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Why Vietnam Is Perfect for Working Travelers

Let’s face the fact that although there are aspects of our jobs or business that we love, it’ll be a dilemma to choose between your career and traveling around the world, not to mention there are only very few jobs that take us around the globe. However, the power of the Internet has given way to a revolutionary lifestyle that the young generation aspires to, which is an industry’s niche that allows people to travel while working.

Here’s why Vietnam is the top-of-mind destination for digital nomads from all over the world:

Why Digital Nomads Love Vietnam?

Many of these working travelers choose Vietnam for various reasons. These people are frugal and know how to budget their resources effectively.

If you read about their favorite destinations, you will find that Vietnam for digital nomads is one of their popular choices. Most working travelers prefer Vietnam because of the reasonable living cost and they can budget their resources effectively. Other than that, the vibrant culture, rich history, and endless adventures in Vietnam are also what attract nomads.

Reliable and Accessible Internet

A strong and reliable Internet connection is of paramount importance for digital nomads, and Vietnam has always proven to be a country of not only widely available but also cheap Internet. You can expect easy access to free wifi almost everywhere, even in luxury hotels or budget hostels. Especially in big cities, if you are able to find the right spot, such as in a shopping mall or the lounge of a cinema, there is a free and fast Internet connection to enjoy and get work done. In the Southeast Asia region, the country is only behind Singapore and Thailand in terms of Internet services, which is a significant perk that allows working travelers in Vietnam to keep up with their work progress wherever they set foot.

vietnam for working travelers 4

Just pay a small price for a coffee and you can make use of the speedy Internet at the cafe for as long as you want

Cost of Living

While many of the emerging markets have increased their cost of living, Vietnam has remained one of the most affordable places to live and travel. You can rent a decent apartment for a mere fraction of the cost in the US or other EU countries. The average cost per month is below $600 per month and that includes transportation, food, etc. (depending on which city you’re living in and your choice of lifestyle).

vietnam for working travelers 2

Local markets are the one place for buying fresh and cheap groceries

See our breakdown of the Living Cost in Vietnam 

Easy Visa Process

The Visa process in Vietnam has been improved significantly to welcome more international visitors. There are different options to obtain a Vietnam Visa that allows sufficient time for you to explore this wonderful country while earning your living, and you can also find an agency to take care of the process at a fairly low cost.

Diversified and Vibrant Culture

You will always have something to do and somewhere to go when in Vietnam. There are famous cities offering unique and vibrant culture, natural attractions, and old temple remains that are full of historical significance.

vietnam for working travelers 1

The country’s culture is imbued with almost 4000 years of history (In picture: Quan Thanh Temple in Hanoi) 

Vietnam has come a long way to rise from its glorious past. Tourism is now on the rise, and the country has opened its doors to make it easier for people to work away from the constricting cubicles and humdrum concrete forests. Wondering where to book your tickets next? Don’t miss out on Vietnam!

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