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What to Know about the Internet and Communications in Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam is considered one of the fast-growing markets regarding the internet and communication. Internet and communication packages in Vietnam are very popular and not expensive, especially in the urban area. You might find it a little bit harder to get connected to the internet in the rural area; however, this is improving, and some network operators provide services even in the most remote areas of Vietnam. Now, let’s take a look at the internet and communication in Vietnam.

Phone and Internet

According to We Are Social Singapore, by January 2018, the number of people using the internet in Vietnam was about 64 million, increased by 27.5%. In terms of mobile subscriptions, the figure was 146.53 million. These figures show that you don’t need to worry about being isolated from the outside world when visiting Vietnam. A survey of broadband speeds compiled by, a U.K. broadband, TV, phone, and mobile provider indicates that Vietnam’s internet speed ranked 74th out of 189 countries and territories. Specifically, the download speed is 5.46 megabytes per second.

If you are intended to visit Vietnam and stay there for a few days or just a little bit more than a week, phone and internet service for tourists is recommended. Since tourism has become one of the focused developments in Vietnam these days, so GSM network operators in Vietnam offer very convenient and money-saving services for tourists.

If you arrive in Vietnam through air travel, you can easily find SIM card booths at the arrival halls. Here is our guide on Tan Son Nhat (SGN) airport arrival tips.

Important to remember:

  • Internet censorship in Vietnam is a problem for many expats and foreign visitors. There are certain sites that you cannot get access to without the help of a virtual private network (VPN).
  • Please travel with an unlocked phone! The last thing you want is your overseas phone service provider locking out your device to be used with a local SIM.

You can check out these operators for their service for internet and communication in Vietnam:

Viettel with Tourist Viettel: This is a prepaid SIM card. You just need to bring your passport to any branch of Viettel all over Vietnam to register for this service. There are two kinds of this service: Tourist Voice (allows you to call, text and use 3G/4G, costs VND 100,000 – VND 200,000/package) and Tourist Data (only allows you to text and use 3G/4G, costs 100,000/package).


VinaPhone: There are two kinds of services: Tourist SIM which allows you to make both domestic and international calls, text, and uses the internet within 15 days and Internet 3G SIM, which is suitable for the ones who only need to use the internet within 7 days. Both of these services cost VND 199,000.


Mobifone with Happy Tourist: Similar to Tourist Viettel, this is also a prepaid SIM, offering you two choices: Happy Tourist Data allows you to text and use the internet and Happy Tourist Voice & Data allows you to call, text, and use the internet (VND 200,000/package). You can find the instructions to use this service in six languages (Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) when you register for it.


Regarding getting access to the internet, apart from using mobile data, you can use Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is now available in almost every café shops, restaurants, and hotels. You can easily get access to the internet with a given password. This way helps you save money. However, you will lose connection anytime you get out of range. Therefore, what we suggest is that you should own a SIM card with the mobile data plan, so you can have a better experience with the Internet and communication in Vietnam, particularly when your main purpose is to navigate around using GPS and maps.

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In Vietnam, there are post offices in every city, town, and village. When telecommunication and the Internet were as developed as today, the post office was a common way of communication in Vietnam. The Vietnam Post is the most popular post office brand in Vietnam, established by the government. Vietnam Post now has 5 international post offices to handle international inbound and outbound postal items in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Besides, there are private couriers operating in Vietnam such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS, etc. In case you are searching for postal service in Vietnam, you can check out our previous guide on how to send a package from Vietnam for more information and instructions.

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Conclusion on What to Know about the Internet and Communications in Vietnam

In Vietnam, you can find many convenient and inexpensive services for tourists. The postal service is considered very reliable too. These services are meant to enhance the quality of tourism in Vietnam. Good internet and communication service is always a plus in tourists’ eyes and the Internet and communication in Vietnam can be expected to bring you a good experience.

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