VietnamHo Chi MinhTop Streets for Your Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Shopping

Top Streets for Your Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Shopping

Not only is it the busiest city in Vietnam, but Ho Chi Minh City is also a shopping paradise. If you have a chance to visit this metropolitan, then Ho Chi Minh shopping should be on your checklist. Now, let’s check out the 10 popular shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh!

Top 10 Shopping Streets in Ho Chi Minh City for Clothes and Shoes

The below 10 shopping streets are famous with the locals and offer you a wide range of goods, especially fashionable items at an affordable price. However, the shop owners may not be able to communicate well in English so it is better to bring a local friend with you (they can help you bargain, recommend good shops, and give other local shopping advice).

1. Nguyen Trai

District 1 and District 5

nguyen trai ho chi minh shopping street

Nguyen Trai Street offers from high-end brands to affordable items

One of the most famous shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh City is Nguyen Trai. On this swarming street, you can seek for anything, cheap to high-end items. Footwear or clothes come from various brands, especially the origins of China or Korea, are quite famous with the young local. No matter which day is, this street is always crowded at night. It is also a great Ho Chi Minh shopping street for other fashion accessories like sports shoes with a variety of types, sizes, quality, and prices.

2. Le Van Sy

District 3

If you’re looking to collect a nice dress and enjoy some local foods, Le Van Sy is the shopping street for you. The special thing about this street is that lots of fashion shops are available here. Besides, you can easily grab some Vietnamese street food along the way after a tiring shopping trip. The wide range of eating selection will be able to satisfy your cravings. Thus, don’t miss this street!

3. Nguyen Dinh Chieu

District 3

Another fashion street worth mentioning is Nguyen Dinh Chieu. There are several clothing shops for you to pick items at affordable prices. Moreover, various types of products from household appliances to footwear are additional things to add to your Ho Chi Minh shopping list.

4. Nam Ky Khoi Nghia

District 1

saigon square ho chi minh shopping street

One of the favorite shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh City for brand name seekers is Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. This street is well-known for decent brands, such as The Blues, Hoang Phuc, Charles & Keith, Moc Mien, Nem, and Triumph. And the special thing is that you can bargain for a good deal at some shops in this center. Around the area are some of Ho Chi Minh’s largest shopping malls, such as Takashimaya, Vincom Center, and Saigon Tourist Center.


5. Huynh Van Banh

Phu Nhuan District

If your fashion style is associated with an exceptional or unique character, Huynh Van Banh is where you should visit. Being here, you surely can find out a dress or T-shirt which makes you stand out. There are only a few shops on the street, but it is worth to spend time.

6. Cach Mang Thang 8

District 3 and District 10

This is a place where you could easily find out fashion accessories to pair with your clothes, phone case, shoes, scarf, hats, etc. Unlike Hai Ba Trung and Huynh Van Banh Streets, most of the shops on Cach Mang Thang 8 are street vendors so your bargain skill is needed to find a reasonable price when shopping here. Although the range of selection here is quite similar to the majority of the shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh City, it stands out as an ideal place for low-income customers. It is very popular among college students who could only afford the average prices.

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7. Ly Chinh Thang

District 3

Shoe fanatics will fall in love with the shops on Ly Chinh Thang Street. There are a vast amount of slippers, shoes, and heels with a broad range of collection. In this area, you could see a lot of unique stores together with exceptional styles of products at reasonable prices. If you would like to have a pair of footwear, this Ho Chi Minh shopping street is where you should go!

8. Luu Van Lang

District 1

While Ly Chinh Thang is profoundly famous for fashionable slippers, Luu Van Lang specializes in sneakers and sandals. Although located in the heart of District 1, the prices of footwear on this street are very affordable. Therefore, the stores situated on this street is also the favorite destinations of college students.

9. Quang Trung

Go Vap District

One of the most renowned shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh City and the busiest in Go Vap District is Quang Trung. For such reason, a vast number of restaurants and fashion stores gather here to fulfill the demand and shopping desires of the locals.

10. Vo Van Ngan

Thu Duc District

In Thu Duc District, Vo Van Ngan is the most crowded and dynamic shopping street in Ho Chi Minh. Apart from clothing, people go to this street to look for restaurants and coffee shops. If you come across this street, try browsing at the items sold here. It’s worth your time!

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More Shopping Streets in Ho Chi Minh City for Other Items

In Hanoi, streets are named after a particular type of products that have been sold or made there since centuries ago, forming a traditional craft neighborhood. Similarly, in Ho Chi Minh City, many streets are famous for locals of decades for merchandising a kind of product.

For Souvenirs

If you are looking for some shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh City to buy souvenirs for family and friends, you can have a walking tour around some streets in the city center such as Cong Xa Paris (in front and inside Saigon Central Post Office), Nguyen Hue, Dong Khoi, Le Thanh Ton, etc. You will find a wide range of souvenirs sold there. There are street vendors with magnets and cards as well as little cutie stores with glasses, plates, postcards, books, clothes with famous tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City printed on. They could be a bit overpriced so bargain a little.

For Textile and Custom-Made Clothes

Located on Tran Hung Dao Street, Soai Kinh Lam, the fabric wholesale market, has an array of different textile at a reasonable price. The special thing at this market is each merchant sells a particular textile with various colors and patterns. This helps the consumers to save their time and effort when searching for a particular type of textile. And similarly, 5.5 km to the west of Tan Son Nhat Airport is another textile street called Le Minh Xuan.

And besides shopping for beautiful and colorful textiles, custom-made clothes in Ho Chi Minh City are quite favorable by many tourists. You can find many tailors on Le Van Sy Street in District 3, or streets right in the downtown are Le Thanh Ton (near Ben Thanh Market) and Dong Khoi.

For Electronics, IT Appliances, and Accessories

There are no particular shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh City for electronics and IT appliances because you can find many retail outlets of several IT vendors almost anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, from urban to suburban areas. Some names you can look out for are The Gioi Di Dong, Vien Thong A, FPT, Phong Vu, and Nguyen Kim. There are a few stores on Cach Mang Thang 8, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, and Ba Thang Hai Street.

If you are in need of IT accessories, Nhat Tao Street or Nhat Tao Market is the most famous one. You can find earphones, speakers, mouse, keyboards, or the full package of a computer there, from brand new products to second-hand products. You can expect to buy things at a very cheap price there but make sure you check the quality. It is also a bit difficult to find your way here alone, so make sure to have a local friend with you. Another option for you is Ton That Tung Street, which is near the backpackers’ district.

For Books

If you are a book lover, Nguyen Van Binh book street, right next to Best shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City and Notre Dame Cathedral, will definitely satisfy you. It is the street that gathers most popular publishers in Vietnam such as Nha Nam, Kim Dong, Dong A, Tre, etc. You will find there an array of books varying from the latest publications to the oldest ones. There are also coffee shops in which often held book introduction ceremonies or talk shows with widely admired writers. Even though Vietnamese books are dominant, there are also books in other languages like English, French, and Japanese.

book street ho chi minh shopping street

Nguyen Van Binh Street

Summary of Top Shopping Streets in Ho Chi Minh City

Shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh City are hugely diverse with multiple places that locals love to shop at. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience there. Our tour guides are always at your disposal. Come check out our Ho Chi Minh City tours!

What to Shop forDistrictStreet Names
Clothes, Shoes, and Fashionable Items1Nguyen Trai, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Luu Van Lang
 3Le Van Sy, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ly Chinh Thang, Cach Mang Thang 8
 5Nguyen Trai
 10Cach Mang Thang 8
 Phu NhuanHuynh Van Banh
 Go VapQuang Trung
 Thu DucVo Van Ngan
Souvenirs1Cong Xa Paris, Nguyen Hue, Dong Khoi, Le Thanh Ton
Textile and Custom-made Clothes1Le Thanh Ton (tailor and textile), Dong Khoi (tailor and textile)
 3Le Van Sy (tailor)
 5Tran Hung Dao (Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market)
 Phu NhuanLe Van Sy (textile)
 Tan BinhLe Minh Xuan (textile), Le Van Sy (tailor)
Electronics, IT Appliances and Accessories1Ton That Tung
 10Nhat Tao (Nhat Tao Market)
 OthersCach Mang Thang Tam, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ba Thang Hai (Stores of The Gioi Di Dong, Vien Thong A, FPT, Phong Vu, Nguyen Kim)
Books1Nguyen Van Binh


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