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What to Know Before Moving to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most fascinating places to live, located in South East Asia. Experiencing its tradition and activities, such as crab fishing, sea kayaking, plunging limestone cliffs, and eating delicious Vietnamese food, can be mind-boggling. This is why more and more people are ready to relocate to the place.

Just like in any other place, there are certain things you need to know before moving to Vietnam, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Well, there is not much to worry about in Vietnam, but it is always preferable to learn ahead of what you’re getting into before arriving at the destination. Prior knowledge will help you plan your paperwork, accommodation, and logistics, making your move smooth.

Here are the top things you should know about Vietnam before moving there so that you can enjoy living in this fascinating country without worrying or stressing about anything.

Language and Culture

Vietnamese is a very difficult language to master due to its tonal nature. But fortunately, you need not worry as more and more Vietnamese people are learning English to have access to communication with other nationalities. The English-speaking population is especially high in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. Hence, you can communicate in English with the locals while you learn the local language.

Cost of Living when Moving to Vietnam

The low cost of living is the main reason many expats move to Vietnam because it is considered one of the most affordable countries in the world. Even if you haven’t been able to land a high-paying job when you first move to Vietnam, you can still afford to live comfortably as there are budget options for almost anything you look for.


Vietnam is not a top country in terms of health. The public hospital facilities are limited. As an expat, you can access international clinics that offer quality healthcare facilities. You can have access to good healthcare with good medical insurance. Air pollution can be an issue in Vietnam, especially in large cities.

Having Pet when Moving to Vietnam

While moving with your dog to Vietnam can be overwhelming, you can still take your dog when relocating to the country, provided you have the needed paperwork. If you are a dog lover, check out the four native dogs of Vietnam, which they consider national treasures- Hmong dog, Lai Dog, Bac Ha Dog, and Phu Quoc Ridgeback. Though the number of pet lovers in Vietnam is growing, Vietnamese law doesn’t particularly protect pets. Many stray or abandoned dogs are always looking for adoption.

Traveling with your dog locally is not tricky, as many taxis will take the dog along if you inform them in advance. You can easily find pet-friendly housing and restaurants. You have to walk across many crowded streets in Vietnam; hence, your dog may get a little out of control, and it may be difficult for you to manage the dog initially, which will get better over time. Since police and older people might not be open to dogs, put leashes and muzzles on the dogs when you go outside. The weather is also tolerable for dogs; hence, it should not be an issue, but consider carefully if you have a husky or other long-hair breeds.

Transportation in Vietnam

Getting around in Vietnam is easy, as it is one of the cheapest countries in Asia. The transport system needs to be better, as it has yet to have a world-class airport, but everything is available, from trains to buses. The connectivity is excellent, and reaching from one end of the city to another is not an issue.

If you are looking for long-distance travel options within the country, sleeper buses and overnight trains can be a great idea. These are the best options for covering large distances at dirt-cheap prices. But if you are ready to spend some extra money, you can comfortably opt for the airlines to fly within the country.

Local Travel when Moving to Vietnam

Most Western travelers prefer to walk when they are traveling locally. Vietnam is a great country that is surprisingly walkable, but obviously, there are other options that you should know about if you get tired. There are several ways of getting around the city, which include seeking taxis, local buses, rickshaws, bicycles, and even motorbike taxis. However, we advise you to avoid motorbike taxis, as it is not the most comfortable ride.

Any mode of transportation you choose is going to be cheap. You only have to learn to negotiate a fixed price before you even board the vehicle to avoid being ripped off. Cab services like Grab taxi, which works like Uber, are available in Vietnam. Download the app to travel across the city at a fair price. You will know exactly how much your ride will cost and how long it will take to reach the destination, even before you board the cab.

Be Aware of Scam

As you are moving to an unfamiliar territory, it may be easier said than done. As you are moving to an unknown territory, it may be easier said than done. Especially if you are not local, you may not identify a scam quickly. But following a few basic precautions can help you stay away from scammers.

Research well through the Internet to learn more about the place. Go through YouTube videos about Vietnam scams to know what the possibilities are. Do not trust anyone completely, even if they are nice to you. Especially while taking transportation, be very careful. Before leaving the place, talk to a friend or a neighbor to discuss approximately how much you will have to pay for the transportation.

Save the phone numbers of the building manager and neighbors so that you can call them in case of any emergencies in which you need advice.

The Bottom Line on What to Know before Moving to Vietnam

Moving to a new country is always exciting but can also get scary, especially if it is your first time living outside your country. Researching more about the places to visit, how to interact with the local people, and knowing a bit more about the traditions of the place can help you blend in with the locals easily.

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