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Where to Go Camping in Hanoi

Camping is relatively new to Vietnam, including Hanoi. It’s not very common for families and friends to spend their time camping outdoor. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your time out in the city. There are many places where you can set up camp for the night, and experience living in the “wilderness”. This is our guide on where to go camping in Hanoi.

Places to Go Camping in Hanoi

West Lake Open Area

Address: on the right of Phu Tay Ho, West Lake, Tay Ho District

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Camping with a view of the Hanoi skyline, why not?

Located right on the shore of the tranquil West Lake, it’s easy to understand why this empty grassland area’s always occupied by young locals. They flock here for various reasons: hanging out, walking their dogs, socializing, or, you guessed it, camping! So set up your camp base, light a fire, and roast marshmallows while enjoying the serenity and gazing over the city night sky.

Tip: Avoid the 1st and 15th day of the Lunar Calendar and other National holidays since this area will be a parking lot for Phu Tay Ho visitors.

Yen So Park

Address: 1A National Highway, Hoang Mai District

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Yen So Park is the perfect camping spot that’s not too far away from the city center

You want to get out of the city center but not too far away? Then make Yen So Park your destination of choice for going camping in Hanoi. It’s the largest urban park in all of Hanoi, isolated by ranges of lush green trees and grass beds. Here, you can also enjoy various activities such as duck boat riding or cycling.

Ham Lon Mountain

Address: Ham Lon, Soc Son District

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Camping in Ham Lon Mountain will give you the closest experience to living in the wild

Ham Lon Mountain is about 40 kilometers away from Hanoi’s city center, in Soc Son – a tranquil suburban district. Here, you will be greeted by an untapped natural beauty of Ham Lon Lake, a mountain with no sign of modern life, well, except for your camping gears and devices. It’s the complete silence that makes Ham Lon Mountain one of the best sites for camping in Hanoi.

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Where to Buy Equipment for Camping in Hanoi?

Before we head out to the open and set up our base for the night, let’s get started with purchasing some camping gears first. See our Vietnam Camping Tips article for the full list of equipment you’ll need.

Here are some of our recommended shops:

Umove Travel and Outdoor Gear


Opening hours: 9 AM – 10 PM

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Go to Umove to get you some camping gears

Umove is one of the most trust-worthy locations when it comes to gear shopping for camping in Hanoi. They offer a whole rainbow of equipment for your outdoor adventures, from clothing, tents, cookware, to even surfing boards if you hit the beach. Umove also provides a 7-day return service, which means that you can exchange false products within 7 days after purchasing.

Fanfan Outdoor Equipment Store

Address: 73B Mai Hac De, Hai Ba Trung District

Opening hours: 9 AM – 9 PM

camping in hanoi 2

Fanfan is the place to go for trekking or hiking equipment

Fanfan is a gear shop dedicated to camping in Hanoi. Everything you need to enjoy your time outdoor, you can find it at Fanfan. Plus, it’s located right in the city center so you won’t have to go the extra mile.

OR, get the best deal for camping essentials online!

Tips for Camping in Hanoi

Check the weather: You should be mindful when it comes to weather in Hanoi. We advise against camping out when it’s pouring cats and dogs. If you’re going to higher sites like Ham Lon Mountain, make sure to carry extra layers (blankets, warm clothes…).

Bring your bugs weaponry: Camping in a tropical country, you should expect a lot of bugs and insects. So a bug repeller is your best way to avoid mosquitoes and those needle-headed creatures.

Prepare health items: Medical supplies, bandages are necessary for camping out. Buy a first-aid kit online here.

Protect the environment: Make sure to clean up your camping site when you’re done to preserve the location for others to enjoy their time. Use eco-friendly camping gears like:

Conclusion on Camping in Hanoi

Camping is always something fun to enjoy with your friends and family, staying outdoor, and cooking your meals. Though it’s not super popular in Hanoi, the choices are there for your consideration. Let us know what you think and feel free to share with us your Vietnam Travel experience in the comment below.

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