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What to Know about Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

Besides Hoan Kiem Lake, Flag Tower… which are internationally famous icons, Long Bien Bridge is also considered as one of the symbols of Hanoi. Long Bien Bridge is not only an architectural work but also carries the memories and pride of Hanoi people.

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi: A Brief History

Long Bien Bridge was built by the French around 1898 – 1902 and was named the Doumer Bridge then. Long Bien Bridge is called by the Vietnamese people as the “the witness of history”, as the bridge has undergone harsh battles in two resistance wars against the French and the American. Specifically, during the Resistance War against the Americans (also widely known as The Vietnam War), Long Bien Bridge was bombed four times. But the bridge, which has experienced so much devastation, has stood still across Red River to become one of the precious symbols representing a painful history of Hanoi.

long bien bridge the witness

Long Bien Bridge – The witness of history

long bien bridge 5

The old structure juxtaposes with the modern buildings

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi: Its Role in The Locals’ Daily Lives

As a bridge connecting Hoan Kiem District and Long Bien District – the two most populous districts in the city, Long Bien bridge once played a vital role in the daily lives of Hanoians. Later on, when people have more bridges across the Red River established, Long Bien Bridge drew itself to a more humble position, allowing pedestrians, bicycles, and motorbikes as well as trains to pass through. Every day, Long Bien Bridge helps traders carry vegetables into the city, and it’s also the place people jogging every morning.

long bien bridge in daily lives 1

Long Bien bridge bears significant values in the daily lives of Hanoi people

But for Hanoi people, Long Bien Bridge is not just any bridge. The old iron bars of the structure have the trace of two desperate wars imprinted. Not only is it the symbol of architecture – the art of ancient Hanoi, but also a museum witnesses the development of the capital.

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi: What to Do

Coming to Long Bien Bridge, you can enjoy a completely different Hanoi from what it is as one of the two most bustling cities of Vietnam. Amidst the hectic urban pace, you can still find a place to relax with the vast sky and clouds.

If you have an opportunity to come to Long Bien Bridge, do not miss the amazing sunrise and sunset experience here. If you plan to experience a night tour in Hanoi, start with the sunset on Long Bien Bridge, enjoy yourself with different activities in the Old Quarter and end the tour with the magnificent dawn on Long Bien Bridge.

long bien bridge sunset

The Sunset from Long Bien Bridge view

When you come to Long Bien Bridge, don’t forget to bring with you a camera to capture the beautiful moments of this place. Any photography lover will be able to find many cool angles that appreciate nature as well as life here.

long bien bridge 1

View of the Red River from Long Bien Bridge

Now at Long Bien Bridge, there are more and more “love locks” like what you see on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris or Namsan Tower in Korea. Although hanging too many locks on the bridge is not a good idea as the centuries-old structure is no longer at its best, but you can still come here with your significant other and have a romantic walk along the bridge.

love locks 1

Love locks on Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi: How to Get There

From Hanoi Old Quarter, catch a taxi or walk about 1 kilometer and here you are at Long Bien Bridge. To get on the bridge, you can follow the ramp near Gam Cau Street.

long bien bridge what to do

Long Bien Bridge is not far from the Old Quarter

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Summary on Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

In a glamorous Hanoi where people are rushing and living such fast-paced life, if you have a chance, don’t hesitate to visit Long Bien Bridge to see the city in a different view and become one with the lives here in the capital of Vietnam.

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