VietnamFood & DrinksSaigon Hidden Corner: Hidden Cafes in Saigon

Saigon Hidden Corner: Hidden Cafes in Saigon

Typically, coffee houses and cafes on the streets offer similar concepts or in the beverage menu. But four cafes below have their own story and unique drinks. Located in Saigon’s hidden corners, so they are quite challenging to find, but the experience is beyond rewarding.

Hidden Cafes in Saigon: Caztus Ice Blended (Nguyen Thi Minh Khai branch)

“Our Story is not just about the coffee” – this slogan says everything about Caztus. They offer ice-blended drinks like their signature beverage besides coffee. They also make some products that represent Vietnam’s weather or traditional festivals such as rainy season products, mid-autumn festival bottles, animal badges, etc.

caztus the front

Caztus has its own story

caztus garden

The garden upstairs brings fresh air to customers

These days Caztus made their customer surprised with their environmentally – friendly products to reduce waste and plastic use.

caztus product

Sustainable merchandise at Caztus

caztus upstair

Visitors can make use of this space for a lot of purposes

The specific store on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street is surrounded by green trees and has a small garden on the rooftop. Unlike other cafes, Caztus try to make you feel as comfortable as possible for studying, working, or even for a meeting.

caztus ground floor

People usually come here to work or study

Address: 153/11A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, District 1.
Opening time: 9 AM – 10 PM.
Price range: from VND 35,000 to VND 55,000.
Must try: Mr. Oreo

Hidden Cafes in Saigon: KJ cafe

KJ cafe is quite far from the city center, but it is on Le Van Sy street which has a host of inviting Vietnamese street eats. Probably having the lowest price in this list, but you will get addicted to KJ cafe’s drinks.

kj logo

Opened recently, KJ cafe grabs a lot of attention

kj bar

Even though KJ cafe is just a newcomer in Saigon, this place grabs people’s attention very quickly thanks to its concept. Deep down in the corner, KJ cafe is a quiet place for people who come to relax after a hard time working or meeting friends and so on.

kj outside 1

The design brings the old Saigon vibe back

One huge plus of KJ cafe is that there are two dogs and a cat ready to hang out with animal lovers. Furthermore, KJ cafe says no with plastic by using a lot of environmental protection products, namely the use of stainless steel straws in all of their beverage. What is more, a fresh pandan leaves water comes with every drink order instead of the usual iced tea.

kj beverage

Delicious drinks are waiting for you at KJ cafe

The night view at KJ cafe is simply amazing, and its furniture reminds of the old Saigon. One limitation of KJ cafe is that this cafe doesn’t have a lot of seats for customers.

kj outside
A peaceful atmosphere at KJ cafe

Address: 226/41 Le Van Sy street, Tan Binh District.
Opening time: 9 AM – 10 PM.
Price range: from VND 25,000 to VND 60,000.
Must try: Black tea with milk.

Hidden Cafes in Saigon: Brown B Café

Located near Bui Vien walking street – a famous place for international visitors, Brown B Café may be the most accessible among the hidden cafes in Saigon. The decorations bear significant Da Lat vibe, and their drinks only use natural ingredients.

brown b beverage

Natural ingredients make Brown B’s drinks more special

Just like KJ cafe and Caztus, Brown B Café also calls people to reduce the amount of plastic to save the environment. They use bamboo straws to encourage reducing using plastic.

brown b drink and cake

The Da Lat vibe in Brown B Café makes people want to come more

Address: 100/31 Tran Hung Dao street, District 1.
Opening time: 9 AM – 10: 30 PM.
Price range: from VND 30,000 to 70,000 VND.
Must try: Chamomile tea.

Hidden Cafes in Saigon: Moc Little Farm

The hardest place to find, yet having the highest price in this list, Moc Little Farm will make you surprised because of its unique concept. With “Back to the origins” policy, this cafe reduces the amount of meat used in dishes and do not use plastic in their product. They even sell some items made from wood such as kitchen tools, plates, and toothbrushes.

OS moc little farm outside

Moc Little Farm has a unique concept

OS moc little farm inside

Almost everything in this cafe is made from wood

Moc Little Farm doesn’t have an air conditioner but makes use of the open space design to welcome fresh air. The owner of the place also wants to bring a friendly and bright ambiance to the customers, making it one of the best places to take photos in Saigon.

OS moc little farm bartender

Even the bar is spotless and bright

There are not many seats inside and usually filled with customers, but everyone here is very conscious about not making too much noise. Moc Little Farm will be a place you can’t forget when paying a visit here.

OS moc little farm products

Moc Little Farm only use environmentally friendly appliances

Address: 38/16A Tran Khac Chan Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1.
Opening time:
9 AM – 9 PM Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri.
8: 30 AM – 9: 30 PM Sat, Sun.
Price range: from VND 55,000 to VND 125,000.
Must try: Lemongrass juice.

Conclusion on Saigon Hidden Corner: Hidden Cafes in Saigon

Instead of coming to some famous coffee branches or random cafes on the street, these hidden cafes won’t let you disappointed because of its unique style. These hidden cafes in Saigon have an environmentally friendly concept and signature drinks.

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