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Vietnam’s Regulations on Public Smoking

According to WHO, Vietnam is among the top 15 countries that smoke the most. In 2012, the government imposed a law on public smoking. In general, smoking tobacco, even in public, is completely legal in outdoor areas, except in certain places. Do note certain substances that you smoke might be illegal in Vietnam.

Where are the places where public smoking is completely banned?

In Vietnam’s regulation on public smoking, several places listed where smoking is completely banned are hospitals, schools, institutes, places with children, places that bear a high risk of burning, and workplaces. You are also prohibited from smoking in a car, train, or plane.

As travelers, you should pay attention to the following: whenever you enter a public area such as museums, parks, playgrounds, markets, etc., you should not have a cigarette lit in your hand. As a rule of thumb, avoid smoking in unventilated areas or places with a high risk of explosions.

With the inventions of vapes and e-cigarettes, most think they can get away with using a loophole in public smoking regulations in Vietnam. While they are arguably less flammable than cigarettes, it is common sense that even the vapor and the smell might cause some annoyance for the surrounding people. Therefore, though they are not banned, you should respect the surroundings and smoke with precautions.

What are the penalties for violating smoking regulations in Vietnam?

The legal age of smoking in Vietnam is 18. If you violate Vietnam’s regulation on public smoking, you will receive warnings, and/or you will have to pay a fine of VND 100,000 to 300,000.

This range of fines also covers the behavior of littering the residue of cigarettes.

You might also face a fine if you carry a large amount cigarettes into the country. Read more about Vietnam customs and what you can bring into the country. Otherwise, you can easily buy cigarettes at convenience stores throughout the city without the need to show your ID.

Another note is that marijuana is banned in Vietnam. Learn about if CBD is legal in Vietnam.

Summary of Vietnam’s regulations on public smoking

In short, you should not have your cigarette light up in public places, even in a car. Or else you will get fined. You will also get fined for leaving cigarette residue in an inappropriate place. Although Vietnam’s regulation on public smoking is not seriously enforced, we all should act in alignment with the law for the sake of our health.

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