VietnamTravel Tips & InfoCommon Diseases in Vietnam and How to Prevent Them

Common Diseases in Vietnam and How to Prevent Them

Getting sick is the last thing people would expect for their vacation. However, we should not reject the possibility of this situation. For a more enjoyable trip, knowing some common diseases in Vietnam and how to prevent them is essential.

Common Diseases in Vietnam and What Cause Them

Some common diseases in Vietnam you may catch include cough, mild fever, stomachache, heatstroke, diarrhea, malaria, dengue fever, and, in rarer cases, rabies or blood-transmitted diseases. Before knowing how to prevent them, we can look into some sources that might cause them.

Stomachache and Diarrhea

Eating Out. When eating out at street food stalls, the cooking and serving process isn’t qualified enough to ensure food safety. It does not mean you should cross out trying street food in your Vietnam traveling to-do list, but it would be better to read through the reviews online or ask for recommendations from the locals before choosing a restaurant or food store.

Drinking Contaminated Water. Is it safe to drink tap water in Vietnam? The answer is no, under any circumstances. Also, be careful with the ice that is served with your drinks; it might be made from tap water. This is another reason to look for recommendations about a restaurant’s food safety before actually visiting it.

Cough, Mild Fever, Heatstroke, Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Rabies

Staying Outdoors. Like many other tropical countries, Vietnam receives a large amount of sunlight. Going outdoors for a long time might cause heatstroke, headache, or mild fever.

Getting Bitten By Insects or Animals. Being bitten by insects can make you itchy, red, swollen, or worse, being infected with malaria or dengue fever. Most common types of stray animals in Vietnam are cats and dogs. They might look adorable, but approaching them at a close distance might not be a good idea.

Blood-transmitted Diseases

Having Minor Surgery. If you are in an emergency of getting a minor surgery in Vietnam like dental work, make sure you choose a prestigious health institution to omit the risk of having blood-transmitted diseases.

Getting Tattoos. You can easily get blood-transmitted diseases when getting a tattoo in Vietnam as when having minor surgery. Check the cleanliness of the needles and sterilized procedures of the parlors.

Widespread Period of United Diseases in Vietnam

Summer and the rainy season are when you may quickly get some common diseases. The burning sunlight during this period might lead to dehydration, and the humid weather can trigger insect-transmitted disease outbreaks.

How to Prevent Common Diseases in Vietnam

Vaccine. Make sure you have all the necessary shots. Learn more about what vaccinations you need to travel to Vietnam.

Bring Proper Clothes. Light cotton clothes will make you feel more comfortable and make it easier to deal with the hot weather. Long-sleeved and well-covered clothes are ideal if you plan to camp outdoors. Check out the top things you should pack for Vietnam.

Don’t Forget Insect Repellent with DEET. Put it on as frequently as possible, even when you sleep and travel to the Southwest region. Most effective brands can be easily found on Amazon.

Where a Face Mask in Crowded Public Places. Air-born viruses and respiratory droplets from a sick person are the last things anyone wants to catch on their travel. Prepare medical face masks upon your trip as you enter crowded places like the airport.

Be Mindful of the Things You Eat and Drink. The stalls’ hygiene and ingredients’ freshness are important signs. Read more tips on how to avoid food poisoning in Vietnam.

Buy Health Insurance. It might not be the relevant answer to the question “What are the common diseases in Vietnam and how to prevent them?” but in case of unexpected situations happen, all we can hope for is the minor loss for ourselves.

Summary of Common Diseases in Vietnam and How to Prevent Them

Without being careful, you can contract some common diseases in Vietnam when eating out, drinking contaminated water, staying outdoors, getting bitten by insects or animals, or having minor surgery. Several diseases are widely spread in the summer and rainy seasons. Getting some vaccinations, bringing suitable clothes and insect spray, and buying qualified health insurance can be helpful.

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