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What to Expect from Vietnam Luxury Tours

When deciding to make a trip to Vietnam, you will have many options for accommodation, transportation, and activities at different price ranges. Most people often associate Vietnam travel with budget and backpacker’s tours because of the low prices in Vietnam compared to that of developed countries like Singapore, Japan, and the US. However, there are also many luxury tours in Vietnam offering private, professional, and qualified services that you can have a relaxing vacation of your own or with your loved ones. Not failing to mention that there are luxury resorts scattered along Vietnam’s long coastline offering you many options for a luxury vacation.

Vietnam Luxury Tours Overview

The Vietnam luxury tour packages are often for long vacations from 10 days to half a month and come with a high price, but you can benefit from the private and excellent personalized customer service they offer on your trip.

Average price. Vietnam luxury tours usually include accommodation, transportation, eating and other activities in their quotation and exclude personal expenses like shopping. The price should be high because all of the inclusion fees; could be up to US$850 per person per day.

Options. These luxury tours in Vietnam are not only for solo travelers but also have options for couples, family or small groups of people you want to go with. The price per person could also reduce because of the shared costs, but more importantly, sharing quality leisure time with your loved ones could be a good getaway from a busy life. Besides the size of your group, you should be able to customize the tour to destinations and activities of your interest.

Vietnam Luxury Tours Destinations

vietnam luxury tours shopping malls

On a luxury tour, you can not miss out on the major cities like Hanoi, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), and Da Nang. In these cities, people still maintain Vietnam’s traditional values, but they also welcome new changes and have a modern lifestyle of a thriving economy with many skyscrapers and luxury shopping malls.

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vietnam luxury tours beaches

Another destination of Vietnam luxury tours is the beach with many 5-star resorts making your Vietnam travel experience a tropical paradise. Along the coastline of Vietnam, you can name many such beaches like Halong, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and on islands like Con Dao and Phu Quoc.

vietnam luxury tours ancient town

Ancient towns with a rich history and preserved old architectures like Hue and Hoi An, or rural areas where you can see the local and some minority ethnics’ lifestyle like Mekong Delta and Sapa are also good choices for a memorable trip to Vietnam.

Things to Do on Vietnam Luxury Tours

vietnam luxury tours boat riding 1 vietnam luxury tours getting massage 1

There are a lot of fun activities for your choice, from athletic and sporty to relaxing and meditating ones. If you love outdoor and sporty activities, trekking, scuba diving, bungee jump, kayaking, sampan riding, and other mountain or water sports are the things for you. You can also opt for relaxation like sailing on a cruise ship, sunbathing on the beaches, getting a massage in Vietnamese spas, shopping in luxury malls, trying delicious Vietnamese cuisines, or simply admire the beautiful sceneries of villages and countrysides in Vietnam.

vietnam luxury tours historical attractions vietnam luxury tours religious sites

History lovers can go to many historical attractions across Vietnam that age from 100 years to a thousand years, reflecting and depicting different periods, dynasties of Vietnam. As a country with diverse religions, Vietnam has many religious sites like temples, pagodas, churches, mosques, and worshiping places to impress you with their beautiful architectures and stories. This Asian country has a little bit of everything for everyone that you can add to your wish list of a luxury tour in Vietnam.

What to Expect from Vietnam Luxury Tours

Luxury Accommodation

There are many options for where you choose to stay. Depend on the seasonal demand, rated star of the accommodation, included services, and equipped facilities, luxury hotels, and resorts are worth to try and can be included as your request in the tours.

With many waterways from a long coastline to intricate rivers system, beach resorts, bungalows, or a night on a cruise ship are other popular options for a luxury tour in Vietnam.

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Private Transportation

For long-distance travel, you will usually have three options which are train, airplane, ship, and bus or car. The amenities and equipment on the airplane, train, and boat are usually better than on the bus or car. The quickest transportation is the airplane which could save travel time and increase the time you have to explore each location. But if you want some private space and time, you can choose the overnight bus, car, train, or ship with a room of your own.

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You should expect private transportation on a Vietnam luxury tour to pick you up, drop you off, and drive you to the desired location on the entire trip. A good luxury tour should be able to ensure you a quality time of your own without worrying about going around to pick up other tour groups or pay any extra fee along the way.

Professional Tour Guide

Like transportation, everything about Vietnam luxury tours should be customized and private. You should expect to have a private local tour guide that has the local knowledge to answer your questions and introduce you to Vietnam, as well as experience to operate your Vietnam luxury tour smoothly and safely.

Excellent Customer Service and Private Experience

Not only the tour guide but also other service providers on the trip should also be professional and able to deliver the service with quality. Whether it is attraction or activity you join, you can have your private space for you and your group to fully enjoy the vacation, and your experience should not be interrupted by other people in a packed group full of strangers.

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Summary of What to Expect from Vietnam Luxury Tours

Besides many budget and backpacker tours in Vietnam, you can try Vietnam luxury tours promising you a different experience. You are not only able to customize your tour to your interest, spend your valuable time of your own or with your loved ones but also have a smooth and safe trip, professional tour guide, and enjoy good customer service. You may have to pay a higher price for Vietnam luxury tours, but the experience you have will also be on a different level, ensuring a quality relaxing on your travel.

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? What kind of tours do you prefer? Tell us in the comment below or customized your tour with us here.

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