VietnamMiscellaneousWhat Can I Bring back from Vietnam?

What Can I Bring back from Vietnam?

As Vietnam is highly promoting tourism, the customs regulations have constantly been simplified throughout the years. However, don’t forget to check out our blog on “What Can I Bring back from Vietnam” to make sure you only bring along obliged items from Vietnam. 

What Can I Bring Back from Vietnam?

Most of the time tourists may feel overwhelmed with the diverse choices of souvenirs in Vietnam. In case you are still struggling with the question of “what can I bring back from Vietnam”, here are some outstanding choices.

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Being one of the biggest exporters for coffee, Vietnam is famous for its strong and fragrant coffee products

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The iconic Non La (circular cone hat) to remind you of the memorable trip to Vietnam

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Want to share the wonderful taste of Vietnamese snacks with your beloved? Never forget to grab some coconut candies!

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Or the flavorsome O Mai, which is easy to carry along and preserve for a long time while traveling back to your home country

There are also more local specialties at each region waiting for you to pick, namely:

Hanoi: ao dai, Do paper products, propaganda posters… See more at Souvenirs to Buy in Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh City: sand paintings, paper fans, ceramics… and other Souvenirs to Buy in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam Central Highlands: honey, rice wine, musical instruments… Read our Souvenirs to Buy in Vietnam Central Highlands for more suggestions.

What Can’t I Bring Back from Vietnam?

Duty-free Goods and Products

The question of “what can I bring back from Vietnam” appears popular to tourists, especially for those planning to purchase duty-free goods and products. Below is the list of duty-free goods and products that tourists can bring back from Vietnam, remember to declare if anything exceeds the stated amount:

  • 400 cigarettes
  • 100 cigars
  • 100 grams of tobaccos
  • 1.5 liters of liquor
  • 5 kilograms of tea or 3 kilograms of coffee
  • Perfume and jewelry for personal use
  • Gift items or souvenirs that are valued lower than US$ 300

what can i bring back from vietnam duty free goods and products

Check your duty-free products carefully on whether you need to fill in a declaration form

Find out Where to Buy Coffee and Tea in Ho Chi Minh City.

Materials under Declaration

what can i bring back from vietnam materials under declaration 1 original

There are some regulations on your amount of cash when leaving Vietnam

Please keep in mind that it is a must to declare your amount of cash and other materials if you bring:

  • More than US$ 5,000, VND 15,000,000, or 300 grams and over of gold
  • Gold and jewelry that are not for personal usage

Banned Materials

Ensure that you take all of the items below out of your baggage:

  • Weapon, ammunition, explosives and inflammable objects
  • Drugs, opiums, and other narcotics
  • Military technical equipment
  • Pornographic publications, anti-government publications, and other cultural items improper to Vietnamese culture
  • Antiques and precious stones
  • Wild animals or rare fauna and flora recorded in Vietnam’s red-book

what can i bring back from vietnam banned materials

Dangerous stuff like weapons or inflammable objects are prohibited items

What Can I Bring back from Vietnam – Tips

Understand the Regulations for Plane Passengers

Apart from the listed suggestions, we also highly recommend taking a look at your airline company’s rules on what is allowed on board, so that you don’t waste money buying prohibited items.

what can i bring back from vietnam tips 1

For example, canned food…

what can i bring back from vietnam tips 2 original picture

… and durian, the specialty of Vietnam, is not allowed to carry along on board

Bringing an Extra Carry-on Tote for Souvenirs

In case you cannot leave some space in your luggage for souvenirs, a tote bag is an ideal solution. It only requires a really small space as you can easily fold it into a small pouch and fill it with anything you buy along the way.

what can i bring back from vietnam tips 3

Take a look at the BAGGU tote-pack, which is a high-quality lightweight, waterproof and packable backpack

Key Takeaway on What Can I Bring Back from Vietnam

We hope you find our article on “What Can I Bring back from Vietnam” informative and useful. Make sure that you strictly follow the custom regulations in Vietnam to have an enjoyable trip until the last minutes. Along with that, double-checking through the government website is strongly recommended as the customs regulations may be updated frequently.

Get a travel insurance plan for your next Vietnam trip:

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