VietnamHanoi9 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hanoi

9 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hanoi

Hanoi is far beyond the bustling metropolitan and the capital of Vietnam; it is where the heart of the thousands-year-old country resides. See for yourself what has made Hanoi a timelessly charming destination that enchants millions of visitors to the city.

1. Favorable Weather

Even though Vietnam is a tropical country with the signature dry season and rainy season, Hanoi has all four distinctive seasons and each time can offer such unique experiences. It is advisable to visit Hanoi is from August to October, when the weather is the most beautiful. Or you can check out The Best Time to Visit Hanoi for further references.

west lake dragon 3
Hanoi doesn’t bear the signature tropical weather

2. Irresistible Food

A wise man once said you could never leave Vietnam without embarking on a food adventure, and the same rule applies to Hanoi where the local cuisine will keep you asking for more.

bun dau 7
bun dau 8
Bun Dau Mam Tom for the adventurous

bun cha 2
The famous Bun Cha

cha ca 2
cha ca 1
Bun Cha Ca at Bun Cha Thang Long

bun rieu
A heart-warming bowl of Bun Rieu

banh troi tau
banh troi tau 3
Banh Troi Tau is a popular Vietnamese dessert in Hanoi

grilled corn 2
grilled corn
Some Grilled Corns on the street is unexpectedly nice on a chilly day

3. Fascinating Coffee Culture

Hanoian people have such a one-of-a-kind coffee culture that can hardly be found anywhere else. In contrast to the fancy Starbucks, sitting on a sidewalk and enjoying a cup of hot, creamy egg coffee in the chilly weather is truly what to live for. The locals like to have their coffee with some snacks such as sunflower seeds or jerky so make sure to order some in the cafe.

egg coffee 1
Egg Coffee – A must-try once in Hanoi

coconut coffee
Coconut coffee is also a refreshing change

4. Special Museums

A trip around Hanoi will surely enhance your knowledge of the cultural and historical understanding of Vietnam. The city boasts a wide variety of museums ranging from history to art so you can spend your time learning about the country’s immortal stories.

hoa lo prison 15
hoa lo prison 29
Hoa Lo Prison Museum

art museum 50
art museum 6
Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

ethnology museum 58
ethnology museum 11
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

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5. Tranquil Pagodas and Temples

Throughout centuries of development, Hanoi is home to a great many of Vietnamese folk religions. Besides, there used to be certain points that Hanoi was the center of Buddhism where a host of magnificent Buddhist architectures were erected.

tran quoc pagoda 14
tran quoc pagoda 9
Tran Quoc Pagoda

quan thanh temple 17
quan thanh temple 10
Quan Thanh Temple

bach ma temple 13
bach ma temple 2
Bach Ma Temple

See more of Hanoi’s Temples and Pagodas

6. Vibrant Traditional Handicrafts Villages

If you’re looking for the most authentic cultural experience, Hanoi has a host of traditional villages where you can observe the most exquisite traditional craftsmanship in the country. Feel free to take thousands of photos and go on a shopping spree for some of the most extraordinary souvenirs.

bat trang
Bat Trang Pottery Village

van phuc
Van Phuc Silk Village

7. Coolest Spots for Photos

Get your phone and camera ready, Hanoi is one of the most Instagrammable places where you can bring home the most precious and memorable pictures on your journey. The city has almost everything, from vintage backgrounds to naturally-blessed scenery for your magical photoshoots in Hanoi.

train street 3
Hanoi Train Street

hn old quarter street 13
hn old quarter street 18
A corner of Hanoi Old Quarter

thong nhat park 2
thong nhat park 5
Thong Nhat Park

8. Incredibly Chill Vibes

In opposition to the insanely hectic scene of a capital, Hanoi is surprisingly taking its time to enjoy the flow of life. Although it is true that people still relentlessly try to make ends meet, they also do not hesitate to slow down once in a while to enjoy a sip of tea.

hn old quarter street 10
hn old quarter street 5
The vendors in Hanoi Old Quarter

rice wine 1
It’s always a good time for a drink in Hanoi

9. Wonderful Day Trips from Hanoi

See far beyond the ancient city of Vietnam and take part in the day trips from Hanoi to discover more breathtaking landscapes. A journey into the untouched beauty of nature is sure to refresh your mind and heal your soul.

ha long
Ha Long Bay

ninh binh
Ninh Binh

moc chau
Moc Chau

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Conclusion on 9 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hanoi

To be honest, there are far more than 9 reasons that make visitors keep coming back to this charming city, but you have to experience yourself to find out. Read more on What to Do in Hanoi for A Day.

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