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5 Best Apps to Translate English into Vietnamese

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Admittedly, the Vietnamese language may be hard to translate for an English-speaking person due to different pronunciation, grammar structure, and alphabet. However, translation sites and apps of the modern age make the whole process less complicated, translating readable and meaningful text with high accuracy. We have researched to find some of the best apps that can handle texts of any difficulty. Read and find out about the top 5 best apps for your English-to-Vietnamese translation.

Google Translate

The Google Translate app is popular thanks to its accurate and usable results. You can input plenty of formats, for example, images, audio, dialogue, and others. This neural machine learns every day and provides more and more accurate results. The tests showed that it has the best outcomes for general knowledge texts or simple dialogues without much slang. Therefore, it is better to use professional language translation services if you have more difficult documents that need localization. Still, Google does a great job for casual chatting and traveling purposes.

GK Apps Vietnamese English Translator

This app is designed specifically for English-Vietnamese translation. It supports texts, words, voice input, and speech output. Although it proved useful to most people, this new app can translate some words wrong, especially in long, complicated sentences. Still, it is a free tool with an easy interface, so you may consider using it for everyday conversations.

VIKI Translator

This application for Windows has an extensive database of popular Vietnamese words and phrases. It supports different formats, such as .doc and PDF files. You can also take a snapshot or upload graphical images, which will be converted into text. However, mind that the app is aimed at words and expressions, not at large texts, so if you want to translate the logo, use another app. Alternatively, use the help of translation companies or native marketing specialists.

Speak and Translate

This tool is based on voice recognition, so you can input speech and the app will transfer it to text and translate it for you. The app will also speak up the phrase, so it will be convenient to talk to locals. Still, we recommend using it only for everyday conversations because its accuracy is only 6 out of 10 points. Therefore, rely on other dictionaries when it comes to specialized terms or working discussions.

Cambridge Dictionary

People often use the Cambridge Dictionary to translate separate words or get the meaning of a specific term. However, the dictionary now has an app to translate directly from English to Vietnamese. It has much information about transcription, pronunciation, and the context of words, so it’s considered one of the best language learning apps. However, it also has one major drawback. It provides a word-for-word translation that may sound lousy in many cases. So, it is not the best fit if you chat or travel, but it’s good if you actively learn the language.

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Live and written communication in Vietnamese is essential when you travel to Vietnam for business or tourism. Be sure to choose the right app that fits your needs. Still, if you have official documents, a translation company is essential. We hope that the listed apps were helpful and that you found something new about the modern ways to translate from English to Vietnamese quickly and easily.

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