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Why We Love Vietnam

You must have read about how foreigners adore Vietnamese food, our fantastic scenery, and our friendly people. That’s true since they’re characteristics that Vietnam is proud of. But, have you ever heard why us locals fell so deeply in love with this wonderful country? You’re going to find that out in this guide.

We Love Vietnam’s Sidewalk Culture

why we love vietnam 1

Streetside snacks are Vietnamese comfort foods

No matter where you go, we’re sure that Vietnam has the most active sidewalk culture game. We can’t stress enough how much our people love sitting on the sidewalk. It’s an essential part of our daily lives: from the signature sidewalk coffee to piping hot street foods. It should come as no surprise that the main reason why we love Vietnam is the gastronomically pleasing street eats!

banh khot co lien 1

You can find all sorts of delicious foods on the street, like Banh Khot,

bbq 4

…or the flavorful Vietnamese style BBQ

why we love vietnam 2

Sidewalk Vietnamese Coffee

che 3

Che, a staple of Vietnamese deserts

See How to Enjoy The Sidewalk Culture in Vietnam

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

We Love Vietnam’s Weather 

why we love vietnam 3

Blessed with warm weather for a tropical country like Vietnam

As locals, it’s fascinating to us how Vietnam’s weather is so different throughout the country! You have Southern Vietnam with the dry and the rainy seasons. Though the rain is quite annoying, it always stays around 20 – 26 Celsius degrees, which is ideal beach weather.

Meanwhile, in the North, you can enjoy our version of “sweater weather” throughout December – January or catch snow in Sapa if you’re lucky enough. Isn’t it wonderful to experience all kinds of weather, in a single month, without ever leaving the country?

why we love vietnam 4

Rainy season can be a blast – everyone gets a free wash for their motorbikes

We Love Vietnam’s Chances for Adventures

why we love vietnam 5

The winding Tham Ma Pass in Ha Giang trails challenge even the most experienced driver

Vietnam is the ultimate spot for travel lovers. We have Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – a UNESCO World’s Heritage since 2003. For fans of walking, the Ta Nang – Phan Dung trekking path, which is 55 kilometers long of Vietnam’s most breath-taking sceneries, will challenge any hikers.

cao bang cover

Venture to Cao Bang to admire the Ban Gioc Fall

Though it would never be Vietnam if we don’t mention our motorbike culture. Navigating through endless flocks of transportation coming from every direction is our daily dose of adventure and a free reflex exercise! That said, it’s always much safer and more enjoyable when having a local drive you around.

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A motorbike tour allows you to experience the traffic culture with local guides

We Love Vietnam’s Vibrant Culture

why we love vietnam 7

Vietnamese love bia hoi

Have you ever heard that Vietnam is a melting pot with 54 ethnic groups?

ethnology museum 7

You can learn more about Vietnam Ethnic Groups in the Vietnam Ethnology Museum

You’ll find youngsters dressing in Western apparel clubbing on Saturday night. Then you’ll stumble across sword dance performances on traditional music on Sunday morning. And on Monday, see how the Khmer practice Buddhism in Wat Chantaransay Temple, which locates on one of Ho Chi Minh City’s best street for “nhau” (drinking).

This multicultural atmosphere in Vietnam makes everyone feel like there is always a place for them. No matter who you are, Vietnam will cater.

why we love vietnam 8

But we are also fond of a cup of tea

Final Thoughts on Why We Love Vietnam

We hope that our take on why we love Vietnam has given you a more genuine insight into our lives as well as the mentioned sub-cultures that, to us, define Vietnam so distinctively from other countries.

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