VietnamTravel Tips & InfoVietnam Travel Tips: How to Overcome Loneliness on Your Vietnam Travel

Vietnam Travel Tips: How to Overcome Loneliness on Your Vietnam Travel

Exploring a new country is a fascinating thing, but there is no doubt that you can get a sense of loneliness at times. Here are some tips for you to overcome the feeling of isolation when traveling to Vietnam.

Hang Out with the Locals

overcome loneliness on your vietnam travel communicate with locals

Going on a solo trip in Vietnam means that you are likely to meet many locals who are totally strange to you. Locals, especially those living in suburban and rural areas, are curious about foreign travelers since they don’t encounter tourists on a daily basis. You are expected to deal with a certain amount of stares, whispering, and giggles which may make you feel annoyed and uncomfortable. Acquainting yourself with such cases will partly reduce your anxiety.

Solo traveling seems to be the most challenging when you come to a completely strange place and miss understanding what people are talking about. Learning some Vietnamese, especially common phrases, will become particularly helpful in preventing your loneliness. It can also help you to avoid being overcharged when coming to some tourist attractions.

Putting some effort into communicating with locals is key to overcoming your loneliness on your Vietnam travel. Vietnamese often show a strong preference for casual talks and enjoy talking to foreigners. Try to make a conversation with taxi drivers, vendors, coffee shop waiters/waitresses, or bartenders in encounters to experience the friendliness and hospitality of the Vietnamese.

Have a Good Preparation

Good preparation can always help you to avoid unnecessary worries, giving you a chance to enjoy your trip to Vietnam thoroughly. It is advisable to use smaller bags instead of a big suitcase since it might be challenging to carry around during your travel. Being a solo traveler, you may often run into unwanted situations such as getting robbed. Be mindful of your belongings and select suitable luggage to bring along on your Vietnam travel. Have a look at Vietnam Travel Tips: Top 15 things to bring on your Vietnam Trip.

And understanding your trip can aid reduce your confusion and stress which seem to be the main reasons for your feeling of loneliness during a long journey. Going on a solo backpacking trip to Vietnam, you may encounter several difficulties such as finding a good place to stay in the last minute, finding ways, getting on the right bus at times due to the complicated and heavy traffic in Vietnam, or not bringing the right adaptors for Vietnam. And you can feel like an outcast sometimes when dressing differently from other people in certain places.

To avoid such disappointing situations, you are advisable to book accommodation early and research carefully on places you plan to visit. Also, you should consider the local dress codes. If you are planning to visit Vietnamese pagodas, temples other religious sites, you are highly recommended to put on unrevealing clothes including long skirts and trousers. Besides, having some knowledge of Vietnamese currency can make it more convenient whenever you make a purchase in Vietnam and the best way for you to bargain with sellers trying to overcharge you.

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Make Friends with Other Travelers

There are many travelers coming to Vietnam on a daily basis, making it possible for you to find other backpackers during your trip. You can visit backpackers’ areas where many foreign travelers coming from all over the world gather around to drink beer, share their own travel adventures, or enjoy the local nightlife. Here are some exciting streets we suggest for you:

Backpackers’ district (Ho Chi Minh City): Bui Vien Street together with Pham Ngu Lao, Do Quang Dau, and De Tham streets form what is commonly known as Ho Chi Minh City’s backpackers’ district. In this district, you will find hotels, hostels, restaurants, food stalls, souvenir shops, beer clubs, and bars. And Bui Vien has also been turned into a walking street to make the visitors comfortable exploring the activities and entertainment here on foot. You will usually see many young Vietnamese locals and foreign travelers enjoying their beer and foods like Vietnamese snails on the roadside.

overcome loneliness on your vietnam travel bui vien

Ta Hien (Hanoi): Located in the Old Quarter, this bustling street is often known as Beer Street in Hanoi. Like other pub streets, Ta Hien becomes more lively when the night falls. Customers coming to Ta Hien will sit on small chairs around a little taller table to enjoy street foods and fresh draught beer. Enjoying food on plastic chairs in communal styles might be awkward, but it is part of the local experience and a fun way to interact with others. 

Share Your Moments

Keeping in touch with your family and friends back home and sharing with them your happy moments in Vietnam is probably a good way to overcome loneliness when traveling alone. It will also let them rest assured that you are safe. Besides, solo traveling can be an incredible adventure that brings you a great deal of valuable experience. Thus, updating your own stories and amazing pictures of unique experiences and beautiful places in Vietnam on your social media is also a good idea to keep you hyped up during the trip.

Summary of How to Overcome Loneliness on Your Vietnam Travel

Vietnam is a wonderful country to explore with friendly locals and breathtaking scenery. There are always places to explore and things to do when you feel alone during your Vietnam travel.

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