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How to Enjoy the Sidewalk Culture in Vietnam

Have you ever sat on the pavement with a cup of coffee? Or have you ever cut your hair at a street barber? In Vietnam, street life is very diverse and engaging with lots of activities. On the sidewalk, you can find many extraordinary things that reflect Vietnam’s culture such as sidewalk exercise, sidewalk coffee, street food, street barbers…And everyone always welcomes you to join them. Since people make use of the sidewalk a lot, you can easily immerse in the sidewalk culture in Vietnam in many different ways.

sidewalk culture in vietnam ho chi minh city

Vietnamese people make full use of the sidewalk

Exercising on The Sidewalk

If you have a chance to see Vietnam’s streets at around 6 AM, you will be surprised that lots of people, mostly senior citizens, exercise near lakes, rivers, or public parks. Vietnamese love to start a day with healthy exercising and fresh air. When the dawn comes, a group of people gathers at those locations to practice yoga, Zumba or even young people rehearse their dance performance. Seeing these activities is the simplest way to experience Vietnam’s daily life and sidewalk culture.

sidewalk culture in vietnam tai chi

The locals love to exercise in the early morning

sidewalk culture in vietnam exercise 1

Elderlies love coming to the park in the morning

Vietnamese Sidewalk Coffee

Besides air-conditioned coffee shops, the sidewalk coffee stalls are another fascinating thing about the sidewalk culture in Vietnam. People here can spend long hours together sitting with a cup of Vietnamese coffee on the curb and chatting or reading newspapers. This is the best option with the most reasonable price to observe how sidewalk culture in Vietnam works.

sidewalk culture in vietnam coffee 1

One coffee in the curb is an unforgettable experience

sidewalk culture in vietnam coffee

Vietnamese people can sit for a long time to enjoy the coffee

Street Food

Besides some famous traditional food such as pho, banh mi,…Vietnamese street food on the pavements also attracts tourists with an enchanting look and taste. From a bowl of noodles, one proportion of banh mi, a sweet pack of sticky rice, bap nuong (Vietnamese grilled corn)… to the takeaway coffee, one fresh coconut… you will find endless street food which is served on the street.

sidewalk culture in vietnam street food

Vietnamese street foods are usually sold on the pavement

sidewalk culture in vietnam street food 1

The quality is as good as some famous restaurants

sidewalk culture in vietnam street food 3

You can directly see how they make the food

sidewalk culture in vietnam street food 2

This is a fascinating way of selling food

The best way to explore the fascinating street food in Ho Chi Minh City is to have a local tour guide to take you on the most insightful Motorbike Food Tour in the city. Besides good food, endless fun and friendly company will be the highlight of your adventure in Ho Chi Minh City.

Street Barbers

Vietnam’s street barbers are a gem of the sidewalk culture in Vietnam. With a mirror on an old wall, a few hair tools, and a black chair on the sidewalk, the street barbershops attract every international visitor without the need for fancy decorations. Much like the morning coffee among the locals, waiting and chatting with people in the street barbers is a delightful experience.

sidewalk culture in vietnam street barber

An old-fashioned image of Vietnam

sidewalk culture in vietnam street barber ha noi

With a small place, you can have a good haircut

Some Streetsmart Tips to Enjoy the Sidewalk Culture in Vietnam

  • Weather matters: remember to check the weather for the best time to visit Vietnam. The sidewalk will be a little messy during the rainy season.
  • The diversion of street food: besides the restaurants, don’t hesitate to reach out to the street food vendors. However, make sure to follow the tips on How Not to Get Food Poisoning in Vietnam.
  • Watch out for transportation: though the sidewalk is quite safe, pay attention to where you will sit, and also when you cross the street.
  • Take extra care of your belongings: when walking on the pavement, pay attention to your belongings to avoid snatch thefts.
  • The locals are friendly: in some central cities, Vietnamese can speak English so don’t be shy to ask them for help.
  • Flexible time: you can go to the sidewalk both in the morning and the afternoon to enjoy the sidewalk culture in Vietnam.
  • Use mobile apps: refer to our blog on “Useful mobile apps for your Vietnam travel” to explore the streets in Vietnam with ease.

Join a Private Motorbike Tour to Experience the Sidewalk Culture in Ho Chi Minh

The streets in the busiest city of Vietnam can be a bit overwhelming. A local guide to take you on a sweet motorbike tour and explore the corners of Ho Chi Minh City is possibly the best way to have some fun and gain an insightful understanding of the local culture.

city tours 3 

Summary of How to Enjoy The Sidewalk Culture in Vietnam

As a spectacular part of Vietnam’s culture, the sidewalk culture is the most effective way to see the different sides of Vietnam’s life. If Ho Chi Minh City is young and dynamic, then Ha Noi is a more traditional and cultural place. Therefore when walking on the curb, you can experience the difference of each place.

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