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Why Studying in Vietnam is a Great Opportunity

Sometimes, a student may have trouble convincing parents that going overseas for a semester or year is a good idea. Besides, some students need to find an essay writer for hire to write a great application essay. Yes, students are adults and should be able to pursue whichever academic opportunities they feel will enrich their college (and life) experience. But being on the same page with parents about the overall academic career is a good idea. Here are just a few critical points to address the merits of studying in Vietnam.

Study in Vietnam Advantage: See the World Beyond Your Current Bubble

Some college students have led relatively sheltered lives, and odds are these particular students are the same ones who may need to work to convince parents that studying in Vietnam will be a benefit. Studying abroad most commonly occurs at a formative time in a student’s life. The entire perspective on the world can be influenced by a semester or year in Vietnam, usually in a beneficial way. How, exactly? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Learning about the Vietnamese culture leads to a better understanding of the outside world
  • Improve positive and constructive traits like tolerance, respect for those of a different background, and curiosity about different cultures and customs
  • This tolerance, respect, and curiosity can be brought back to the home country and shared with those around them.

Sounds wishy-washy, right? Maybe it is, but the above is true for many students who have had the opportunity to study abroad.

Gain Skills and Experiences Desirable in the Job Market

Proving that your skills can be honed during your study abroad in Vietnam can build a strong case in convincing your parents, especially in today’s extremely competitive job market, where fewer and fewer recent grads succeed in landing a job. Having any one of the following skills, traits, or educational backgrounds is an advantage that may prove to give a job seeker an edge:

  • Two very important abilities in the working world: adaptability and flexibility (new country, new situations, new experiences,…Students who study in Vietnam have the opportunity to develop these traits)
  • In most cases, foreign language ability is also improved on all fronts: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Read more about Learning Vietnamese Tips
  • Street smarts (someone who travels alone to a different part of the world has to have this to some degree)
  • Confidence (again, total immersion in a foreign culture and likely having to speak a foreign language, plus solo travel? A recipe for improving confidence)

The Cost Is Not as Scary as It May Seem

For many abroad programs, a student’s financial aid package will apply. If not, students should talk to the study office about alternatives or other funding options and apply for additional grants or scholarships. If parents are partially or fully supporting a student for college, and the cost is an issue, working out a special deal such as the student covering all transportation costs, as well as all travel while overseas, is advisable.

Studying abroad has many valuable pluses that can outweigh any hesitation, be it on the student’s part of the parents. When a student has concerns about whether or not their parents will approve a decision to study in Vietnam, that student needs to be well informed. The above points can contribute to a strong case in favor of gaining a memorable academic, cultural, and personal experience that will enrich a student’s overall college experience.

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