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Most Beautiful Beaches in Da Nang

Da Nang is an up-and-coming metropolis in Central Vietnam. With 92 kilometers of coastline, the city is famous for its azure waters and many attractions. There are all types of beautiful beaches in Da Nang to explore, from famous ones to hidden ones, from ones for adventure to ones for relaxation. Here, we locals have picked out what we think are the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang you should never miss!

Best Time to Visit the Most Beautiful Beaches in Da Nang

Good weather is a must for spending a vacation at one of Vietnam’s top beaches. After all, who would want to surf while it’s raining?

  • Da Nang’s beach weather is from February to August, the dry season. The temperature is usually around 30 degrees (Celsius), so expect to get hot and humid.
  • The peak season for travelers and the heat is June – August.
  • Avoid going here from September to January, as it’s the rainy season, especially from October to December when storms and floods can occur.

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Activities to Do at the Most Beautiful Beaches in Da Nang

It’s no secret that Da Nang’s locals love beach activities. In the early morning, you’ll see many people swimming, playing beach volleyball, or going for a stroll. Some of the most popular watersports and beach activities in Da Nang are kayaking, surfing, parasailing, paragliding, banana boat riding, and jet skiing. The price ranges from US$3 to US$100, depending on what you do.

Check out these addresses if you’re interested:

1. Da Nang Outdoor Adventures: 35 An Thuong 5, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang

2. The Thao Bien Da Nang: My Khe Beach, Da Nang

Another suggestion is to watch the sunset or sunrise on the beautiful beaches in Da Nang. You can eat while listening to the waves in one of the many restaurants along My Khe Beach or take a walk somewhere secluded, like Xuan Thieu Beach.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Da Nang

My Khe Beach

8 kilometers from Da Nang City

My Khe Beach is probably the most famous to tourists, local and international alike. Its idyllic look, pristine white sand, aquamarine water, and calming waves have earned it fame. The beach offers many activities, so you’ll never fail to make new friends.

Non Nuoc Beach

9 kilometers from Da Nang City

Most people ride to Hoi An by the beach route to marvel at the marvelous Non Nuoc Beach

Near Marble Mountain lies one of the top seven best beaches in Vietnam—Non Nuoc Beach. The crystal clear water, picturesque surroundings of palm trees, and mountainous background will set you up for a good summer day. Moreover, after trying out beach activities, you can go explore the famous nearby Non Nuoc stone-carving handicraft village!

Son Tra Peninsula

12 kilometers from Da Nang City

The most well-known peninsula in Vietnam has various secluded, diamond-in-the-rough beaches that’ll make any ocean-hungry travelers swoon with joy. Some noteworthy names are Bai Bien Tien Sa Beach, Con Beach, and Bai Bac Beach. Going to Son Tra can be an exciting day trip from Da Nang. Besides dipping into the azure water, visiting Linh Son Pagoda to pray for good luck is a popular activity. Thanks to the series of high-end accommodations, such as InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Sun Resort, Son Tra Peninsula is also suitable for a pampered retreat with your loved ones.

Xuan Thieu Beach / Red Beach

8 kilometers from Da Nang City

    Xuan Thieu Beach, or Red Beach, is a historical destination. It was a US military zone used for storage and as an airport. However, today, this up-and-coming tourist area offers various entertainment. The beach got its name from the vigorous red and pink color that sunrise and sunset turn its water into. The scene is so breathtaking that it makes Xuan Thieu Beach one of the top beautiful beaches in Da Nang.

    Search for Da Nang’s top seaside hotels and resorts:

    Our Thoughts on the Most Beautiful Beaches in Da Nang

    If you’re thinking of spending your summer vacation in Da Nang, you’re already on the right track. The city’s young, energetic atmosphere will turn your engine on all day long, while these beautiful beaches will give you sun-kissed skin and a summer state of mind! Hopefully, our article will help you choose a suitable shore to explore, or how about all of them?

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