VietnamHanoiWhat to Do at the Old Quarter’s Night Market in Hanoi

What to Do at the Old Quarter’s Night Market in Hanoi

If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, don’t forget to spend a weekend night strolling through the Old Quarter’s night market. It is the lively and local atmosphere with endless fun to try that will definitely lighten up your trip. Read on to see what locals suggest doing at the Old Quarter’s night market in Hanoi.

Table of Contents:

  • A General View of The Old Quarter’s Night Market
  • How to Get to The Old Quarter’s Night Market
  • What to Do at The Old Quarter’s Night Market
  • Local Tips for The Old Quarter’s Night Market

Overview of The Old Quarter’s Night Market

The Old Quarter’s night market was established back in 2003 and is located right in the middle of Hanoi Old Quarter, next to Hoan Kiem Lake. It is about 3 kilometers long and goes from Hang Dao to Hang Ngang and Hang Duong Street. The market takes place only at the weekends, Friday to Sunday at 6 PM – 11 PM, regardless of the rain.

old quarter night market maps

Location of the Old Quarter’s night market on Google Maps

old quarter night market general view

old quarter night market general view 1

This market is dubbed as a special “fair market” for its various goods and attractive atmosphere

How to Get to The Old Quarter’s Night Market


A bus is the most economical means of transport in Hanoi (only about VND 8,000 – VND 10,000 per ticket) and can easily take you to both the two ends of the city. You can track your bus route here.

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Or, you can catch the buses number 09 if you are around Ba Dinh district; number 14 and 36 of you are in further districts like Thanh Xuan or Cau Giay; number 22A if you are already at attractions in Hoan Kiem district.

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This way seems to be the most flexible but you may want to determine the route first by checking which are 1-way roads and banned ones (since Hanoi bans some streets at the weekend) in order to avoid being fined.

The parking lots can be found on Bao Khanh or Hang Trong Street, and the parking price fluctuates from VND 10,000 for motorbikes and VND 40,000 for cars.

Taxi/Motorbike taxi

This must be the most convenient and recommended transport for you to get to the Old Quarter’s night market. There are always a lot of them, just remember to grab credible taxi brands (Mai Linh, Group, Thang Long, Sao Ha Noi, …) and always ask for the price first if you decide to take a motorbike taxi.

There are also ride-hailing mobile apps such as Grab, GoViet or Be that offer a wide range of transportation as well.

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What to Do at The Old Quarter’s Night Market

Have a Nice Walk 

You can just stroll under decorative lighting, see standing stalls packed with various goods, and enjoy the lively ambiance that only markets in Hanoi bring. It is the combination of hustle and bustle feeling with the local culture that creates such a remarkable vibe!

old quarter night market atmosphere

Different stalls are places right next to each other, filled with colorful items to create a distinctive Asian-market trait

old quarter night market atmosphere 1

The market is very colorful and vibrant, with diverse items on sale

Besides discovering the goods, you can also watch some street performances that symbolize cultural values right at the market.

Get Hold of Some Goods

You can find anything that you want in the Old Quarter’s night market: from clothing, silk, bags, sandals to battery chargers, cosmetics, and souvenirs, all arranged in order and stacked on standing stalls. However, you should only consider purchasing items such as clothes or souvenirs since the quality is a lot somewhat more reliable and they won’t break your bank. 

old quarter night market souvenir

Tourists getting a necklace fit at a jewelry booth at the Old Quarter’s night market

old quarter night market souvenir 1

Ethnic style patterned items are also popular souvenirs for tourists

old quarter night market souvenir 2

Clothing is the best-selling items here at the market

Taste the Hanoi’s Street Cuisine

Your Old Quarter’s night market experience wouldn’t be complete without trying out some local dishes. Here at this special “fair market”, there are beloved eats such as sweet soups, banh mi, grilled skewers, fried spring rolls, etc. These vibrant tastes offer a touch of flavor to the attractiveness of this market. A plus point to the food at the Old Quarter’s night market is the price, everything is surprisingly cheap from about VND 10,000 to VND 30,000 for a serving.

old quarter night market street food

Iced lemon tea is a specialty is known to Hanoi Old Quarter’s night

old quarter night market street food 1

Try a cup of the refreshing fruit yogurt

Local Tips for The Old Quarter’s Night Market

  • If you plan to discover this market, get there before 6:30 PM to find a parking lot 
  • Prepare some paper money and small changes
  • Keep an eye on your belongings such as bags, wallets, phones, and jewelry. We suggest that you wear your backpacks to the front, or, for the best, just bring the necessities!
  • Try to bargain the price down for the best possible deals
  • Opt for food stalls that are sanitary looking and have lots of customers

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Our Take on What to Do at The Old Quarter’s Night Market in Hanoi

Don’t miss out on the chance to discover Hanoi nightlife by visiting the Old Quarter’s night market! There are more fun and unique experiences for you to try and feel by yourselves. Give us a comment below and share your thoughts about this special “fair market”!

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