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Top 4 Must-Do’s in Vietnam for Students

Compared to many famous destinations, Vietnam is a rather new travel spot. Located in Southeast Asia, this small country is a rather long trip for tourists from the US. Yet, it has proven to be worth it! Read on, and we’ll tell you about the must-do’s in Vietnam for students!

Vietnam has a deep and heroic history, breathtaking scenery, beautiful nature, and unique culture. There is indeed something for everyone. And for student travelers, in particular, there is also an opportunity to discover this exciting destination at a pocket-friendly price. On average, you should expect to spend only $51 per day there.

Vietnam is a perfect choice if you are looking for the next worthy destination for your student getaway. Even though the most favorable months to visit this country fall into academic semesters, you can always find reliable essay writers for hire on a professional paper writing service platform for students to help you deal with your assignments and get more time for your adventure.

Take a Cruise on the Mekong Delta River

The Mekong is a transboundary river that flows through China, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. It is the 12th longest river in the world and the third longest in Asia, making it the most famous river in Vietnam.

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam is the best place for a tourist cruise. The river’s delta contains hidden gems like stunning scenery, impressive waterfalls, floating markets, and more. However, as a tourist, you should remember the extreme seasonal variations in the river’s flow, making it very hard to navigate. Between November and April is the best time to plan your cruise, as this is the dry season, during which you can enjoy warm weather, simple navigation, and local beaches. But don’t worry if your schedule is packed with schoolwork during these months. You can use a special EssayHub promo code to delegate assignments to pros from a trusted essay writing service and save money.

Spend a Night on the Train From Hanoi to Sa Pa

An overnight train ride between Hanoi and Sa Pa is the next must-do in Vietnam. According to many experienced travelers, this route is one of the most eye-opening ones you can ever take on a train.

must do for students in vietnam train

The train will take you from the country’s capital city, Hanoi, to Sa Pa on the Vietnam-China border. Along the way, you will see some of the country’s signature spots, including rice paddy fields, lush forests, and much more. Also, there are quite a few luxurious trains that you can pick for this ride. For example, Oriental Express is one of the tourists’ favorites thanks to its upscale design and low price of $34.

Discover Sa Pa’s Rice Terraces

Once you are in Sa Pa, as suggested previously, there is one more must-do that you can include in your Vietnam bucket list. This region of the country is primarily known for its beautiful terraced countryside, making it one of the favorite spots for tourists and hikers worldwide. The color and scenery change seasonally, and there is something attractive in its way about these rice fields at every season. Additionally, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the ethnic villages and learn about the life of minority groups in Vietnam. Ask your hotel to arrange a tour, or a local private tour guide is available for a reasonably low price.

must do for students in vietnam sapa

Explore the Phong Nha Cave

Visiting the famous Phong Nha Cave is the last must-do in Vietnam for every student traveler. The cave is located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the most impressive things about this cave is its size – it is 7,729 meters long. It contains a stunning 13,969-meter underground river and 14 grottoes. According to experts, the cave is so huge that it can fit a 747 plane. Stay confident. A tour of the Phong Nha Cave will be a spectacular adventure you’ll never forget.

The Bottom Line of Top 4 Must-Do’s in Vietnam for Students

Although Vietnam is not among the most prominent destinations for student travel, this country has a lot to surprise you. It’s beautiful, affordable, unique, and filled with adventure – there is everything a young traveler could wish for.

If you ever decide to discover this country, use the guide we shared here. These must-do’s will make your adventure truly unforgettable!

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