VietnamHow to Join Marathons in Vietnam

How to Join Marathons in Vietnam

In recent years, marathons in Vietnam have gained tremendous popularity. People join in to lead a healthier lifestyle, to entertain, and to make friends. We’re sure that readers of this article are interested in marathons as well, so what are we waiting for? Read on for information on regular marathons in Vietnam and how to participate.

City Marathons in Vietnam

Longbien Marathon

marathons in vietnam longbien

Longbien Marathon is a popular name that attracts even children

Celebrating its fourth year in 2019, Longbien Marathon is a well-known non-profit, professional race in Hanoi. The race attracts marathoners with its stunning courses that run through some of Hanoi’s important landmarks like Long Bien Bridge. All runners are covered with an insurance package and the result can be counted to qualify for international races.

original marathons in vietnam bridge longbien

Long Bien Bridge is an important historical landmark of Hanoi

Time of the next race: November 1st, 2020

HCMC Marathon

marathons in vietnam hcmc

Test your limit with HCMC Marathon

HCMC Marathon is the oldest and biggest among marathons in Vietnam. It isn’t wrong to say that this event has brought sports in Ho Chi Minh City closer to the youth, and the city life closer to foreigners. There are interesting accompanying activities such as a Cosplay contest, and a Warm-up day when you can dance Zumba. Moreover, the prize for a winner can go up to over 25 million Vietnam dong!

marathons in vietnam hcmc 1

Join and run alongside locals

Time of the next race: mid-January, 2020

Mekong Delta Marathon

marathons in vietnam mekong

Runners can admire Mekong Delta’s beauty in person

Want something to make your Mekong Delta tour more interesting? Try the Mekong Delta Marathon. It spans over the course of two days, during which you’ll be able to taste local dishes, play folk games, and run along the unpolished yet astonishing roads of the Delta. Especially, for each participant, a tree will be planted to alleviate the impacts of climate change.

original marathons in vietnam mekong trail 1

Indulge yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of the Mekong Delta

Time of the next race: mid-April, 2020

Other Marathons in Vietnam

Vietnam Mountain Marathon

marathons in vietnam mountain

marathons in vietnam mountain 1

Vietnam Mountain Marathon has a challenging trail

Admire the famous terraced fields in a different way with Vietnam Mountain Marathon – possibly the hardest among all marathons in Vietnam. The race, which consists mostly of narrow trails and challenging climbs, will take you through homes of ethnic minorities, lush bamboo forests, and herds of water buffalos. The race provides a rare experience to see the northern mountainous region of Vietnam up-close that hardly anything else can offer.

original marathons in vietnam mountain view

You may catch a view of the beautiful scenery

Time of the next race: mid-September, 2020

Dalat Ultra Trail

marathons in vietnam dalat

Racing through grand pine forests of Da Lat during spring is an enjoyable memory

One of the few marathons held in spring annually, Dalat Ultra Trail ensures a challenging and memorable time. The race starts in Da Lat and stretches across the lesser-known though amazing LangBiang highlands. Participants will explore the romantic series of lakes, waterfalls, and mountains while bracing themselves for the exhilarating slopes that will challenge them physically.

original marathons in vietnam dalat view

When in the Da Lat’s highlands, get a glimpse of this view from Mount Liang Biang

Time of the next race: mid-March, 2020

HCMC Skyrun

marathons in vietnam skyrun

marathons in vietnam skyrun 1

The event attracts hundreds of participants yearly

Instead of going forward, let’s go upward! If you’re bored with conventional marathons in Vietnam, try the only vertical marathon in Ho Chi Minh City – HCMC Skyrun. It’s convenient – you’ll only need half a day and it’s held in the city center. It’s fast – some runners only take 10 minutes to climb all 49 floors! And most importantly, it’s a fresh way to explore the household name – Bitexco Tower.

original marathons in vietnam bitexco 1

Marathoners will experience running through the former highest building in Ho Chi Minh City

Time of the next race: the end of October

Essential Documents to Join Marathons in Vietnam

Both resident and non-resident foreigners can sign up, though the regulations and registration fees differ. So our best advice is to check on their website for any necessary documents and information. Nevertheless, the minimum age to attend these races are usually 14, and you should be able to use a credit or debit card for payment. Some important documents include passport and visa for non-residents and resident cards for those living in Vietnam.

Test Your Limit with Marathons in Vietnam

Marathon-running is a rising sport in Vietnam that fascinates participants with challenging yet scenic tracks. From the exciting trails of Sapa to big events where you can blend in with the local’s spirit, Vietnam has it all. Register right now and experience this beautiful country in a whole new way!
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