VietnamDon't Miss These Diving and Snorkeling Destinations in Vietnam

Don’t Miss These Diving and Snorkeling Destinations in Vietnam

If you are fond of life under water, Vietnam offers a lot of options to satisfy your hobby. Diving and snorkeling destinations in Vietnam are blessed with clear oceans and an impressive variety of corals and sea beings, would not let you down. Even when you think you have seen enough of marine creatures, the places below will still amaze you with its distinct charming beauty.

Nha Trang

Located just one-hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City and nearly two-hour-and-a-half flight from Hanoi, Nha Trang is one of the most famous and attractive diving and snorkeling destinations in Vietnam for anyone who love these sports. The dry season in this city lasts from January to August, which is a perfect time for you to enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

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Whether you have ever tried diving or snorkeling before or not, you can still have an enjoyable time exploring under the sea here. However, with diving, it would be more recommendable if you’ve already had a little experience. Every related service here offers professional tour guides to give you necessary instructions and show you the pristine beauty of the coral and the variety of other sea creatures. The two most popular diving spots of this area are Hon Mun (Mun Islet) and Dao Khi (Monkey Island). While Hon Mun has hundreds of types of corals and thousands of types of fishes – a great destination to spend the most of your time in Nha Trang, Dao Khi would be more suitable for people who have not had many diving skills.

diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam nha trang 1
diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam nha trang 2

Corals and fish in Nha Trang

Expected Price:
– Diving: From VND 600,000 depending on the duration and the availability of your diving license
– Snorkeling: From VND 350,000

Phu Quoc

Looking for your first under-the-sea exploration? Phu Quoc is the place to go. The sea here has mesmerizing coral reefs which locate at the not very deep sea level, so you can admire them without having many diving skills or running too many risks. Also because of which, snorkeling is more popular compared to diving in Phu Quoc, and you would need to pay much less to see these wonderful aquatic creatures. With just less than one hour flying from Ho Chi Minh City, you can arrive in this magnificent Pearl Island.

diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam phu quoc 1
diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam phu quoc 2

Numerous lovelies are waiting for you in Phu Quoc

The ideal time to go for diving and snorkeling in Phu Quoc is from October to March – when dry season arrives and the sea is much calmer. Some most visited sites are Nam Dao – An Thoi Archipelago, Rach Vem area, May Rut Islet, and more.

Expected Price:
– Snorkeling: From VND 350,000
– Diving: Snorkeling fee + (from) VND 600,000

Note: Besides Con Dao (which would be mentioned later), the sea area of Phu Quoc is also home to an endangered species named Dugong Dugon since, also known as the “mermaid”. If you are lucky enough, you might meet “her”!

diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam dugong
“She” is gentle and emotional. If you see her, please don’t scare her!

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Con Dao

Used to be known as “The Devil’s Island of Indochina,” Con Dao has now become a place with peaceful sceneries and heavenly beaches. From March to June, when the weather is nice and the sea is pristine clear, you should consider visiting this island to see the different types of colorful corals as well as special animals like olive ridley sea turtles and dozens of kinds of fish. The most convenient way to visit Con Dao is to take a straight 45-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City.

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Tai Islet and Bay Canh Islet are two places where lots of tourists love to come and snorkel. Not only would you have chances to observe the sparkling and magical abyssal world, but also learn about the nature preservation there.

diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam con dao

Life under the sea in Con Dao

Expected Price: From VND 750,000 depending on activities and means of transports.

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Cat Ba Island

Being on the list of the islands of Vietnam worthy a visit, Cat Ba Island deserves to be one of the must-visit diving and snorkeling destinations in Vietnam. From Hanoi, you can take a 4-hour bus to go straight to this island. In the summer (April-November), the island can be very crowded since the local loves to come here to escape from the burning heat, but it doesn’t make the island any less charming!

Compared to other diving and snorkeling destinations in Vietnam, the number of corals at Cat Ba Island is relatively smaller. However, they are quite well-preserved by the locals and have not been exploited too much for tourism. In addition, they are houses for a vast variety of undersea creatures and also act as hideouts for young individuals.

diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam cat ba
Beautiful coral reefs in Cat Ba Island

Expected Price:
– Snorkeling: VND 600,000.
– Diving: VND 1,000,000

Son Tra Peninsula

From Danang City, it would only take a 30-minute drive to reach Son Tra Peninsula. It is not only one of the most favorite diving and snorkeling destinations in Vietnam, but also a land of primitive forests and beautiful beaches. Most of the tours here would take you to Sup Islet where there are the most incredible corals in the area. Many of which located at a very shallow sea level and there are days that the water is so crystalline that you can admire the beauty without leaving your canoe.

The best time for your exploration would be from April to July. For now, snorkeling tours are much more popular and easier to find than diving ones in Son Tra Peninsula.

diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam son tra
Son Tra is a good option for ones who like snorkeling

Expected Price: Snorkeling: From VND 500,000

Cu Lao Cham

Not so far from Son Tra Peninsula is Cu Lao Cham – a biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO. The local authority and people here have paid a lot of effort to protect the condition of the coral reefs, so coming here is both a pleasure to see the pristine beauty of Mother Sea and a contribution to the local community. The corals are separated into different zones, and each zone is not allowed to be exploited continuously. After 3-5 years of being exposed to tourists, they would be given a “rest” to prevent harmful effects on the creatures’ development. So far, the world below the wave here is still able to maintain its breathtaking glamour.

diving and snorkeling destinations in vietnam cu lao cham

Aquatic life in Cu Lao Cham deserves appreciation and protection

March-August would be a suitable time to visit Cu Lao Cham. Besides being a name on the list of diving and snorkeling destinations in Vietnam, it also welcomes you with numerous types of unique seafood and friendliness of the locals.

Expected Price:
– Snorkeling: From VND 650,000
– Diving: From VND 850,000

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Summary of Don’t Miss These Diving and Snorkeling Destinations in Vietnam

Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Cat Ba Island, Son Tra Peninsula, and Cu Lao Cham are where the sea can offer you a great exploration. Nature itself has always had unbelievable attractiveness, and all you have to do is come and admire the glamorous corals as well as lovely sea creatures. Above all, we are looking forward to your responsibility by giving us a hand to protect the habitat of these adorable and incredible creatures.

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