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Why It Is Great to Travel without a Plan

Travel without a plan has become a common trend among backpackers from all over the world due to the freedom of choice and exciting adventure this kind of tourism can offer. As a beautiful Asian country, Vietnam is one of the top favorite places for international travelers to explore on their unplanned travel. Here are the top reasons why it is great to travel without a plan and some Vietnam travel tips.

What It Is Like to Travel without a Plan

Travel without a plan means going on a trip without setting itineraries. While it seems to be an uncertain journey to engage in, traveling without a plan would bring you a bunch of flexibility and valuable experiences. A non-planning traveler often has a general route in mind which can be two or three main things they want to experience on the whole trip and let the blanks filled along their journey. However, since travel without a plan appears to be an adventurous trip, you should ensure your past traveling experience is sufficient to make you comfortable dealing with unexpected situations.

Top Reasons Why It Is Great to Travel without a Plan

Enjoy Freedom of Choice

travel without a plan freedom of choice

Although a full pre-planned agenda of museums, temples, and restaurant reservations could be beneficial sometimes, it may make you feel restricted. Traveling is a marvelous opportunity to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and traveling without a plan makes it possible to explore your inner desire as you have no objectives to meet but listen to your pure soul. Your journey without a plan may be quite terrifying at first, but once you get accustomed to the road, you will probably enjoy your trip freely.

Embark on Adventure and Learn New Things

travel without a plan embark on adventure

Travel without a plan to a strange country can give you a wide range of emotions. You may experience a sense of excitement in the first few days when your motivation is still high which greatly encourages you to enjoy your wonderful trip. However, there is every likelihood that you will get a feeling of stress, anxiety, and loneliness when you run into culture shock or face a certain degree of risk.

You are supposed to get accustomed to a lot of differences including weather, traffic systems, languages, and foods, which tend to go along with the probability of being robbed, getting lost, or injured. Despite being frightening, a spontaneous trip is always worth taking. The major obstacle is your fear and finding a way to accept it. But once you overcome them, you can step out of your comfort zone and enjoy all of the excitement of an independent journey that comes after that. You can never imagine how strong you will become and what adventures await you.

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Make Friends with Strangers

travel without a plan make friends with strangers

Making friends with locals and other travelers must be the most memorable experience during your travel without a plan. One of the best ways to get close to another culture is by talking to the locals. There are several beautiful sceneries and fine restaurants which cannot be found in any guidebooks, and nothing is better than having a local tour guide take you to places in your spontaneous travel.

Besides, you can easily bump into many other travelers who are also going on a trip without making a plan. Having friends from all over the world, therefore, is not an impossible thing anymore. There is no restriction on time and schedule, which could make it possible for you to stay longer in a destination or go somewhere you have not planned with your new friends. If you are lucky enough, you can meet your future partners in your travel as many other backpackers did.

Share Your Stories

travel without a plan share your stories

Traveling always brings you a bunch of stories coming from not only your own experience but also the people you met during the trip. All of the incredible people, places, and things encountered in your travel without a plan will make your stories more interesting. Those stories, together with local souvenirs, will be the best gifts for your family and friends when you go back to your country. You can also update your journey on personal social media sites to share your memorable moments and travel experience you gain from the trip. You would be pleased when looking back at your unplanned adventure memories a few years later.

Tips for Vietnam Travel Without Making Plans

travel without a plan tips for vietnam travel without a plan

Research the Culture

Doing a bit of research on Vietnamese culture before your arrival will make it easier for you to make friends with locals and avoid culture shock. Here are some things you should take into account when traveling to Vietnam:
– Put on unrevealing clothes when visiting religious sites including pagodas and temples;
– Avoid public displays of affection towards the opposite gender;
– Ask permission before taking photos of the locals.

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Set a Budget

Since you are not going to make a plan in detail for your travel, travel without a plan can become expensive sometimes if you fail to save up and budget your cost. Living expenses are fairly affordable with several budget-friendly destinations. Read more on A Guide to Living in Vietnam Cost.

Prioritize Your Safety

Whether you are traveling with a plan or not, your safety should always be a priority. The first thing you can do is to be aware of your luggage and not give pickpockets any chance to steal your money or belongings. Also, you should not go alone to isolated places including forests and mountainous areas without proper preparation. It is advisable to get to know some self-defense before setting foot on your Vietnam travel.

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Think about What You Want to Get out of the Trip

Spend time thinking about what you want to achieve on the trip and try to keep that goal in mind along the way of your unplanned travel. It is a useful tip to keep your motivation in case unwanted challenges make you want to back out. You can also share your goal with the people you meet during your Vietnam travel.

Plan Your General Route

The best itinerary for unplanned travel is to figure out the general route you want to take first, and then let chances take you where you need to be. This plan should ensure that you will have a place to rest and a way to go back home. You are advised to have your first few nights of accommodation pre-booked before arrival. You can find many hotels with reasonable prices after that by asking locals. You may not want to book accommodation for the whole trip because you can change your mind to visit a different place to meet friends or to keep staying at the same destination.

Stay with Local Hosts on Your Travel

Travel without a plan is the chance to know more about a culture, and it would be better to have a local to tell you stories and share their knowledge with you. You can stay at the home of a friend who lives there, or you can find a place with local hosts to observe their daily life. Sites such as Airbnb and CouchSurfing are sources that many backpackers opt for to find accommodation and meet up with locals and travelers. Many hosts are also travelers that welcome and have an interest in making friends with foreigners.

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Summary of Why it is Great To Travel Without A Plan

Travel without a plan is an exciting adventure that can always bring you many valuable experiences. As a developing country, Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for international travelers. Have a look at An Overview On Vietnam Tourism for more travel information about this beautiful country.

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