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Where to Stay If Da Lat Is Fully Booked

During springtime, Da Lat is Vietnam’s most popular tourist destination for international and domestic visitors. Thus, hotels can quickly get fully booked if you don’t make a reservation well in advance. Don’t get frustrated yet as there are many hotel alternatives to help you fully enjoy your vacation in this “Little Paris”.

Where to Stay If Da Lat Is Fully Booked

Camping in Da Lat

Camp site by Tuyen Lam Lake
Or spend a night on top of Lang Biang after a hike

Glamping in Da Lat

Glamping includes everything you need, just like a hotel. You can visit one of these glamping sites in Da Lat:

(*) Cu Lan Village is a tourist village. You can choose to stay in a resort, a bungalow, or a Son Cuoc house at a price from VND 1,500,000 to VND 2,500,00 per day.

Read more at Camping with Style – Glamping in Vietnam

Homestays in Da Lat

Da Lat offers endless homestay options, so even if the hotels and resorts in Da Lat don’t have available rooms, you can easily find a humble homestay. Even though you might need to sacrifice a little bit of quality and comfort, and homestay facilities are quite basic, the hosts’ hospitality is incredible.

Homestays in Da Lat offer many unique concepts

Da Lat Facebook Groups

These Facebook groups are where you can post your questions onto the wall to ask where to stay/eat/drink at the time or days before your trip in case you need to find where to stay if Da Lat is fully booked.

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Key Takeaways When Booking Accommodations in Da Lat during Peak Seasons

Book your hotel rooms 15-20 days before arrival to avoid high hotel requests and inflated prices during the peak holiday season.

  • Regarding accommodations recommended in the Da Lat Facebook Groups, be careful of prepayment scams. Read reviews and check carefully if you can pay upon arrival at the hotels
  • Check out “Book now, pay later” accommodations through websites. You won’t have to worry about where you’ll stay, but you can also look for other hotels or cancel your booking without any problems.
  • Beware of scammers who try to lure you into their homestays or hotels. Once they’re spotted, you may be confused about where to stay.

Our Final Takes on Where to Stay if Da Lat is Fully Booked

Keep in mind those hotel alternatives, Facebook groups where you can ask for information quickly and directly, and especially the heads-up to fully enjoy your trip to Da Lat. Share if you have any useful tips when facing such a situation while on vacation.

Look for more lodging options below:

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