VietnamTravel Tips & InfoComplete Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

Complete Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

Gone are the years of restricted traveling due to the pandemic, and tourists are excited to come to Vietnam again. The country has lifted all of the COVID-19 restrictions, and international visitors can feel free to explore without having to worry about health issues or the hassles of complicated paperwork.

Eligibility: Checklist for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

The good news is that international borders in Vietnam have finally opened. All travelers are welcomed back to Vietnam, regardless of vaccination status or history of COVID-19. Nevertheless, carrying all of the requirements upon entering the country is always a good reminder.

Legal Documents

Tourists are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination or health records. The first and foremost document you need to obtain is a valid Vietnam visa. Travel insurance is recommended but not compulsory.

Packing Essentials: Checklist for Entering Vietnam

Safety and Hygiene:

Miscellaneous and Toiletries:

  • Sunscreen: since Vietnam is a tropical country with humid weather and harsh sunlight, it is advisable to wear sunscreen spray
  • Personal hygiene items


  • Cellphone, laptop, and tablet
  • Headphones/earphones
  • Batteries, spare batteries, and chargers
  • Travel adaptors

Final Thoughts on the Checklists for Entering Vietnam post COVID-19 Lockdown

Now that worldwide traveling has resume, give yourself a chance to visit the untouched beauty of Vietnam. See if you might be able to enter the country visa-free.

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