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What Makes Vietnam a Perfect Passover Program Location

Vietnam is a perfect Passover travel destination, mainly because it is a country that most people have not visited before. It allows you to experience a new culture, see new sites, enjoy great weather during this time of the year, and learn more about the world.

Cave Exploration in Vietnam

Phong Nha is home to the largest caves in the world. The caves are unique and unforgettable. A trip to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park will allow you to see the world’s biggest cave, Hang Son Doong, and go on a 4-day expedition. The cave is so large that it will take multiple days to see it all.

Experience the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

While visiting the Mekong Delta, you will get an up-close and personal view of the locals and their culture. The Delta is where the Mekong River meets the ocean. It is where the people go fishing, trade the produce they have grown from their boats, and sell many other items. You need to book a cruise on the Delta or at least take a ride to see the flora and fauna and experience river life in this area.

mekong delta passsover in vn

Stroll through Hoi An

One of the most beautiful places in Vietnam is the ancient port town of Hoi An. You will find ample photogenic opportunities, and there is even a Japanese-covered bridge for you to stroll across or use as a photo backdrop. It is best to stroll the streets of Hoi An in the early morning hours. The locals will be opening their trade stands and shops, and most other tourists will still be sleeping, so the crowds will be small.

The Beaches in Vietnam are Stunning

You may not realize that some of the most stunning beaches in the world are in Vietnam. The waters are crystal clear, and the sands are pristine white. Locals stroll the beaches selling fresh seafood and drinks, so you never have to leave your lounge chair to eat local delicacies.

vietnamese beaches passsover in vn

Hike around Sa Pa

Most people picture the rice terraces when they think of Vietnam. Go to Sa Pa and see the expanse of rice terraces along the Muong Hoa Valley. Towering mountains encircle the flat rice terraces. You can take long hikes and see the natural beauty of this area, or you can take a bus tour of a lot of the area. The wildlife and the natural habitat are unlike anything else you have seen.

sapa passsover in vn

Take a Cooking Class in Vietnam

While in Vietnam, one of the best things you can do to help you remember your trip is to learn to cook Vietnamese dishes. Many cooking classes are offered, and each class will highlight different foods or words that you will want to learn to prepare. There are Vegan courses, and you can enjoy these before or after Pesach.

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You can go to the local markets and buy fresh foods to prepare the delicacies you are learning to cook. When you go home, you can always bring back the memory of your trip by preparing food for your friends and family.

Spend Time with the Vietnamese Locals

The people of Vietnam are friendly, and they have interesting lives and stories that they are more than happy to share with tourists. Slow down a little, buy a local a cup of coffee, and listen to what they have to say about their country. You can never experience a country entirely until you have shared some one-on-one time with the local residents.

See the Marble Mountains in Da Nang

Da Nang is filled with unique areas for you to explore. You will love the beaches there, and you do not want to miss an opportunity to see the marble mountains. The residents of this area have mined for marble here for many years. You can walk around the marble and see the gorgeous views and the temples located here. If being with nature is a way to be closer to God, you will have the perfect Passover location to reconnect with God.

Learn the Local History of The Imperial City in Hue

The Imperial City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a massive complex filled with monuments and artifacts that will help you understand the history of this area. You can take a guide and learn pieces of Vietnam history that you will not read in your history books. You can sit and watch a 3D video rendition that explains the history of Vietnam starting in 1802 when the Nguyen Dynasty ruled the country.

Explore the Vietnamese Pagodas

This country is home to some of the most beautiful and elegant pagodas globally. Go to these iconic places, but take your shoes off before entering, wear clothing that does not show exposed shoulders, do not wear hats, and do not wear shorts. Show respect to the people praying in the pagoda, and never point your feet at any altar or statue. The best time to visit is early in the morning before the crowds begin to arrive.

khanh an monastery passsover in vn

Final Thoughts on Spending Passover in Vietnam

There are many things to do in Vietnam during your Passover Holiday. Most of the activities you will find in this country will allow you to get closer to nature and experience the miracle sites God created here.

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