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Top Hotels in The Old Quarter Area in Hanoi

A great hotel is half of what makes a trip enjoyable – or not. So, choosing a good hotel is extremely important. Read these tips to choose a great hotel in Hanoi’s Old Quarter – the most famous town around, and enjoy a great vacation in Vietnam’s capital.

Top Hotels in The Old Quarter Area in Hanoi: Area

If the bustling nightlife is what you have been looking for, a hotel on famous streets like Ta Hien, Hang Buom, or Ma May will be a perfect choice. Located right in the heart of the Old Quarter, which is crowded with exciting entertainment such as bars, pubs, or food stalls along the street, the hotels here are perfect for anyone who wants to experience life in Hanoi Old Quarter any time. However, because these streets are extremely crowded, travelers are unlikely to have absolute privacy and relaxation.

hanoi hotel

Choose hotels that locate in the touristy areas to travel easier.

For the ones who wish to enjoy a relaxing trip, a hotel in a small alley definitely meets the requirements. Those are usually small and not too luxurious. Still, the things that make them worthwhile are the cozy atmosphere and exclusive maximum privacy.

Top Hotels in The Old Quarter Area in Hanoi: Budget

After choosing the area, visitors must consider the amount of money they will spend on lodging. Depending on the room class and the location, visitors will be able to choose from a wide range of prices.

hanoi hotel 2

It’s essential to consider the budget of staying in Hanoi.

For luxurious hotels, the price often ranges from US$ 100/room, depends on the room types as well as the hotel’s brand.

For standard hotels in the Old Quarter area, the price will range between US$ 30 – US$ 50/room. These hotels are quite suitable for travelers who don’t take it too seriously about their stay but still want to experience a comfortable space for themselves.

hanoi hotel 3

A cozy and quiet space doesn’t cost too much in Hanoi.

Besides, there are some other types of accommodation, such as studio rooms, homestays, or dormitories with prices ranging from US$ 10 – US$ 20/bed (for dorm) or US$ 25 – US$ 50/room for studio rooms or homestay rooms.

Top Hotels in The Old Quarter Area in Hanoi: Recommendations

Luxury hotels in Hanoi:

Hanoi La Siesta Central Hotel & Spa

Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi MGallery by Sofitel

Maison d’Hanoi Boutique Hotel

Find your hotel on Agoda:


Standard hotels in Hanoi:

Essence Hanoi Hotel & Spa

Le Bleu Hanoi Art Decor Loft

le bleu

The vintage-looking, green space of Le Bleu Hanoi Art Decor Loft.

Homestay – Dormitories

Vie De Maison

  • Address: 43 Nguyen Truong To, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Price: from US$ 30/night
  • Booking link: Vie De Maison.

Cocoon Inn Hanoi

  • Address: 116 – 118 Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Price: from US$ 7/night
  • Booking link: Cocoon In Hanoi.

Read our Precautions on Homestays in Vietnam

Top Hotels in The Old Quarter Area in Hanoi: How to Avoid Scams

Booking Scam

On Facebook and other social network sites, there are many travel groups with hotel room offers at great prices, but this is where the most fraudulent cases occur.

Travelers should use trusted intermediary booking sites like Agoda or or contact directly through the hotel website/hotline to avoid possible risks.

What’s more, tourists should keep with them the evidence of money transactions such as invoices, vouchers, booking, and confirmation emails. This will help protect your customer’s rights, should any problems happen.

booking scam

Be careful to avoid scams when booking a hotel in Hanoi.

Exchange Rate Scam

Some hotels can set their room prices in USD, and then when travelers want to pay in VND, the exchange rate will increase.

To prevent this, travelers should ask the price in the currency that they intend to pay in from the beginning. If the exchange rate is too high, never give any of your personal information to the hotel.

Moreover, check the room’s equipment immediately right after check-in. If there is anything that’s not in the described condition, inform the staff right away. If not, when you check out, you will have to pay for the broken equipment.

Summary on Top Hotels in The Old Quarter Area in Hanoi

It’s not hard to find a hotel in Hanoi, but it’s not easy at all to find one that meets all your needs. Travelers should make a detailed plan and do enough research to choose a nice hotel and enjoy their time in Hanoi.

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