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Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

Ho Chi Minh City never ceases to amaze its visitors, whether it is a first-time traveler in the city or a returning tourist. This multi-cultural city embraces itself some remarkable highlights that you hardly experience anywhere else. See what the city has to offer so you wouldn’t miss a thing.

Motorbike Adventures: Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

motorbike 2 ho chi minh highlights

motorbike ho chi minh highlights

Special transports in Ho Chi Minh 

The busy scene of traffic in the biggest metropolitan of Vietnam will leave anyone aghast at the first encounter. What is even more amazing? It’s the masterful driving skill of the locals here.

motorbike 3 ho chi minh highlights

The overloaded street in rush hours

motorbike tour ho chi minh highlights

motorbike tours 2 ho chi minh highlights

Private Motorbike Tours are a safe and interesting way to explore the streets of Ho Chi Minh City

As treacherous as it may seem, finding your way through the hectic streets will bring you precious memories of exploring the local lifestyles. If you’re not familiar with driving on the streets, look for a quality Private Motorbike Tour in town.

Street Vendors: Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

food ho chi minh highlights

food 2 ho chi minh highlights

Sit next at the local market to enjoy the best of Vietnamese cuisine

Have yourself a piece of street food widely available around the city corners, you’ll take in a piece of Vietnamese culture as well.

food 3 ho chi minh highlights

food 4 ho chi minh highlights

Food vendors in Ho Chi Minh City

food 5 ho chi minh highlights

Freshly-ground coffee is a must-try

One of the most popular types of street vendors are bicycles with a container on the back seat and a wheeled carted. And cuisines offered are immensely diverse, from broken rice, banh mi, noodles to rice paper salad and fruits. It’s not difficult to come across a stall along the sidewalks in Ho Chi Minh City. Or you can find them on Su Van Hanh Street, Turtle Lake, Van Kiep Street, or Ba Chieu Market.

See here for a complete list of Food and Drinks to Try in Ho Chi Minh.

nightlife 4 ho chi minh highlights

Vietnamese pizza on the mini charcoal grill

Night Adventures: Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

nightlife 3 ho chi minh highlights

The city lights up by night

When the sun goes down, the city embraces itself a new outfit: sparkling and colorful, juxtaposing to the night color. People flock to streets to unwind from a hard day of work and study.

nightlife 2 ho chi minh highlights

nightlife ho chi minh highlights

Enjoy the sights, tastes, and sounds of the nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City

You can dive into night markets like Ho Thi Ky Market or Ben Thanh Market to get a broader picture of nightlife. Moreover, immersing in bars and clubs around District 1 or District 3 for a drink and rocking music is another alternative. Or better yet, sign up for a Motorbike Night Adventure for the most fun in the city.

War Museum: Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

war remnants ho chi minh highlights

The historical site in Ho Chi Minh City – The War Remnant Museum

independence palaceho chi minh highlights

independence ho chi minh highlights

In front of the Independence Palace

Check out our comprehensive guide to Ho Chi Minh City Attractions.

notre dame ho chi minh highlights

post office ho chi minh highlights

Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City – The Notre Dame Cathedral & The Central Post Office

Look for top-rated hotels in Ho Chi Minh City:


Conclusion on Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

These remarkable traits have become Ho Chi Minh City Highlights that make the metropolis recognizable for decades. If you plan on visiting this city, make sure to experience all of these distinctive specialties.

For more information, let check out on How to explore Ho Chi Minh City on one trip!

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