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Where to Stay in Lang Son

As a province in the far north of Vietnam, Lang Son shares a borderline with Guangxi province in China – making it a strategically important location of the country, not to mention the scenic beauty of the magnificent waterfalls and virgin forests. What is more, the history of the land dates back to thousands of years ago, giving you immense chances to explore the history and ancient culture of Vietnam.

Lang Son will not appear in your typical Vietnam travel guide, but any adventurous spirit would not miss a chance to set foot in one of the most exotic destinations of the country. See where to stay in Lang Son to plan your next awesome trip.

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Since it is a developing city, do expect modest accommodation facilities

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Amazingly fresh views to wake up to

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MVIMG 20190530 184705

Freshly-caught sea snails

mau son wine

“Mau Son” wine – a specialty of Lang Son

Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son

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One of the few high-quality options in Lang Son, which is suitable for business or leisure travelers.


Vi’s Boutique Hotel

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A 3-star hotel that can provide pretty decent services at the most reasonable price.

vi boutique

Song Long Hotel

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Another budget-friendly option that can guarantee a comfortable stay.

song long

Duong Cong Chich Homestay

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duong cong chich

Homestay is a wise choice for cost-conscious travelers who would love to experience the authentic local lifestyle.

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Local home-made meal

Nhat Son Guesthouse

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In rural areas, guesthouses are popular accommodation choices.

nhat son

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