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What is the Asian Squat and its Health Benefits

The practice of the Asian squat is so uncommon in the Western world, yet incredibly significant in the other hemisphere that it is supposed to be the innate ability of most Asians. However, the Asian squat has been gaining profound recognition in recent times because of its physical enhancement. So what is the Asian squat and its health benefits, let’s discuss more in our blog!

What is the Asian Squat

Sit flatly on your feet – not on your toes – and lower your buttocks all the way down to your ankles with your knees slightly spread apart. The position is supposed to evenly distribute the pressure on the heels and leg muscles rather than putting it on the toes and knees. Having said that, the Asian squat is an integral part of life rather than merely a yoga pose.

asian squat 1

Asian squat is a part of the Asian’s daily life

Most Asians can hold the squat for minutes, or even hours no matter when they are eating or just hanging out on the street. On top of that, if you happen to travel to the countryside areas, such as the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, the majority of the households are still using the traditional squat toilets. Learning about what is the Asian squat is also figuring out the Asian bathroom etiquette: how to strike a balance and be stable without putting a severe strain on your joints.

asian squat 2

Asian-squatting at the local market

asian squat 3

Asian-squatting on a boat

Why Everybody Should Practice the Asian Squat

Besides the aforementioned bathroom wisdom, practicing the Asian squat provides such immense health benefits that it will take you by complete surprise.

asian squat 4

Asian-squatting while sorting fish

Asian Squat Health Benefits

1. Asian squat fixes better posture. It may seem that you have a better sitting position on a chair, but it may cause slouching in the long run.

2. Increases the efficiency of the elimination process, making it faster and easier. Hence, digestion and bowel function are significantly improved.

3. Asian squat is particularly beneficial for pregnant women as it helps to avoid pressure on the uterus and prepares for an easier and more natural delivery.

4. Asian squat works many muscles instead of your joints and bones. Consequently, the core is strengthened and the body’s flexibility is improved substantially.

5. Improves circulation as your organs and genitourinary tracts are in a straighter alignment in the Asian squat. They are also stimulated and massaged to increase blood flow.

6. Gets rid of lower back and knee pain since the weight is evenly distributed throughout the leg muscles in doing the Asian squat.

7. 100% of people who perform Asian squats can find comfortable seats as long as there is a little space on the ground.

asian squat 5

Asian-squatting whenever there is a space on the ground

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Remember to Practice the Asian Squat when in Vietnam!

The ability to perform the Asian squat is not a genetic gift that belongs to one single ethnicity only. Subsequently, now that you’ve learned what the Asian squat is, don’t hesitate to put it into practice right away. It may feel uncomfortable at first because it will take time to build up your flexibility. However, practice makes perfect, and it is for the sake of your well-being after all.

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