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Where to Seek Legal Advice in Hanoi

Laws can be tricky to understand in general, and is especially true when it comes to the law of another country. Some basic common knowledge laws in Vietnam are simple to comprehend, but things can become complicated when it comes to the legality of documentation and contracts.

If you are an expat in Vietnam or are thinking of living in Vietnam, you will need to understand the legal aspect of residency, or perhaps you require a work permit to work in Vietnam legally. Whatever is the case, having the help of a professional will simplify the process for you. For those wishing to find out where to seek legal advice in Hanoi, we have compiled a list of places to aid you in your legal situation.

Note: do keep in mind that the fees for any law services will be relatively expensive.

Reasons To Seek Legal Advice in Hanoi

Where to Seek Legal Advice in Hanoi: International Law Firms

The following firms are mainly used by overseas business entities.

where to seek legal advice in hanoi allens

Allens Arthur Robinson

Focuses on banking, construction, contracts, distribution, foreign currency controls + investment, franchising, import/export, intellectual property, labor, litigation, maritime and transport, property and leasing.
Office: Suite 401, Hanoi Tower, 49 Hai Ba Trung District
Tel: (8424) 3936 0990
Fax: (8424) 3936 0984

where to seek legal advice in hanoi baker Baker & Mckenzie

Provides services in contracts, major projects, foreign trade and investment, WTO and customs, dispute resolution, construction, representative offices, mining, agency, and labor.
Office: Unit 1001, 10th Floor, Indochina Plaza, 241 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay District
Tel: (8424) 3825 1428
Fax: (8424) 3825 1432

where to seek legal advice in hanoi duane

Duane Morris LLP

Provides services in corporate, securities, mergers and acquisitions, banking and financial services, complex financial transactions, energy, environment and resources, information technology, and telecommunications.
Office: Pacific Place, Unit V1307/1308, 13th Floor, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District
Tel: (8424) 3946 2200
Fax: (8424) 3946 1311

where to seek legal advice in hanoi kelvin

Kelvin Chia Partnership

Provides services in arbitration, banking and finance, civil claims and collections, contracts and other commercial relations, corporations, government relations, infrastructure projects, litigation, marketing agreements, and mining.
Office: Unit F1609A, 16th Floor, CharmVit Tower, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay District
Tel: (8424) 3822 8787 / 3822 8788
Fax: (8424) 3943 9875

Local Law Firms With English Speaking Lawyers

Foreigners interested in where to seek legal advice in Hanoi will want to find a firm that can communicate in English. Keep in mind that the English proficiency level will vary from one firm to another. Be sure to determine that you are satisfied with the English level and that clear communication and understanding can be reached before engaging in any services.

Sometimes using a translation app could help interpret certain English words or concepts when conveying your thoughts to the lawyer of your choice.

where to seek legal advice in hanoi ant

ANT Lawyers

Represents multinational and domestic clients from industrial, commercial companies, and individuals on a variety of business, investment, intellectual properties, and civil matters.
Office: 5th Floor, Sentinel Place Building, 41A Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem District
Tel: (8428) 730 86 529

where to seek legal advice in hanoi clf

Community Law Vietnam

Provides services in business consultancy, enterprise, and representative office establishment, foreign direct investment, intellectual property, labor disputes, mergers, and acquisitions.
Office: Unit 1007, Ford Thang Long, 105 Lang Ha, Dong Da District
Tel: (8424) 2220 9868 / 9869
Fax: (8428) 2220 9539

where to seek legal advice in hanoi hoang

Hoang Minh Law Office

Office: 5th Floor, 71 Mai Hac De, Bui Thi Xuan, Hai Ba Trung District
Tel: (8424) 3974 3442
Fax: (8424) 3974 3449

Hoang Long

Office: 768 Minh Khai Street, Vinh Tuy Ward Hai Ba Trung District
Tel: (024) 3987 1778
Fax: (024) 3971 2632
Email: /

Lawyer Nguyen Chien

Office: No. 52, Quan Su, Hoan Kiem District
Tel: (8424) 3826 1605
Fax: (8424) 3928 6230

Local Specialized Law Firms

Below are firms that provide legal consulting services in investment, commerce, business management, family law, property dispute issues, criminal law, labor law, administrative procedures, and civil transactions.

where to seek legal advice in hanoi pham

Pham & Associates

Office: No. 8 Tran Hung Dao
Tel: (8424) 3824 4852
Fax: (8424) 3824 4853

where to seek legal advice in hanoi vilaf

VILAF Hong Duc

Office: HCO building (Melia Hotel) Suite 603 44B Ly Thuong Kiet
Tel: (8424) 3934 8530
Fax: (8424) 3934 8531

Lawyers Association Of The City Of Hanoi, Vietnam

Office: 35 Nguyen Chi Thanh
Tel: (8424) 3835 3548

Pham Hong Hai

Office: 17 Trung Yen Road 10, Lot 11B, Trung Yen Urban Area, Cau Giay District
Tel: (8424) 3783 0737
Fax: (024) 3971 2632
Email: /

Van Phong Luat Su Truong Anh Tu

Office: 3rd Floor, No. 1, Nam Dong Street Dong Da District
Tel: (8424) 3767 2468

Final Words for Where to Seek Legal Advice in Hanoi

When it comes to figuring out where to seek legal advice in Hanoi, it can be confusing to start the process. But once you have a clear idea of where you need to go for your specific issue, then the next step is to make contact with the firm and work out an agreement. Hopefully, this small list has helped you find the right place that can aid you in your legal issues.

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