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When is the Best Time to go to Hanoi

What is the best time to go to Hanoi? What are the most interesting seasons? What’s the weather like in Hanoi each month? When are the best festivals in Hanoi? Read on for our comprehensive guide.

When To Go To Hanoi: The Summary

• The best times to visit Hanoi are the months from August to October. During this period of the year, the rainy season in Hanoi is over. The cool air, average temperature, and blue sky are favorable factors for you to have a wonderful trip there.
• You can visit Hanoi at any time of the year because there are interesting things to do in each season.
• Chilly weather is from December to January; this is the coldest time of the year in Hanoi.

Hanoi Weather in January

January temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 19/66
Average low (C/F): 15/59

Hanoi Festivals And Events In January:

1, Jan (Gregorian calendar): New Year. The locals of Hanoi celebrate this Western holiday with the expatriate community too; however, the New Year on the Western (Gregorian) calendar is not widely celebrated as the TET Lunar New Year.

5, Jan (Lunar calendar): Dong Da Festival. This festival is celebrated for the historical victory of defending the enemy led by Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue) King, the hero from Tay Son, Binh Dinh, and held on the 5th of January Lunar Calendar.

6 – 16, Jan (Lunar calendar): Co Loa festival takes place at Dong Anh, the countryside of Hanoi. From the 6th to 16th of January every year, it is held to commemorate An Duong Vuong, one of the Kings of Vietnam in the old days. It has lots of activities such as rice-cooking competitions and singing. It promises a memorable visit for you.

Hanoi Weather in February

February temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 19/66
Average low (C/F): 15/59

Hanoi Festivals And Events In February:

14, Feb (Gregorian calendar): Red Valentine’s Day. The day that females give presents to males. Read more on White Valentine’s Day in March and Black Valentine’s Day in April below.

15 – 20, Feb (Gregorian calendar): During the 2018 calendar year, TET Lunar New Year falls in between these dates, and it is the largest holiday in Vietnam. Most businesses are closed during this celebration.

2 – 6, Feb (Gregorian calendar): Hai Ba Trung Festival. People worship the Queens of Vietnam – Madam Trung Trac and Trung Nhi at the temple called Dong Nhan. This temple was built in 1142.

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Hanoi Weather in March

March temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 23/73
Average low (C/F): 18/64

Hanoi Festivals And Events In March:

3 – 7, Mar (Lunar calendar): Tay Ho Temple Festival. Tay Ho Temple is where people from Hanoi go to worship Mother Lieu Hanh, a woman of many talents in playing music, singing, and poetry. 

6 – 7, Mar (Lunar calendar): there is a writing contest, musical instrument playing and singing at Pho Linh Pagoda, and a Vietnam Art Performance which attracts a lot of people.

8, Mar (Gregorian calendar): International Women’s Day.

14, Mar (Gregorian calendar): White Valentine’s Day. The day that males give presents to females to return their appreciation and thanks.

The 10th day of the third Lunar month is Hung King’s Commemoration.

23, Mar (Lunar calendar): Every year, on the 23rd of March, people from Le Mat Village hold a festival to commemorate Hoang Duc Trung, the Guardian of Le Mat village. This snake village is an unusual place to visit in Vietnam.

Hanoi Weather in April

April temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 26/79
Average low (C/F): 21/70

Hanoi Festivals And Events In April:

9, April (Lunar calendar): Phu Dong festival or Giong festival. This is the celebration of the ancient character of Giong genius in the Gia Lam district in Hanoi with a show replay of the battle between and the enemy.

14, April (Gregorian calendar): Black Valentine’s Day. This holiday originated in Korea but it is widely popular among local Vietnamese. On this day, all the singles celebrate their single status by exchanging gifts with each other, and they specifically wear all black.

15, April (Lunar calendar): Buddha’s Birthday. As an important day on the Buddhist calendar, this day commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. This religious holiday is celebrated quietly with prayer at various temples around the city.

30, April (Gregorian calendar): Liberation Day. This day marked the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 and North and South Vietnam were reunited.

Hanoi Weather in May

May temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 31/88
Average low (C/F): 24/75

Hanoi Festivals And Events In May:

1, May (Gregorian calendar): International Labor Day. As this event is adjacent to Liberation Day, it is often joined on April 30th as a double-day holiday.

5, May (Lunar calendar): Tet Doan Ngo, which usually falls in June in the Western calendar. This mid-year holiday marks the seasonal shift from spring to summer.

19, May (Gregorian calendar): Ho Chi Minh’s birthday.

Hanoi Weather in June

June temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 32/90
Average low (C/F): 25/77

Hanoi Festivals And Events In June:

1, June (Gregorian calendar): International Children’s Day. This is a fun day for the children to play games at the parks and receive gifts.

Hanoi Weather in July

July temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 32/90
Average low (C/F): 26/79


Hanoi Weather in August

August temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 32/90
Average low (C/F): 26/79

Hanoi Weather in September

September temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 31/88
Average low (C/F): 25/77

Hanoi Festivals And Events In September:

2, Sept (Gregorian calendar): National Day is celebrated with music and festivals at local parks throughout Hanoi City.

24, Sept (Gregorian calendar): the 15th of August in the Lunar calendar is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 24th of September in the 2018 Western calendar. In Chinatown, the streets are filled with lanterns display and mooncakes.

Hanoi Weather in October

October temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 28/82
Average low (C/F): 22/72

Hanoi Festivals And Events In October:

20, Oct (Gregorian calendar): Vietnamese Women’s Day.

31, Oct (Gregorian calendar): Halloween.

Hanoi Weather in November

November temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 24/75
Average low (C/F): 19/66

Hanoi Festivals And Events In November:

20, Nov (Gregorian calendar): Teacher’s Day. On this day, students and schools host various events to show appreciation to the teachers.

Hanoi Weather in December

December temperatures in Hanoi:
Average high (C/F): 21/70
Average low (C/F): 15/59

Hanoi Festivals And Events In December:

25, Dec (Gregorian calendar): Christmas, is one of the most festive events of the year. And yes, it is widely celebrated in Vietnam.

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