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Where to Stay in Kon Tum

For international tourists, Kon Tum is more of a novel destination in Vietnam, but for your inner explorer spirit, make sure to note down this spectacular city in Vietnam Central Highlands for your next adventure. With incredibly delectable foods, pristine mountainous landscapes, and fascinating cultural ethnic traits, Kon Tum has never failed to keep a traveler in awe of its wonders.

Kon Tum is not a tourist-centric city so fancy hotels are limited, but you can easily find a budget stay with pretty decent facilities. Check out our recommendations for where to stay in Kon Tum below:

Window Hotel

For your first night in Kon Tum, choosing a hotel in the central area is the optimal choice to get your body recharged and prepare for the upcoming trips around the province. Window Hotel in Kon Tum City has pretty much everything you can ask for a sound night of sleep.

window where to stay in kon tum

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Indochine Hotel

Indochine Hotel is a more luxurious option than other hotels in Kon Tum. It usually caters to business travelers and conferences, so be assured that the services here are of good quality. There is a huge coffee place in front of the hotel – which is supposed to be a traveler’s go-to place for Kon Tum premium coffee.

indochine where to stay in kon tum

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indochine cafe where to stay in kon tum

The coffee place is where you can find some of Kon Tum’s finest coffee

Wonder Warm Hostel

The most prevalent accommodation options in Kon Tum are homestays and hostels, but that does not mean you will have to endure disappointing services. On the contrary, the cheaper stays are where you can explore the local lifestyles to the fullest, and most of the amenities are up-to-date to make sure your experience worth every penny (even though you don’t have to pay much!)

hostel where to stay in kon tum

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Sum Villa Homestay Mang Den

It takes a 2-hour drive through winding mountain slopes from Kon Tum City to Mang Den, but we promise everything is well worthwhile. Mang Den is dubbed as Vietnam’s second Da Lat, so chances are you will have the chance to enjoy the cool atmosphere and refreshing green sceneries without the hassle of overcrowding

sum villa where to stay in kon tum

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Toki Mang Den

Designed with an open-spaced concept, Toki Mang Dang strives for letting customers being closed to the lovely nature here.

toki mang den where to stay in kon tum

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