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What to Do in Ho Chi Minh: The 5 Best Things You Must Do

Want to travel to a beautiful destination rich with culture and history that won’t break the bank?

The answer is obvious – you need to book a trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a can’t-miss Asian destination for any world traveler – and tourism to the region is growing month over month.

While there are many gorgeous areas to explore, you’ll want to add Ho Chi Minh City to your list.

Vietnam insiders always have it in their top 10, so why shouldn’t you?

Want to know where to start? We’ve got five ideas for what to do in Ho Chi Minh that you can’t afford to miss.

Take a Day Tour on A Motorbike

Cruising on the back of a bike is the best way to explore the city

There’s no better way to explore Ho Chi Minh City than cruising on a motorbike, as it is the main transportation of the city. When traveling on the back of a bike, you can zip through the city most efficiently while enjoying the stunning cityscape. It also means that you can go off the beaten path and explore the unique alleyways of the city. Book a Day Adventure Tour with local guides, travel insurance, and great customization options, guaranteeing to give you the best authentic experience. 

Join A Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

A good food tour can help introduce you to Vietnamese cuisine

The distinct cuisine of Vietnam will surely be a big attraction for all the foodies out there. Vietnamese cuisine is diverse and rich in flavor, satisfying even the pickiest eaters. Planning a food tour by yourself can be a daunting task since Vietnamese food is so diversified, and there is the question of food safety as well.

Explore Local Markets in Ho Chi Minh City

Exploring local markets in Vietnam is a unique experience

You haven’t been to Vietnam if you haven’t wandered through a local market. The market culture in Vietnam is truly unique: the products, as well as the atmosphere, can be wildly different from one market to another. But one thing for certain is that you can surely find whatever you need at these markets at a great bargain. Not only so, but shopping at these markets also means supporting the local economy, and being a responsible tourist is always recommended.

Visit Temples And Pagodas

A tranquil, religious atmosphere in the heart of the city 

Due to its diverse religious population, tourists coming to Ho Chi Minh can witness a wide array of temples and pagodas right in the heart of the city. A large portion of the Vietnamese population practices some religions or beliefs, with six main religions including Buddhism, Catholicism, Caodaism, Protestantism, Hoahaoism, and Islam as well as several folk religions. Visiting these temples and pagodas, not only can you learn more about the city’s religious culture, but you can also marvel at the amazing architecture of these sacred buildings. 

Enjoy The Vibrant Nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City

Street food at night, a great time to grab a snack with friends  

Dive into the Ho Chi Minh City nightlife scene for a night adventure of great street food, live music as well and amazing bars and pubs. If you are looking to spend the night enjoying live music and partying at clubs and bars, District 1 and District 3 provide plenty of options for you to choose from with a wide range of budgets. If you prefer to explore the street food scene, there are many street vendors as well as night markets where you can try plenty of appetizing and exotic dishes for a reasonable price.

Summary of What to Do in Ho Chi Minh City – The 5 Best Things You Must Do

Ho Chi Minh City is a favorite destination for many tourists looking to indulge in beautiful sceneries, amazing cuisine, and new experiences. With its diverse culture and historical background, its fast-growing economy as well and its bustling tourism scene, there are always endless options for what to do in Ho Chi Minh City. 

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