VietnamHo Chi MinhWhat to Know about Motorbike Rental Places in Ho Chi Minh City

What to Know about Motorbike Rental Places in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is one of the nations with a large number of two-wheelers. You can see numerous scooters, motorbikes, and motorcycles, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, which has over 7 million registered motorbikes. To those who want to experience a freestyle adventure, exploring Vietnam on a motorbike would be an exciting choice. With abundant motorbike rental places, particularly around the backpackers’ streets in Ho Chi Minh, you should know a few things to consider if you decide on renting this transport.

Requirements of Motorbike Rental Places in Ho Chi Minh City

  • A valid passport (usually with over a 6-month visa)
  • Unless you rent from your hotel, you must hand over your passport as collateral until you return the motorbike.
  • Hotel and contact details

Note: As required by law, you must have a valid license to drive in Vietnam – this can be an international driving permit or your motorcycle license from home converted into a Vietnamese license for operating a two-wheeler. Depending on the rental place, some places do not require you to show proof of this qualification.

And since your passport will be kept as security, other than the motorbike rental fees, you do not need to pay additional money for security.

What to Expect When Renting a Motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City

There are many motorbike rental places in Ho Chi Minh City, especially near the backpackers’ district in District 1. But before browsing through these shops and considering whether to rent, make sure you know about these things:

  • Riding a motorbike in Vietnam involves possible risks, such as bodily injury, lost/stolen items from thefts.
  • Prices of motorbike rental are about VND 120,000 – 300,000 per day, depending on the make, model, engine size, and manual or auto transmission. This comes with a helmet or two. Gasoline is usually not included, but the tank will have enough for you to head to the nearest gas station to fill up.
  • Depending on the rental length, you can negotiate for better deals. This can range from a few hours within a day to monthly rentals.
  • The standard rentals are the Yamaha Nouvo, SYM Attila, and the Honda Airblade.
  • Before driving off with the motorbike, check on the fuel tank, scratches, side mirrors, and proper tire inflation.
  • The automatic motorbike is the easiest to handle, better to ride in metropolitan areas, and suitable for beginner drivers. The manual requires hand and foot coordination. And engine bikes are for experienced riders only and ideal for the rugged roads in the countryside.

Riding Motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City

To ride a motorbike in the city, you must have an international driving permit and your national or Vietnamese license. You cannot claim travel insurance if you don’t have this license. You must drive on the right of the road.

motorbike rental in vietnam helmets 1

Read How to Get a Motorcycle License in Vietnam for more information on obtaining a Vietnamese license.

Although driving a motorbike is one of the great joys in Ho Chi Minh, you should not try to tackle the city’s traffic if you don’t have any prior experience riding a motorbike or in crowded streets.

If you still want to enjoy traveling in the city on a motorbike, you can check i Tour Vietnam’s motorbike tours in Ho Chi Minh City to be driven on the back of the bike by local guides.

Although it is not mandatory to have travel insurance when visiting Vietnam, it is essential to ensure a trip with minimal risks and that there is an extra means for security. Note that if you drive without a proper license in Vietnam, it automatically invalidates your insurance.

Summary of Motorbike Rental Places in Ho Chi Minh City

The motorbike is great transportation when traveling around Ho Chi Minh City. To ensure an unforgettable adventure with minimal risks, you should consider the above motorbike rental tips and these motorbike riding tips with local guides and drivers.

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