats.

Long Hai Beach is also a good spot to have a picnic and stay overnight. If you travel by motorbike, it will take you about 2 hours and you will get the opportunity to go through ranges of beautiful cherry blossom trees. Moreover, the elegant resorts in luxury tours or pretty hostels can help to bring you great experiences that you only gain when being at the beachside. In the top beach destinations in Vietnam, you can trust that Long Hai Beach will not disappoint you; the service here will make you feel relaxed and take care of you to the best of its abilities. 


Conclusion on The Best Beaches Near Ho Chi Minh City

There is a quote about the beach saying “The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach”. It means that the beaches, as a part of big great nature, will never lose their glamour to any person, especially in this modern time. These best beaches near Ho Chi Minh City are awaiting you to explore.

And whether you are a true beach lover or not, we are pretty sure that you all can adopt a sense of calm when being on these unbelievable beaches. Actually, these idyllic destinations cannot be truly seen by words so you should pay a short visit to these destinations and check them out. Because of the proximity and beauty, they will definitely be such memorable trips that you will wish to enjoy for good.

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