VietnamTravel Tips & InfoVietnam Travel Tips: Top 15 Things to Bring on Your Vietnam Trip

Vietnam Travel Tips: Top 15 Things to Bring on Your Vietnam Trip

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is among the top attractive destinations. It has beautiful landscapes, tasty street foods, and hospitable locals. When making a trip to Vietnam, there are some specific things you should bring along to have a better time in this wonderful country. Have a look at the following packing list.

Top 15 Things to Bring on Your Vietnam Trip

1. Passport and Visa

Passport and visa are two essential things for all overseas trips. Ensure your passport is valid for about six months beyond your planned stay. Some nationalities, such as Australia and Canada, must apply for a visa before coming to Vietnam. Tourist visas are often proper for those planning to stay in Vietnam for thirty to ninety days, and it can be extended after your arrival. A travel tip for you is to keep some photocopies of your passport and visa in case you lose your originals.

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2. Travel Insurance

Some people often underestimate the importance of travel insurance. However, you may find it helpful when encountering unforeseen travel misfortunes. For example, travel insurance could provide you with certain coverage of medical costs in case you get a traffic accident. Like a passport and visa, you are highly advised to keep some printouts with you.

3. Money (Vietnamese Cash)

You should always ensure that your debit or credit cards will work in Vietnam before your arrival. In some cases, it is advisable to notify your bank the date you will arrive in Vietnam. Make sure to have cash because you are most likely to buy food, drinks, and other things in small shops where they cannot charge your card. However, places like shopping malls, clothing stores, and coffee chains accept payment with cards.

You could also bring some other kind of credit card as a backup. VISA and Mastercard are highly recommended since, like many other countries, these types of payment are accepted in Vietnam. A travel tip is to take pictures of both sides of your credit or debit cards to save the details of your cards and necessary contact information in case they get lost.

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4. Appropriate Luggage

There is a wide variety of luggage types for your Vietnam trip, ranging from suitcases to duffle bags. If you plan to travel by bus and train between regions in Vietnam, soft-shell or middle-sized bags are highly recommended since they can comfortably fit into the overhead compartments. You should also bring your daypacks or backpacks, which are suitable for day tours around cities. Those bags could make it possible for you to carry a bottle of water, some snacks, and other essentials. A Vietnam travel tip you should take notice of is to keep your important things in a safe place in case of thieves.

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5. Travel Pillow

If you want to make several trips around Vietnam, you must need a travel pillow since it may take you a certain amount of time to spend on buses and trains. A high-quality travel pillow, in such cases, could become very helpful for your neck and shoulders on a long drive.

6. Appropriate Clothing

Vietnam has a distinctly tropical climate, which is hot and humid all year round. Light package with many cotton and linen clothes, therefore, is highly advisable for you to travel around Vietnam. Also, your packing checklist could include t-shirts and shorts to help you stay cool. Denim and heavy fabrics should be avoided as they may cause you to be bathed in sweat, especially when you travel during the summertime.

However, the weather can be somewhat different among locations. It could be pretty cold from October to January in the North of Vietnam. If you plan to visit this area, you should bring some sweaters and coats. Besides, a lightweight hoodie might be needed for your Vietnam trip, especially when you are supposed to spend hours sitting under air conditioning on buses or flights.

The type of clothing you bring to Vietnam sometimes depends considerably on what kind of attraction you prefer to visit. Although some Vietnamese temples and pagodas may provide travelers with proper clothes, those who enjoy visiting religious sites and places should bring their unrevealing clothing such as long skirts and trousers. In case you show a strong preference for sun-drenched beaches, swimwear, including bikinis and board shorts, is undoubtedly crucial.

7. Comfortable Footwear

Since you may be expected to do many daily walks during your Vietnam travel, lightweight walking shoes are often preferable for many foreign tourists to keep your feet well protected. A pair of flat sandals is also a good choice and should be added to your packing list, especially for a short-distance walk at night.

Standard shoes or boots designed for heavy trekking are unnecessary unless you are a professional trekker who enjoys traveling to remote mountainous regions. You might be racked with nagging pain when wearing such shoes daily during your Vietnam journey.

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8. Medication

It is important to bring your own prescribed medicine since you may encounter difficulties in finding it in a strange country. As you are likely to encounter many health problems ranging from headaches to allergies when traveling to a different country, a pack of regular medication must be extremely helpful. Many travelers seem to suffer from severe headaches because of the unfamiliar weather or the act of sitting for hours on flights and trains. Therefore, painkillers such as aspirin and paracetamol should be brought along when you come to Vietnam, making it possible for you to enjoy your trip thoroughly.

Furthermore, stomach medicine is essential when traveling to Vietnam since some Vietnamese street foods are a bit spicy which might harm your stomach if you are not accustomed to spicy dishes. Besides, you may suffer from traveler diarrhea from consuming contaminated foods and drinks, so make sure to bring along medication for such cases.

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9. Hats and Sunglasses

Since sunlight in Vietnam may become quite harsh sometimes, especially between 11 AM and 2 AM, hats and sunglasses could aid in protecting your eyes from UV radiation. Those things are increasingly essential if you plan to spend your holiday basking in the glorious sunshine on the sunny beaches in Vietnam. What is more, the trendy hats and sunglasses can be artistic props for your Instagram beach post!

10. Sunscreen

As a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam is supposed to experience a high UV index, especially during the summertime from June to August. The sunray can probably affect your skin even on a cloudy day. There are several types of sunscreen including lotions, creams, and gels which can offer you UV protection. Sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 are highly recommended for those planning to visit Vietnam during the summertime.

11. Insect Repellent

The tropical climate in Vietnam is considered a good environment for insects such as mosquitos to develop. It can become extremely unpleasant when getting bitten all the time, especially at around dawn and dusk and in the evening. Insect repellents are your savior on the Vietnam trip to rural areas. Also, wearing long trousers, skirts, and long-sleeved shirts to keep your skin covered is an advisable tip.

12. Toiletries

It could be beneficial sometimes to bring some mini rolls of toilet paper when traveling to Vietnam. Although many hotels and restaurants often have toilet facilities, you may hardly find toilet paper in some bus stop bathrooms or camping areas. Besides, you should also bring a quick-dry towel so you do not have to wait around for room service.

13. Electronics & Travel Adaptors

As plug shapes may vary in different countries, power adapters should always be included in your packaging checklist. Remember to bring your cell phone, camera, and other electronic devices with you since you might want to take many photos and need something to entertain during long train or bus rides. Also, make sure all essential chargers and backup required chargers for your electronic devices to be brought along. However, you should not bring many expensive items when traveling in case of thieves and unwanted damage.

14. Location Information

Before traveling to a region, you should look for and take note of the location information of that area, which involves the address and phone number of the hotel you plan to stay in, local maps, and public transportation routes. Having a certain knowledge of your destinations can always enable you to enjoy your Vietnam journey thoroughly.

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15. Earplugs and Sleep Mask

If you plan to travel to several places in Vietnam by night trains or buses, you may need earplugs and sleep masks to accompany your travel pillow and have a good sleep. Earplugs, in particular, are not common in Vietnam, so be sure to buy quality earplugs online before your travel.

Summary of Vietnam Travel Tips: Top 15 things to bring on your Vietnam Trip

Vietnam is a beautiful country with several attractive destinations. When visiting, make sure to have a comprehensive packing list and keep some Vietnam travel tips.

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