VietnamIsland Hopping in Vietnam

Island Hopping in Vietnam

With the 3,000 km-long coastlines, Vietnam has plenty of marvelous islands spanning from North to South. Whether you want to take a dip in Vietnam’s best beaches or sip sundowners on the shore, island hopping in Vietnam is an experience you must try.

Overview of Island Hopping in Vietnam

Vietnam has over 3,000 islands, with most of them being picturesque, so it is hard to choose where to go island hopping in Vietnam. Though among all, Phu Quoc, Con Dao, and Cat Ba are prominent ones with numerous hotels, restaurants, and tourism facilities. Meanwhile, hidden gems like Binh Ba, Ly Son are waiting for you to explore.

Destinations for Island Hopping in Vietnam

Phu Quoc – Kien Giang Province

Located in the far south of Vietnam, Phu Quoc offers golden beaches, clear blue water, and diverse marine life. Also, it has a reputation for pearls, so buying pearl jewelry as a souvenir is recommendable.

When to visit: October to March
Where to go: Sao Beach, Long Beach, Pepper Gardens, Phu Quoc Prison, Da Tranh Waterfall, Hon Thom Nature Park

island hopping in vietnam phuquoc

Phu Quoc is the only visa-free place in Vietnam

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Con Dao – Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province

Once a hotspot during the Vietnam War, Con Dao retains marks of the chaotic past with its prison and related mysterious stories. At present, the island is occupied by resorts that offer professional service and modern amenities. Hence, Con Dao is a satisfying retreat for any history and beach lovers.

When to visit: March to September
Where to go: Dam Trau Beach, Van Son Tu (Pagoda of Clouds and Mountain), Hang Duong Cemetery, Con Dao National Park

island hopping in vietnam condao

Traveling to Con Dao is both a relaxing and spiritual trip

Ly Son – Quang Ngai Province

Ly Son is situated about an hour from the mainland by boat. Due to the remote location, it only has a few taxis, no big hotels, and electricity is limited. In compensation, Ly Son’s nature is spectacular with pristine beaches and breathtaking mountains. It is also famous for garlic and known as the Garlic Island.

When to visit: June to September
Where to go: Be Island, Mural Village, Mount Thoi Loi, To Vo Arch, Hang Pagoda

island hopping in vietnam lyson

Ly Son is a remnant of a million-year-old volcano

Cat Ba – Ha Long Bay

Having the most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam, Cat Ba is always packed with people in the summer. When you come here, take a boat trip to Monkey Island and Lan Ha Bay to awe at eye-catching sceneries. As Cat Ba is also home to a national park of the same name, don’t miss the chance to try cycling, hiking, or rock climbing.

When to visit: November to March
Where to go: Monkey Island, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba National Park

island hopping in vietnam original catba

Cat Ba is a UNESCO-listed biosphere reserve

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Activities for Island Hopping in Vietnam

Try Seafood

Seafood is, no doubt, a delicacy of coastal areas. Its prices vary depending on size, type, and preparation. As usual, seafood is boiled, steamed, or grilled before serving. However, some restaurants provide a charcoal stove so you can cook by yourself. Some popular kinds of seafood to try in Vietnam are sea snails, oysters, scallops, and the starry triggerfish.

Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Fishing

Coral snorkeling is a popular service in Vietnam. Joining this activity, you can view these colorful creatures from a very close distance. But remember not to touch or grab them as it will damage their development and reproduction.

island hopping in vietnam original nature

Vietnam has both striking mountains and amazing beaches – picture taken near Ban Gioc Waterfall in Northern Vietnam

Explore Nature

Apart from exploring the sea, you should go into the forests, conquer the peaks, and visit exotic caves as well. By doing this, you will make the most of your island hopping in Vietnam.

Summary of Island Hopping in Vietnam

If you expect crystal-clear water, impressive coral reefs, and delicious specialties, island hopping in Vietnam will fulfill your demand. While venturing the ocean of this Southeast Asian country, don’t forget to drop by lively cities along the coastline or book a coastal tour for better convenience.

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