VietnamRetirement in Vietnam

Retirement in Vietnam

Thinking about retiring overseas? If you are looking for a place with inexpensive living costs and a fascinating background, take a look at the beautiful country of Vietnam.

What You Can Expect from Retirement in Vietnam

Cost-efficient life

Approximately, it would take you around US$1000 for a comfortable living style in Vietnam. According to, renting houses would cost from US$ 130 – US$ 650 depending on the numbers of bedrooms, the location (near or far from the city center), and the availability of furniture. Besides, a typical meal at local restaurants is only from US$ 1.5, but you can even save more if you cook at home. The cost of entertainment such as movies or music shows is also comparatively cheaper than many other countries in the world.

retirement in vietnam cost
You can find inexpensive ingredients for a good meal from Vietnamese local markets

Different types of climate

Since Vietnam is a special land that spreads over many latitudes, there is a wide variety in terms of climates across the different regions in the country. While the Northern side has a little cooler weather with four seasons a year, the South has a distinctive tropical climate with only two seasons – dry season and rainy season. Central Vietnam has either typical highlands weather or coastal climate with refreshing sea breezes.

Numerous attractions

If you are thinking about spending your retirement on traveling, Vietnam would be a heavenly place to stay. From North to South, different breathtaking sceneries are waiting to be explored. Whether you are looking for challenging mountain loops or peaceful beaches, metropolitan cities, or idyllic villages, Vietnam has them all to offer.

retirement in vietnam attraction
Terrace rice fields – a scenery that you should not miss out in Vietnam

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Extraordinary cuisine

While Vietnam does have many exotic dishes for “risk-takers”, there are hundreds of other ones that welcome all foodies around the world. Most Vietnamese recipes focus on the balance of nutrients, so it would be extremely easy for you to maintain a healthy diet. Besides, being an agrarian nation, there are freshly-harvested and cheap produce widely available almost everywhere.

retirement in vietnam cuisine
Street food is a significant part of Vietnam cuisine

Take a look at some must-try Vietnamese dishes and some extreme Vietnamese food to set up your expectations.

What You Should Consider about Your Retirement in Vietnam


Unfortunately, Vietnam still does not have a specific visa for those who want to spend their retirement in Vietnam, the most plausible solution is to apply for a tourist visa which has a maximum duration of 3 months. That is to say, if you plan for your retirement in Vietnam, make sure you have a proper budget for visa renewal.

More in-depth details about a visa to visit Vietnam.


For retirees, health must be a top priority. The best medical services are mostly found in major cities where there are international hospitals and high-class services. For a foreigner, insurance and hospital fee can be a big concern. Therefore, it would be better to look for insurance with worldwide validity in your home country in advance.

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Check reviews and prices of leading hotels in Vietnam:


Where to Spend Your Retirement in Vietnam

Although it depends much on your own preference, the cities that would be more likely to provide your retirement in Vietnam with convenience and security are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang.

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is the Motherland of many Vietnamese traditions and dishes. It is where you can fully integrate into the local culture as well as having an enjoyable retirement period.

retirement in vietnam hanoi

Hanoi is a contemporary city with an antique vibe

Ho Chi Minh City is another metropolitan in Vietnam. In contrast to Hanoi, life here can be much busier and more hectic, which means you will get to partake in the fun that was missed in the working years.

retirement in vietnam ho chi minh city
Ho Chi Minh City is a destination open for everyone

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

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Among the three cities, Danang is the one with the least population density. The facilities here improve day by day to welcome those who would like a pleasant life by the beach.

retirement in vietnam danang
Danang is developing at an incredible speed

Summary of Retirement in Vietnam

Retirement in Vietnam would be an option that is worth your consideration. This country offers an affordable cost of living and lots of opportunities to explore a whole new culture. Note that visa procedure and health care service should be carefully researched as a preparation.

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