VietnamComplete Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

Complete Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

Travel will never be the same due to the pandemic, and even though Vietnam is among the earliest countries to reopen international borders, there are strict restrictions you must comply with as the government’s effort to boost the national economy while ensuring the public health and safety simultaneously. Get informed, and get prepared with our detailed checklist for entering Vietnam post COVID-19 lockdown.

Eligibility: Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

The good news is, international borders in Vietnam has finally opened. The not so good news is that international tourists are not allowed to travel into Vietnam yet, and only diplomats, skilled workers, and professional managers can come into the country, specifically:

  • Diplomats on official duties and the family members
  • Professional experts, high-level managers, skilled workers, and the family members
  • International students
  • Foreign families of Vietnamese citizens

All categories must have a sponsor in Vietnam to be able to enter.

Visitors staying in Vietnam since March 1st, 2020 are allowed to have an automatic extension till August 31st, 2021 without charge, provided that they have proofs to have been stuck in Vietnam since and must acquire a letter from the embassy.

As Vietnam is aiming to boost the economy, the country decides to lift the quarantine mandate for short-term visits of experts and officials from Japan. However, safety protocols and health guidelines must be complied with strictly. 

Legal Documents for Your Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

The process of acquiring sufficient documents for eligible travelers requires some time and careful researches. These essential documents are required to submit to the local authority, who will grant you permission and eventually, a visa to stay in the country. Especially for professionals traveling to Vietnam, note down these essentials on your checklist for entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown:

  • What you need to apply before your trip: a work permit, a working visa, a Temporary Resident Card – this will generally be taken care of by your company’s HR, your sponsor, or a legal agency
  • Submit the flight booking and hotel booking confirmations, traveling schedule on the business trip to Vietnam, labor contract, etc. for the Ministry of Immigration’s approval (should also be done by the sponsor)
  • The Ministry of Immigration will provide you with a permit to enter Vietnam


Work Permits in Vietnam

How to Obtain a Vietnam Visa

Quarantine and Testing: Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

Regarding business trips shorter than 14 days, travelers don’t have to quarantine, as long as there are sufficient proofs of health status and stay in a particular hotel and follow a designated schedule. Besides that, all international travelers coming to Vietnam are subject to 14 days of quarantine. Quarantine and testing registration must also be arranged before traveling to Vietnam.

Before coming to Vietnam:

  • Travelers to arrange the quarantine period either at a government facility or at an authorized hotel for quarantine.
  • The arrangement should align with your schedule and the duration of your stay in Vietnam.
  • Travelers must provide negative COVID-19 test results done within 72 hours before arrival by a health center certified by your home country’s government or by WHO. 
  •  If you’re are fully vaccinated, your quarantine period will be cut down from 14 days to 7 days. However, this is not an official guideline yet since Vietnam is dealing with a new surge of COVID as of September 2021, and the fact a booster shot might be needed in many cases that have been fully vaccinated with 2 shots.
  • If you have come down with COVID before, you must provide proof that you have been fully recovered for at least 6 months before your arrival.

Look up prices and reviews of hotels in Vietnam below:


Upon arrival at Vietnam’s airport:

  • On-site medical declaration and testing at the airport
  • Travelers to quarantine at the designated quarantined center
  • Testing will be conducted during the quarantine period at least twice
  • After quarantine, you will receive a certificate for completing the required quarantine and confirmation of your health status

International travelers are expected to pay for the quarantine, testing, and treatment fees in Vietnam. Make sure to sign up with an international health insurance plan before your trip to have the majority of these costs covered.

checklist vietnam entry quarantine regulations

Quarantine Regulations provided by VGP (Vietnam’s Government Portal)

Read more on Testing and Treatment for COVID-19 in Vietnam 

Packing Essentials: Checklist for Entering Vietnam

Safety and Hygiene:

checklist vietnam post covid mask

Vietnamese take wearing masks much more serious than ever

checklist vietnam post covid micellaneous

Make sure to carry all the quintessential for your trip, especially for your quarantine time

Miscellaneous and Toiletries:

  • Sunscreen: since Vietnam is a tropical country with humid weather and harsh sunlight, it is advisable to wear sunscreen spray
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Basic medicines


  • Cellphone, laptop, and tablet
  • Headphones/earphones
  • Camera
  • Batteries, spare batteries, and chargers
  • Travel adaptors

Get a full list for Packing to Vietnam here

Get a travel insurance plan upon your trip to Vietnam:


Read more on What to Prepare for a Long Haul Flight to Vietnam

Final Thoughts on the Checklists for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

It is quite a challenge to travel anywhere in the world right now, not only because of the legal matters but also safety and health protection. Vietnam is currently among the few safe places to travel to, and even so, strict precautions must be taken. With careful planning and preparation, all of the hurdles due to the pandemic are minor obstacles you have to sort through upon your trip to Vietnam.

For more questions, let us know in the comments!

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