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Worthy Workshops to Join in Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re wondering how to spend a long weekend in Ho Chi Minh City without going to crowded popular sites, consider joining workshops in Ho Chi Minh! There are tons of different workshops that suit all ages and interests, where you may discover a new hobby and meet like-minded friends.

Workshops in Ho Chi Minh You Need to Join This Weekend

Pottery – Meow Pottery Workshop

workshops in hcmc meow

Go for common choices like mugs and bowls

Meow Pottery is one of the top pottery workshops in Ho Chi Minh. The store locates in a quiet alley where you can leave all your stress outside of its lush garden, and have child-like fun making a piece from scratch. All the classes here are small-sized to ensure that the staff can be as attentive as possible, so remember to register soon. 

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Try until you’re an expert!

Price: ~ VND 300,000

Contact: Meow Pottery Facebook Page

Art – Legend Art

workshops in hcmc legend

Drawing is a therapeutic way to relieve stress after work

Legend Art focuses on arts only, offering classes for adults, teens, and kids. The most popular session here is a 3-hour long acrylic painting workshop for adults where you’ll be taught to remake a given painting. Don’t worry if you don’t how to draw as all the classes are for beginners, though you need to stay updated because the painting is changed every week.

workshops in hcmc legend 1

There are classes for children as well

Price: VND 250,000 – VND 450,000
Contact: Legend Art Facebook Page

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

Art and Craft – Vinspace Art Studio

workshops in hcmc vin

Coaster-making class at Vinspace

Vinspace offers art classes as well, though what really draws attendees here is its wide variety of craft-making classes such as the Dong Ho Block Printing workshop that features the traditional Vietnamese arts of Dong Ho folk paintings. This studio charges quite high but participants can be certain of having a good time, accompanied by snacks and a glass of wine.

workshops in hcmc vin 1

Go environmentally-friendly with this Recycled Paper-making class

Price: VND 250,000 – VND 700,000
Contact: Vinspace Art Studio Website 

Wood Carving – Tay Tay Workshop

workshops in hcmc taytay

You’ll get to learn the basics of wood carving

Just opened not so long ago but this offbeat experience has gained massive popularity thanks to its uniqueness among the workshops in Ho Chi Minh. The workshop is a 100% hands-on activity where you’ll be guided by using wood-carving tools for creating a piece of your own. Participants can either choose to carve their own design, or to carve traditional Vietnamese patterns – the owners’ effort in combining the old and the new.

workshops in hcmc taytay 1

The pieces made can be used as decoration

Price: VND 990,000
Contact: Tay Tay Workshop Website 

Leather – Freewill Leather

workshops in hcmc freewill

Learn to make anything from purses to bags

If you’re keen on needles and threads, hammers and nails, then come to Freewill Leather – a workshop that’ll teach you to whip up any leather accessories: purse, tote bag, wallet… Many attendees have commented that punching holes during the class help them release so much stress, while the practicality of the craft makes this one of the most suitable workshops in Ho Chi Minh for couples and families.

workshops in hcmc freewill 1

Here’s an interesting activity to do with your friends

Price: VND 650,000 – VND 2,500,000
Contact: Freewill Leather Website 

Perfume/Candle – Note – The Scent Lab

workshops in hcmc note

Making candles is a fun family activity to try out with your kids

The Scent Lab provides scent-related workshops, including perfume-making, candle-making, even soap-making! Learn and create your one-of-a-kind scent under the instructions of a seasoned perfumer, and take home either a candle or a 10ml perfume vial that you’ll absolutely love without having to spend big bucks for big brand names.

workshops in hcmc note 1

Perfume-making isn’t for girls only

Price: VND 500,000 – VND 700,000
Contact: Note – The Scent Lab

Final Words on Workshops in Ho Chi Minh

Along with the increasingly fast pace of life, people feel the need to relax more. And that’s when workshops come into play. From wood-carving to perfume-making, there’s something for everyone to discover, to entertain, and most importantly, to unwind. So we hope with this list of workshops in Ho Chi Minh, you’ll have a blast this weekend. Though if you still haven’t found one yet, here are some other brilliant ideas:

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Get your travel insurance plan to explore more of Ho Chi Minh:

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